As Homer Simpson once said. 'Whoa, the Internet's on computers now'. The good news is that Radionic Ships are now on the Internet. Interesting looking sky and cloud photographs have been posted in websites on the Internet for years, in particular Search Engines. Many of the photos contain good old fashioned Radionic Cloud presences without anybody having even a clue.

Thousands upon thousands of topical photographs come up during relevant Internet searches of Skies, Chemtrails, Clouds, Fall holes, Lenticular clouds and so on. Now and then a good Radionic example popped up within the mish mash. It helped to know exactly what to look for. Over five hundred good Internet examples have been spotted so far and included in this Revelationnum. Some are spectacular, keeping in mind that these were not put up because anyone knew what they represented. They were put up because somebody liked what they saw, or thought they were interesting, or thought they were doing a civic service no matter what the answer. In particular, many posted their photos under the keyword 'Chemtrails', and opened many websites dealing with Chemtrails. Keep an eye on how much some of these photos from the Internet look similar to photos taken in the Brantford area itself, which is the backbone of this whole operation.

For a slight change of pace, and for sure a really nice change of scenery, check out the following Internet Figure below of a Father Ship Cloud taken along the Atlantic Coast near Halifax Nova Scotia. As you can see, lots of Radials but no Ship condensation, meaning it was sitting in the higher frequencies of the Fourth Dimensions.

Figure 1 - By me reckoning, it be somewhere near Musquodoboit Harbor.

Now and then the foreground becomes more fun than the background. The following Internet Figure features a Mother Ship Field in back of a scene right out of 'The Sounds of Music'. The Mother Ship is sitting right in the middle of a Negative Anchor Scout Ship Field, interacting with it. The bottom of the Negative pole Field can be seen above the mountain top below the Mother Ship condensation running across the middle. The two fields have combined to produce a similar, much bolder flume up the middle and the Anchor Ship Field has widened out to span most of the Mother Ship Field. Sometimes the hills are alive with more than the Sound of music.

Figure 2 - Yingle bells....

From parts unknown, another Mother Ship version of the above with open middle is arguably one of the most scenic photographs in this whole Revelationnum. At any rate, counting the cumulous clouds barely visible across the middle way way in back, it's definitely no slouch showing at least five different types of cloud layers. It almost looks like it could be from one of those the mystical plateaus in the upper Northern mountains of Venezuela.

Figure 3 - Drink this, it'll look even better.

A Negative Polarity Radionic Cloud equivalent to the above, date unknown with a big chunk of the Radials  missing on the left side was found looking over Nanaimo, British Columbia, up the inside of Vancouver Island facing Georgia Straight. Delicious chocolate Nanaimo bars are World renown. A local claims the locals disdain them, true.

Figure 4 - We heard your Nanaimo Bars were worth the visit.

Like said above, now and then the foreground becomes more fun than the background. The following from somewhere in Italy is a case of the photography getting about as scenic as it gets. Kudos to somebody. The Negative Polarity Radionic Field isn't all that shabby either, pushing its way through at least four different cloud layers. Unfortunately, a small patch of grey cumulous covers the center. Fortunately, it also covers the sun.

Figure 5 - See, I told you there was a Negative pole Anchor Scout Ship Radionic Cloud array over there.

Similarly, the following Figure from the website for 'ShipCentral' Fulfillment and Distribution services in Salt Lake City, Utah has a perfect Negative Polarity Radionic Cloud sitting right overhead. Perfectly centered to boot, date unknown. The humorous thing here is that somebody from Support had commented on the phone that they believed in UFOs without having a clue that one was hanging almost literally overhead outside.

Figure 6 - We Ship to all the planets.

The following Figure below, looking bold as brass could be from anywhere at any given time. Proving conclusively that you don't have to be in a particular city at a particular time to see a really good Negative pole Radionic Cloud formation. You just need to be outside.

Figure 7 - Man, that Jet must have had some pretty big fricken nozzles.

Another Negative pole scenic visage, orphaned from its source but not its beauty, likewise shows a bit of cloud evaporation this time on the right side. That's a pretty big city somewhere which some of you might recognize.

Figure 8 - I'm not Boise Idaho, of that you can be sure.

Like said and like said, 'Radionic Ships of Light are everywhere all the time'. So why not maybe the Lapland area of Artic or Oulu, Finland as the following Negative Pole Radionic Cloud demonstratively shows. If only the signs were readably its location would be known. Wonder how many people come to the Scandinavian Church there on Sundays. In the land of the Ice Dudes, when it gets cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey (look it up), they brought the dogs in to sleep with to keep from freezing. The colder it was, the greater the number of dogs.

