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- VOLUME 3 -




Opening the doors to the higher dimensions.

There are two kinds of UFOs around Earth at the present time. The first everybody knows about, the second nobody even knows that they exist.. 

The fact is that there are about a thousand of the ships of the first kind. They have been in quarantine around Earth ever since Christ put an official end to the 'Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus' two thousand years ago. The second have been sitting bare faced in the noon day Sun completely unsuspected for many millennia. This second type comprises nearly half a billion 'Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' which are in the fourth dimension and can't be seen by the naked eye. The first kind are the bad guys, the second are the good. The first are recorded throughout history going all the way back to the Sumerians. The second are referenced throughout the Bible as the 'Heavenly Host', which people mistakenly take as Beings with wings.

The quarantined ships can be seen by the naked eye. The Heavenly Host Ships cannot be seen. Their presences however, can be easily recognized by unique patterns of radial lines and cloud condensations in the cloud covers of the third dimension below caused by their respective magnetic fields.  Their unique cloud patterns are visible to the naked eye and have been referred to in the Bible as 'Glory in the Sky'. In their condensated versions, they look like ships but are non corporal, baseballs would go right through them. The condensates are also referenced in the Bible, for example, 'Ezekiel saw a wheel a'rolling'. UFOlogists tend to tie these Biblical references to the thousand or so tin pots in quarantine, their true nature never suspected.

The following information is revelatory, teaching you what the unique cloud pattern and condensations look like, and what the Reality of the Heavenly Host is all about. This Disclosure is not an argument for the existence of the Radionnic Ships, it teaches you exactly how to recognize their presences so you will know for yourself that they really do exist.

Hundreds and hundreds of millions of Radionnic Ships are present around  Earth every day. They are in the fourth dimension and can't be seen. Their presences create distinctive disturbances in the third dimensional cloud covers though, which can be seen. What to look for is the purpose of this Disclosure, plus where they are from, why they are here, how they are helping Mankind, and what the future holds for everyone. The whole Cosmic Plan of Mankind's complete redemption is revealed, now undergoing.

UFOlogists spending countless hours hoping to see a ship whizzing by with flashing lights, or await patiently for the Military to finally admit what they know and that Ufos exist, are barking up the wrong tree. The real story is in the ones you can't see. The ones you can't see are called the 'Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host', who number in the hundreds and hundreds of millions around Earth every day. In comparison, the number of ships with flashing lights flying by is about a thousand. The difference is that the whizzing ships flashing by are from lesser cause, whereas the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host are from higher cause. They are called Radionnic because they have magnetic fields and operate through magnetics. The lower cause ships are strictly from this Local Universe of about a thousand Galaxies, which have been quarantined around Earth for the last two thousand years. The Radionnic ships are from all over Creation, and are here to help in the clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus called 'Armageddon', already well underway.

The Luciferian Rebellion was begun by misstep five billion years ago, and was officially ended by Christ on the mount two thousand years ago. Armageddon is now occurring throughout the thousand Galaxies of this Local Universe, the only part of Creation affected by the Rebellion. The work of Armageddon in centered mainly in this galaxy, mainly around the Orion Solar Sector to which Earth's Solar System belongs, and in particular on Earth which plays a very central part in big things to come.

The fact is that the Radionnic Ships are fifth dimensional and up, the whizzing ships of lesser cause comprise corrupted versions of the Radionnic Ships, modified to allow them to lower their frequencies sufficiently to dwell in the third dimensional frequencies of the planets they are from. Hence they are also able to project into the frequencies of Earth's third dimension where you see them. Radionnic Ships on the other hand cannot project into the third dimension. Some however, have been specifically modified by sanction sufficient to enable them to project into frequencies of the fourth dimension for the purposes of Armageddon at hand. Hence you can not see them by naked eye. Their presences however, create unique magnetic cloud disturbances in the third dimension below which can be seen, and are their signatures. If you see a specific Radionnic Cloud or dense moisture condensation, a Radionnic Ship is present there in the forth dimension causing the effect. It's that simple.

The Radionnic ships and their signatures have been present around Earth in very limited number for many millennia, completely unsuspected except for a few references 'Cloud' and 'The Heavenly Host' references in the Bible. Very recently, in the rapidly increasing action of Armageddon since the nineteen sixties, the number of ships has increased many thousands of folds and is constantly expanding, now numbering in the hundreds of millions on any particular day. The revelatory information in this writing is the Official Disclosure by the Heavenly Host of their presence on Earth and why, by way of teaching you what the signatures look like, where to see them, when, and why. If you see a specific cloud signature like the Figure below you know that a Radionnic Ship is present in the dimension above, creating it, because nature on it's own can't make such a cloud. 

