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In today’s world, the subject of UFOS touches everyone. Non-believers think the believers are crazy and the believers hope and hope and wait and wait for a conclusive Disclosure about their existence that never comes. It turns out that the non-believers loose out. An Official Disclosure of the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host has finally been given.

This Crowdfunding Campaign is about the Radionic Ships of the Heavenly Host. It officially Discloses their presence around Earth, teaches you how to see them, and explains why they are here and are helping Mankind evolve to the next level of Consciousness Reality. Whether you are an avid UFO fan or not, this Crowdfunding Campaign is equally relevant to you because it involves all Mankind universally in a totally Humanitarian way. You can use the Donate Button now to go to the Gofundme.com/radionnic-ships Campaign directly, read a bit more about it and and Donate:

Or if you prefer, read a bit more about it below first, for more information about what this important Crowdfunding Campaign is all about.

Originally, a couple of dozen specific Radionic Cloud photographs of the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host were presented as a test case at 'The Alien Cosmic Conference' held in Brantford, Ontario in late June of 2016. The reception was very positive so the Radionnic Fleet requested that a fully sanctified fully fledged official world wide Disclosure about their presence be prepared and released to all Mankind under their direction. To that end, the Disclosure is finally finished, comprising over six hundred and sixty full color photographs of Radionnic Clouds and Ships from around the world, with more than four hundred and forty pages of relevant discussion and explanations. The Disclosure is now ready for general release as a text book titled 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host. A full preview of the Disclosure has also been posted at website: http://www.radionicships.com.

The Gofundme.com Crowdfunding Campaign is to raise $24,000 to publish and market the book at a price everyone can afford.

For those of you who are not sure about what is actually going on, this is very, very, very, big news. Ufologists and fans alike have been clamoring for over sixty years for UFOs to finally come out of the closet, and here it is. Radionnic Ships of Light have been around for a long long time, hiding in plain sight. The Bible, written two thousand years ago says explicitly, 'We who are Alive will be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air', (1. Thess, 4:17). Likewise, 'Behold, he cometh with Clouds and every eye shall see him' ...( Revelations, 1:7). The Clouds are the specific magnetic Cloud signatures produced by the 'Radionnics Ships of the Heavenly Host' whenever one is present.

Mankind has been observing the Ships for thousands of years, just not understanding what they have been looking at. It is the same today, most people look at the clouds overhead and see nothing. This official Disclosure is now being given in the form of a teaching rather than an announcement, showing you exactly how and when to recognize the Radionnic Clouds and what to look for. It is also being disseminated to you softly in the form of a book and website so as to not create a severe culture shock destabilizing your society.

To give you an idea of what you are to look for, Figure 1 below, photographed  near Hunstsville, Ontario in mid June of 1016, is the Radionnic Cloud reflection of a Saucer Shaped Radionnic Father Ship sitting in the higher fourth dimension. The ship is in close as the Radionnic magnetic lines pass in front of the Cumulus clouds and not behind.

Figure 1

To give you another idea, Figure 2, also taken near Hunstsville, Ontario, in July of 1016, is of a Radionnic Father Ship runabout. It is literally a Uber taxi for those in the Radionnic Ships, running people from one Ship and location to another as needed.

Figure 2

Similarly, a cigar shaped Radionnic Mother Ship was filmed over Santa Clarica, California, on March 9, 2010. The videographers believed they were filming a lenticular cloud formation in progress. And ran about eight hours of filming sped up in about thirty minutes. The fact that Radionnic Radials were constantly coming off the left end, plus the fact that cumulus clouds were constantly zipping by all day in a stiff breeze, plus the fact that the Ship itself did not move one iota over the whole eight hour span was the giveaway. 

Figure 3

Figure 3 is the photograph of a Radionnic Cloud, taken near Brantford, Ontario, Canada on May 11, 2016, and is the Radionnic Cloud reflection of a Positive Polarity Radionnic Anchor Ship sitting in the upper Fourth Dimension fifth dimension at the apex point. These are by far the more common type of Radionnic Clouds, hiding in plain sight for millennia. The Radionnic Cloud is the signature, revealing the presence of the Ship by proxy. This is how Radionnics works. You don't see the Ships per se, you see them by the effects they create within the atmosphere. The jet contrail sailing though the middle gives you an idea of the immense size and heights of some of these Fields.

Figure 4

In a similar example, Figure 5 below shows just how bare faced some of these Radionnic events can be. The photograph, taken in Kampala, Uganda in mid April of 2016 is of a fourth dimensional condensated Negative Polarity Mobile Radionnic Scout Ship sitting within Negative Pole Radionnic Anchor Ship magnetic field. The arrow pointing to it is a nice touch. By eye you have seen the Radionnic Filed but not the Ship.Without the photo blow up you likely wouldn't have spotted it either. Also do not forget, these are not material objects, a baseball would go right through them.

Figure 5

Mobile Radionic Scout Ships like the above are the most common of the Radionnic Ships, with hundred and hundreds of thousands around Earth every day. A few you see with the naked eye. Some show up in an enhanced photograph of the Radionnic Cloud they may be sitting it. Others like the one above, don't show up until the enhanced photograph has been blown up or zoomed in. The Ships then can literally tumble out of the page, sometimes in the hundreds. The view below of a Negative Polarity Radionnic Cloud  taken in Brantford Ontario on September 29, 2014, did not show anything in particular to the naked eye. Likewise the un-enhanced original photograph did not show up anything of significance either. When the photo was enhanced however, the unmistakable presence of a pair of both a Negative Positive saucer shaped Mobile Scout Ship and a Positive Pole Ship stood right out in the right hand side. It needs to be pointed out that it took a considerable amount of enhancing, not just a couple of quick little tweaks.

Figure 6

What still wasn't easily noticed until the photo was blown up, were a slew of smaller Saucer and Spherical Shaped Mobile Scout Ships sitting in amongst the cumulus clouds at the left.

Figure 7

This again is how Radionnics works. You don't know what your are looking at until you have learned what kinds of signature formations to look for in the Clouds overhead. You don't know what's in the signature clouds until you take the trouble to photograph them and look around. You don't know what's fully in them sometimes until you also take the trouble to enhance them and blow them up. Like said, the Radionnic Ships have been hiding in plain sight for thousand sand thousands of years. This Disclosure ends all that by teaching you what the different signatures look like and what they mean. The Crowdfunding Campaign is to ensure that everyone on the Planet can afford a copy of the book.

Most importantly, this Radionnics Disclosure is also about today's part in the great Cosmic events now beginning to unfold  as part and parcel of the great Inter-Galactic and Inter-Dimensional clean up in the Aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus, which was started five billions years ago and was officially ended two thousand years ago by decree on the mount. The cleanup now undergoing is Universally known as Armageddon. Website www.revelatorium.com reveals the whole picture, past, present, and future.

Recent Radionnic Event Beside the Sun : http://www.radionicships.com/Inter-StellarUFO.html

The Gofundme Crowdfunding Campaign is playing an important part in all these changes by helping bring a full understanding of all these changes to everyone's consciousness in a positive, creative, and constructive manner.





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