Figure 9 - Looks like a 'Three Dog Night', and Mama told me not to come.

Speaking of ice and snow, how about ice and no snow. The ice sculpture below found on the Internet, and also shown on the Home page is being pushed on its way to the third annual ice sculpting contest in New Hampshire by a Negative Polarity Radionic Field. The image shows another interesting but not so happy aspect of side by side panoramic photographing. It can happen that when you start out on one side of a view the sun is behind a cloud. By the time you click around to the other side the sun has come out from behind the cloud. The image below shows it perfectly, the left side hills are in shadow, the right side are brightly lit creating a semi looking apparent splice line in the right half. What is a buoy to do.

Figure 10 - We've got high hopes.

Some of the images from the Internet look pretty guffy. That is because most of the photos on the Internet are very small to preserve hard drive space. Plus, since anybody can post almost anything within the realm of sociable decorum on the Internet, and even not in some levels of the Internet, many are taken by people who are far less than professional. Who, bless their hearts did the right thing in capturing the photo in the first place for posterity, but not quite the right thing in getting all the photographic technology together needed to make it a shining masterpiece.

The following image is a very good example of that. The rather flimsy looking Positive pole Radionic Field is out there over the seven seas somewhere at sometime. Even though it is very busy up the middle it has a big blue V at the bottom, and that's an even bigger marker for the type of Polarity it is.

Figure 11 - Hang on to your hat, here comes three of the Apocalypse Horsemen.

The next Figure off the Internet is interesting in it's own right. It is a screen capture from a video of the August 29, 2014, Mount Tarvurvur Volcanic explosion in Papua New Guinea at the very few second it had started happening. An Australian couple happened to be sailing by photographing the Mountain when it suddenly let go.

The first six or seven seconds of the video showed nothing, then whoosh, so as the time stamp in the video bar shows it had just gotten underway. The camera was  following the rising plume showing more and more of the sky. Then blam, a huge ball of searing hot white steam exploded out the top causing a gigantic sonic wave. The wave hit the boat jarring the camera. When it was set back on the volcano only a small potion of the sky was showing so this was the best it got. It was still enough however to show the Negative Pole Radionnic Field sitting right overtop the Mountains.

Figure 12 - I like to let off a little steam now and then.

Likewise, the following image of a Positive Radionic Field was found on a Chemtrail website which obviously got things wrong. Someone's little piece of Paradise, maybe.

Figure 13 - If you're interested, I have a fantastic Paradise Island for sale, great beach included.

The open seas are great for seeing Radionic Fields, but nothing says it like the open road for finding them openly. The following Negative pole Radionic Field found on the Internet is pretty classic stuff.

Figure 14 - Get your pics on Route 66.

China's in there too. China's always in there these days about everything. Which is probably a good thing as the Planet belongs to the Root Race and the Root Race at the moment is Adamic. The Adamics are collectively all Asians. Starrgram 7 of The Revelatorium is about Root Races. The following Negative Pole pole image from Beijing, date unknown, shows that even though some of their architecture may old, their skies certainly aren't.

Figure 15 - Tesla's got to be behind this one somehow.

A somewhat longer Father Ship photographed in Salmon Arm, BC was found on the Internet, date unknown. Given the distance away, the extent of ionnizations, length of Radials, and horizontal width of the field it was obviously a large Ship and had been sitting in place for some time. The locals report that because of the magnetics in the area, the gap between the two mountains is a very popular Salmon Arm location for Radionic Field occurrences.

Figure 16 - Please don't tell me that Salmon have arms.

Search Engines like Google send bots out spidering websites for relevant data for their search results, including images. Then puts the images up under 'Images' in their search results under the appropriate key words. Apparently, whoever took the photo above and put it up in a website, may or may not have been the one who took the following photo sitting in the opposite direction at some time because here it is. Whether or not the photos were done by a Search Engine bot instead is moot. Notice the same bridge only from the opposite direction. The view this time is of a Negative Polarity Radionic Field. A busy area for Radionics, no kidding.

Salmon Arm sits at the south end of Suswap Lake, consisting of four long thin bodies of water in the interior of British Columbia, joined together somewhat like the letter H. Because of the lengths of the arms, the lake is considered to have one of the longest shorelines in the world. A friend of this world smither is a contractor who lives in Salomon Arm, who saw the two photos and remarked, 'My wife's ex-husband built the bridge, I repaired it last year. So, as the world turns.