The Radionnic Ships are called 'Radionnic' because they have magnetic fields which radiate outward. The Radionnic Cloud above is produced by a Radionnic Anchor Ship sitting in the fourth dimension at the bottom apex in the lower center just above the first building left. The characteristic feature of Anchor Ship Radionnic Fields such as shown above is that the apex is above the horizon, the cloud lines at the right go off to the right, the ones in the middle go up the middle, and the ones at the left go off to the left like the spread out fingers of a hand.

The cloud lines are induced by the magnetic field of the Anchor Ship in the dimension above. Anchor Radionnic Ships are very small but have very powerful magnetic fields, somewhat like tugboats which are very small but have enormously powerful engines. The magnetic fields will radiate outward for extended distances, sometimes hundreds of miles. The magnetic fields electrolyse the atmospheric water vapours in the third dimension below, which then draw together along the directions of the fields into thick feathery lines like you see in the example above.

Many would argue that these are just Chemtrails, but Chemtrails aren't filled with little ships. Radionnic Scout Ships have much smaller magnetic fields which stay localized, causing the eletrolysed water vapour in the area to attract together into densely condensated third dimensional versions of the ships instead, which are not easy to see by the naked eye but come right out in enhanced photographs like the couple visible the right side arms of the enhanced photo above. Even smaller one and two occupant scout ships will produce condensates which are spherical in shape like gumballs and are present around Earth in great number. Usually never seen until an enhanced photograph has been enlarged like the example below. 

Anchor ships stay put allowing their magnetic fields to expand out and expand out. The smaller ships are able to move freely around within the magnetic environment of the Anchor Ship under the direction of pure thought, so usually don't produce Radionnic cloud lines flowing out. There are many types of Mobile Scout Ships. The most common are very small, and more often project into an Anchor Ship Magnetic canopy in numbers like a fleet. Most Mobile Scout Ship condensates appear saucer shaped, comprised of a condensated globe or gumball sitting on top of a foot of moisture condensation giving it the distinctive flying saucer like appearance like the ones in the first image above.

If you look closely at the image just above you will see numerous miniature flying saucers sitting amongst the gumballs. In actuality, the magnetic field of the Ship electrolyses the third dimensional water molecules where it is located, which attract together into a concentrated water moisture version of itself which is what you see. Once formed, the condensation stays together even as the ship moves around. Any time you see cumulous clouds looking rat chewed around the edges, the chances are very good that a blow up will show little Scout ships all over the place.

The globe bears the Ship's Polarity and also carries its occupants. The foot is from its magnetics. The Ships can be relatively large, carrying a crew, or relatively small with only two or three occupants. Like both the mother and Father Ship pairs and Anchor Scout Ship pairs, the Mobile Scout Ship pairs also always project together as pairs, though when a number are projected together it's anybody's guess which one is partnered with which. n open

The lower within the fourth dimension a ship is projected, the denser it appears. In a lower octave the globe can be surrounded by a donut of condensed water moisture rather than sitting on a foot. Likewise, the globe carries the Ship's Polarity plus occupants and the donut is from its magnetics. Like said, they may look solid but a baseball would sail right through it.

Lower Octave Negative Pole Mobile Scout Ship Condensate

The above is a fairly common type of Mobile Scout ship with a densely condensated spherical portion and a less densely condesated potion at it's base like a foot. The fact is that hundreds of millions of Mobile Scout ships like this are around the earth every day completely unsuspected because they are too small to differentiate by the naked eye.

A blow up of the figure above however shows that it is filed with dozens of the little ships.

 If it wasn't for the Inter-Dimensional Portal sitting partially covered near the lower left, some among you might likewise argue that these are just birds.

Similarly, the following photograph of non descript stormy clouds are a common everyday occurrence.

Blow up the upper left however, and again it is filled with dozens of little ships. 

Again, you might be wont to argue that these are birds if it wasn't for the very distinctive looking ship sitting in the lower middle, which is another type of Radionnic Mobile Scout Ship where the spherical portion rides above the foot somewhat like a flying carpet. Also fairly common.

The money shot however, is the ships sitting beside the following Star-Gate portal. 

Blowing it up reveals literally hundreds of Mobile Scout Ships .

