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A large Fleet of Radionic Ships has Just Teleported into the Vicinity of the Sun, But What Does it Mean. 


A lot of people are aware that an astounding discovery of a new fleet of Space Ships off the right limb of the Sun was made in early September, 2018. What nobody knows is why they are here and how they got here. The simple fact is that it is a major Radionic event in the making. Arcturus has been sanctioned to send a fleet to act as supplementary aid to the Radionnic Ships of The Heavenly Host currently present on Earth..

Interstellar Starr Ship travel works much in the same Radionic way as do the Radionic Ships traveling around in a local environment such as Earth. To recap, on Earth a pair of Local Radionic Anchor Scout Ships set up a magnetic field between them in Earth's upper Fourth Dimension, and the Mobile Radionic Scout Ships teleport around within the magnetic field by attraction and repulsion against the filed. In the case of Inter-Stellar travel, the main Inter-Stellar Anchor Scout Ship pairs are in the Fifth Dimension  and could be anywhere around the Galaxy, even in different Galaxies. Once beyond the third dimension, unified magnetic fields in the Universe can exist over vast distances. Once a magnetic field is set up between two points by a distant pair of Inter-Stellar Anchor Ships, the incoming Mobile Ships teleport along it's length like shooting through a worm hole. Such an Inter-Stellar Radionic Ship transfer was captured in the making around Earth's Sun on September 8, 2018.

In the unfolding events of Armageddon, in the spring of 2018, the number of Radionic Ships of the Heavenly Host in Earth's atmosphere at any given time increased from thousands and thousands of Ships per day to hundreds and hundreds of thousands. The Ships teleport in daily from the Vast Radionic fleet of millions upon millions in the Fifth Dimension outside the orbit of Pluto. As explained in the Disclosure, on Earth the Radionic Ships are not corporal and work exclusively within Earth's fourth dimension. Their activity starts with a pair of Negative and Positive Monopole Radionic Anchor Ships that set up a Radionic magnetic Field between them. The Mother Ships, Father Ships, and Mobile Scout Ships present are able to ply around in the by the magnetic attraction and repulsion against the field.

On Earth, the Anchor Ships themselves are usually never visible, only the Radionic Clouds they produce as moisture reflections in the third dimension of their magnetic fields in the fourth dimension are seen. Some of the Anchor Ship Fields which became visible and noticed in the third dimension are presented ass the subject matter in Starrgrams 2 and 3 of the Disclosure. The assorted  Mobile Scout Ships which are in the field are not normally visible to the naked eye. Sometimes that can be seen in a photographs of the Radionic Clouds. If the photograph is blown up or zoomed in, the Saucer and Sphere shaped Mobile Scout Ships present fall out all over the page. Sometimes in the hundreds. Nearly every photo in this Disclosure contains Saucer and Spherical shaped  Radionic Mobile Scout Ships when blown up. They Ships are called Radionic because they are not corporal but give off a magnetic Field which precipitates a third dimensional condensated version of themselves in the vapors of the water molecules present. Like the Anchor Ships, Mobile Ships always project together in pairs even if the two are not visible together, or are hard to pair out.

Figure 1 - Radionic Mobile Scout Ship Condensates.

That these Mobile Radionnic Scout Ships are around everywhere is proven by the following photo taken off the Space station circa, September 11, 2017. Notice the pair of Negative Pole and Positive Pole Radionic Scout Ship Condensates sitting in the upper right just off board. With any kind of Radionic Ship Negative Pole versions will always appear darker or denser than the Positive.

Figure 2 - A Negative and Positive Mobile Scout Ship Pole pair.

To show such Mobile Ship Condensates in a better light, the following unrelated Ships within Radionic Clouds were photographed in Kampala, Uganda, and Brantford, Ontario, respectively. The Negative Polarity Ship is Figure 3, the Positive Pole Ship is Figure 4.

Figure 3 - Negative Polarity Radionic Scout Ship, Kampala, Uganda.

Figure 4 - Positive Polarity Radionic Scout Ship, Brantford, Ontario..

On September 8, 2018, an Inter-Galactic Radionic Anchor Ship appeared against the surface of the Sun. The photograph below came from's daily presentation of the Sun's current Coronal Hole activity. The Ship was barely visible. By the time the same Coronal Hole presentation was made for September 9th, the Ship was readily apparent along with two Local Anchor Scout Ships sitting in front. In Figure 5 below the small Ship with the dark center is a Negative Polarity Anchor Scout Ship, and the small Ship with white center is the Positive Polarity Ship. Notice the exact similarity to the Mobile Radionic Ships shown above and the two below. The main Inter-Stellar Anchor Ship is the large oval with the oval shaped bulge in the center.

The Radionic condensated precipitations this time were formed from the ionnized plasma in the Sun's Corona. You might recognize that the Ships are also enormous. The Inter-Stellar Anchor Ship is the size of Jupiter and the two Local Anchor Scout Ships are each larger than Earth. The higher the dimension, the less dense and more spread out things are. The Ships are sitting in the Sun's Fifth Dimension, with their condensations visible in the third.

Figure 5 - Inter-Stellar Anchor Ship, with a Negative and Positive Polarity pair of Mobile Scout Ships.

During the next three days the Ships were shown rotating progressively to the right as the Sun slowly turned in it's orbit, before fading off the right limb on September 12. Sometime early on the 12, the two Local Anchor Ship pair set up a magnetic Field between them as a local environment, and the fleet of assorted Radionic Mother and Father Ships teleported in along the Inter-Stellar magnetic pipe into the Field. Shortly after, an amateur lady astronomer in the US Midwest photographed the landed fleet, shown as Figure 6 below. The Negative Pole Radionic Cloud side of the magnetic field set up by the Local Anchor Ships was also visible in the photograph. Only a small part of the Positive Pole side is visible. Like in Figure 5 above, the Local Anchor Ship Field and incoming Ships are in the Sun's Fifth Dimension, with the precipitated plasma Radionic field and condensations visible in the third. Not knowing that the Heavenly Host are here to help and not hinder, the US Government immediately shut down Seven Solar observatories around the world. Who did not want the information to get out to the general public fearing it to be an invasion. Below is one of the photos the lady had taken, found on website and since pulled.

Figure 5 - Visible Fifth Dimensional Negative Polarity Radionic Cloud plus assorted visible Radionic Mother Ships and Father Ships.

Please appreciate that the Sun photo above is highly privileged information. Even though it is up in plain site in the archives of website, no one else has noticed it because no one else knows what's going on about the Radionic Ships of the Heavenly Host and appreciated the connection. Like said again and again and again, the Radionic Ships of the Heavenly host have been hiding in plain sight for thousands and thousands of years, and now they have decided it's time that Humanity knows about heir existence.

By now you should be getting the idea that whenever you do take a picture of a Radionic Cloud, you might want to look around inside it to see what else you might have captured.

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