The first image above of a Radionnic Anchor Ship is part of a much bigger picture. Anchor Ships always project in polar opposite pairs, one with a negative polarity,  the other a positive. They always set up exactly one hundred and eighty degrees opposite each other, sometimes fairly close together, sometimes nearly a hundred miles apart. The two together form an envelope magnetic field in the fourth dimension literally like a bar magnet overhead.. The magnetic lines of the one flow into the magnetic lines of the other. In the cloud reflections in the third dimension when visible  the cloud lines of the one will be seen flowing into the cloud lines of the other. The envelope comprises a magnetic environment where the other Radionnic Ships are able to move around by magnetic attraction and repulsion with the field under direction of the thoughts of the occupants.. 


In fact of the Radionnic Fleet is not a simple matter of a few Ships flitting by off and on like the tin [pots, it's is almost like a whole second society going on all of it's own.



The Overplus is an unique Intelligence frequency override upon the Local Universe of a thousand galaxies, ingredient in things to come. The Luciferian Rebellion was initiated five billion years ago through an ill advised misuse of the Overplus frequencies. The bottom line of Creation is the Fifth Dimension. Conscious Beings do no normally reside in the third dimension. Earth, along with twenty five hundred similarly afflicted planets has with a third dimensional consciousness population contaminating it's surface consequent of the Rebellion. Earth is in the throes of the clean up in the aftermath of the Rebellion. . The Clean up is currently undergoing throughout the Local Universe. Earth is front and center in the clean up as it the first of the planets to have it's population returned back to the fifth dimension where it belongs, and is the official beta test case for the others to follow. 

Anyone waiting for an official figure to declare that UFOs are real, might not get what they are hoping for. The world of UFOlogy awaits an authority figure to step forward and declare that UFOs really do exist. Presumably that would be taken as proof that UFOs exist. Humanity has a tendency to let their so called experts do all their thinking for them. The higher up or more expertise the source, the more likely it will be taken as true. Presumably, such a disclosure from the head of the Air Force Command would have more clout than from the Trailer Park Boys, therefore the more to be believed.

Likewise, a more direct disclosure would be for example, a UFO landing on the White House Lawn. Neither forms of Disclosure would in any way constitute absolute proof of the existence of UFOS. Anybody with clout could claim that the UFOs are real for disinfo. A Space ship landing on the White House lawn can be faked by PhotoShop or CGI.

A true sancticanct Disclosure would be to reveal the secret of exactly how to see the UFOs at any time. Seeing a Ship for yourself following the instructions would be proof by default, as there would be nobody or nothing in between. Once you have seen one for yourself, you know they are real and there is no going back. The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host are finally unveiling their presence through this, their official Disclosure under their direct guidance, protection, and direction.

The UFOs chased by the UFOlogists number aboutt a thousand in total. All are here as fall out from the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus five billion years ago, and are only from around this Local Universe of a thousand Galaxies. The Ships have been quarantined around Earth ever since Christ officially ended the Rebellion by decree on the Mount two thousand years ago.

The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host are from all over Creation and are here in ever increasing vast numbers, with already over a hundred million of them around Earth at any given time. They Ships are in the fourth dimension which cannot be seen by the naked eye which is why no one ever suspected their presence in the past. The Ships have now decreed that Mankind's consciousness has recently risen to a sufficiently high frequency that their presence can now be officially revealed without disrupting the sociological norm. Who are revealing their presence by showing you exactly how to see them by way of the magnetic reflections their presence creates in Earth's third dimensional cloud structures below. This Disclosure is their Official Revelation.

Because of the untoward Cosmic changes now taking place on Earth, the Radionnic Ships are now here in the millions upon millions. The Ships are at long last finally revealing their presence, not by landing on the White House lawn stating "Take me to your leader", but by sanctioning this Universal public Revelationnum about their presence whose contents they are directing. The divulgence is by way of teaching you how to recognize them when present by the cloud signatures they produce. More importantly, by knowing in full understanding specifically what it is you are looking at and why. The information given within this Revelationnum gives you that complete understanding. By this method, society at large will gradually learn of the Radionnic presence one person at a time rather than explosively. Which would otherwise severely disrupt life on Earth as it is currently known.

Those of you with higher consciousness awareness are the most likely to be guided to this information first. From you, it will quietly spread downward to the lesser aware among you, gradually raising everyone up into an understanding about their presence. Eventually, everyone will know about the Heavenly Host without one person panicking.

The unharmonious Luciferian Rebellion Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus has ended and this Local Universe of a thousand Galaxies is now in the clean up in the aftermath, called 'Armageddon'. The Rebellion began five billion years ago and was based on 'Service to Self' vibrations instead of the Universal 'Service to Creation' vibration known as 'The One Law'. The Rebellion only affected the thousand Galaxies of this Local Universe. It could not pass beyond because of frequency differences with the rest of Creation. Christ officially ended the Rebellion two thousand years ago by decree on the Mount.

The bottom line of Creation is the fifth dimension. Third-Dimensional populations such as on Earth are aberrations resulting from the Rebellion. Only twenty five hundred planets in all of Creation have a Third-Dimensional population like Earth's as a consequence of the Rebellion. All of them within this Local Universe. Earth is the first of the twenty five hundred Planets affected to be officially cleared of its condition. Two thousand years from now Earth's entire population will be raised back up into the fifth dimension where it belongs. The greatly enhanced fleet of the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host currently present are here to help in the clean up and transition.

Thousands upon thousands of the Radionnic ships are in your atmosphere at any given time. They teleport in on a routine basis from a vast fleet of millions upon millions of the Ships sitting in the Oort Cloud beyond the orbit of Pluto. The ships are from all over Creation assembled here as volunteers to assist in Earth's undertakings. Some of you popularly refer to them as, 'The Galactics' without being aware that they can be seen. The ships are from Higher Cause and are very much higher in frequency than a thousand or so lesser ships also present on Earth comprising an Alien contamination.

The ships of the Alien contamination are from the lesser causes of Rebellion, are from the lower fifth dimension of this Local Universe and comprise the totality of the so called UFOs you are all currently appealing to your Governments to disclose. The Alien ships are under Galactic quarantine and cannot leave Earth except by sanction. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the four great Mother Ships of the fleet. A small number of the tin pot contamination have at last crossed over and are now aligned with the Heavenly Host as part of the higher frequency Earth group group you call the Alliance. Because of their new found trust, contingents from their home planets have recently been allowed in past the quarantine to aid in the overall decontamination process which is ever increasing.

For full details about the Radionnic Clouds and their different types, see the following Radionnic Starrgrams. Read them sequentially for greater understanding. A review of the book version of the website from Google Books says it all, see: Google Book Review. Please note that the cited 'Author' did not create the information, merely word smithed it into readable English form. The Heavenly Host is writing the tune, the word smith is playing the piano. Likewise, avoid the temptation to flip around looking at pictures.

The story is in the texts. The story tells you specifically what Cloud and Ship differences are which and why. The texts are the teachings, the pictures are simply helpful examples. The texts also present a hurry up to the great cosmic events now starting to unfold on Earth at large, by sliding in timely little tidbits of higher Cosmic understanding whenever appropriate. Read the Starrgrams through sequentially and not haphazardly for much greater understanding.

Also, please note that 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' is actually Book Three out of a three book set called 'The Revelatorium Revelations', which comprises a full revelatory Revelationnum of the past, present, and future Cosmic activities of Creation at large and on Earth in particular. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' is Book One, which deals step by step with how Creation was begun and why. 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' is Book Two, dealing with the assorted Spiritual matters of Creation and yourself. Book three, this 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' Revelationnum officially reveals the presence of the Ships to all Humanity for once and for all. For your convenience, the Starrgram Chapters of all three Books are presented at the right hand side indexes of every page in all three website versions of the Revelatorium Revelations.

Also, in particular the 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega', explains in full detail why the Radionnic fleet is here. Plus it reveals in detail the nineteen different major Cosmic events starting to occur on Earth at the present time and your purpose in them. An absolutely unique occurrence within all the annuls of Creation. The current situation on Earth is not ho hum, and you are not here as a matter of chance. You all have a vital role to play in the events now unfolding and this Revelationnum is not just for your idle muse.

Likewise read the Revelatorium sequentially from the first page to the last for better understanding. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation', also listed in the indexes down the sides reveals the complete Intelligent Design of Creation as it has currently unfolded, including how and why the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter were begotten, how and why the Creators brought the Holy Trinity into existence, and how and why the dimensions of Creation needed to be formulated into their current form.

Also, please note that 'The Revelatorium Revelations' are a pure Christ teaching in higher Melchizedek selfless frequencies, and are on the Christ Table as is to help you in your ascension to the fifth dimension two thousand years from now. It serves no other purpose. The Revelatorium Revelations is likewise not a scholarly work. Nor it is intended to cobble up fortune and fame, nor is it intended to stir up a dialogue controversy or forum, nor does it comprise a doctrine or personal belief, nor is it to represent a new philosophy, religion, or group, nor is it to be used as fodder for a church.


The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host -

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The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host - Order Here!.

The Intelligent Design of Creation - Order Here!.

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The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host - Order Here!.

The Intelligent Design of Creation - Order Here!.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega - Order Here!.

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