Figure 17 - Shouldn't it be Salmon Arms.

Everyone knows that Pyramids are supposed to give off stuff out the top. Why the heck else would you buy one for your coffee table. You've also learned that Radionnic Ships give off Radionic Fields. So what might happen were a Radionic Field to end up over top of some pyramids. The following image from the Internet shows what pretty good. The Radionic Field gets boiled in oil. Any one who thinks the pyramids are just hunks of rock need to look again.

The original pyramids were introduced fourteen thousands years ago as Energy transformers. Earth had just entered the Virgo Dispensation which is Earth Energy related. The Pyramids were set to help in the induction and distribution of the incoming Virgo Astrophysical radiations, which were pretty powerful at the time.  The incoming radiation were received in the Planet's Fifth Dimension and were radiated back out to the Fourth and Third Dimensions by the Pyramids.


Similarly, according to all reports 'The Tree of Life' has been around for some time. At least long enough to show up on the Internet looking to all extents and purposes like a prop for a very busy saucer shaped Father Ship sitting in a Negative Pole Radionic Field. The Ship is sitting behind the lowest right hand branch of the tree.  If anybody could figure out just where on Earth the photo was taken, what a tourist industry they could have. Imagine all the medallion trinkets they could sell. Imagine the pamphlets they could hand out from Volume II explaining the bold collection of Mobile Ship Condensates in the cloud at the left and at the top.

Figure 18 - The Tree of Life stands in the midst of the Garden and bears of its fruit, of that you can be sure.

The following Figure from the good 'ol plains of America is of a full fledged Father Ship Radionic Field singing 'Oh give me a Home'... A small Radiating Saucer Shaped Father Ship cloud is also at the upper right singing, 'Oh give me a break'.

Figure 19 - When the chips are down the Buffalo is empty.

Also, according to all reports, giants walked the land in the days of yore whenever that was. As the following photo clearly shows, some still are. Wonder if they're still going by name of Nephilim or Annunaki or whatever it was.

Figure 20 - Fee Fi Fo Fum, hey where's my harp.

Speaking of giants in the sky, on occasion Odin would show up from time to time looking pretty formidable to those underneath. The following is a kind of spread out Positive Polarity Field with Odin looking in making sure everyone is doing what he tells them.

Figure 21 - Why are you always doing what you want to do instead of what I tell you to.

Similarly, really big anchor Ships can produce fields that span hundreds of square miles like the Figure below off the Internet. What is really interesting is that despite its size, it still looks not a whole lot different than any of the Negative Polarity Fields shown so far, big or small. The mountain range in the background of the Figure below compared to the trees in Figure 9 in Starrgram 2, gives a pretty good perspective of scale. Likewise, it makes Figure 26 in Starrgram 2 look just 'Up the street', which in fact it was.

Figure 22 - So I like to stretch out once in a while, what's your problem.

Another somewhat so stretched out field sits just behind the hills in the old friend to Radionics, Santa Clarica, California just North of San Fernando just North of Los Angeles. As the following Internet Figure shows, a Negative pole Radionic overlooks the Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park on the northern outskirts of town. Who would ever suspect that the bigger entertainment going on up there is up there and not down there.

Figure 23 - What goes up must come down. If it doesn't, big trouble.

In the following Mother Ship image, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse has come through as portal and is coming to town. Maybe they're planning on hooking up and finally get it on.

Figure 24 - I'm here to reveal, not revel.

They say 'All's fair in love and war'. When Radionics are involved its also pretty fair fare during fairs also. The following upward slanting Mother Ship Radionic Cloud at the left overlooking the Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter than Air Fair, is testimony to that. The smaller Father Ship seed pod slanting upwards in the middle of the Ferris wheel helps the excitement a little too. Plus of course the Father Ship Cloud lying across the lower center and to the right above the trees, helps a bit too. Don't let the fact that London, England has an identical Ferris Wheel called 'The London Eye' in an identical setting throw you off.

Figure 25 - We get dizzy just watching these things.

The Following is of interest for a couple of reasons. A Mother Ship Field is seen sort of looking lengthwise down it's length, a very faint Positive pole Radionic Field sits mostly covered up higher in back. The Radionic Field is causing funny things in the Mother Ship Field, and the Mother Ship Field is causing funny things in the Radionic Field. In particular, notice the same kind of tulip as in the upper left area of Figure 34 of Starrgram 9. The pooch seems to know what's going on even if the fishermen don't.

Figure 26 - Woof, woof, 'er woof.

A tulip type effect showed up in only the third Radionnic Photograph ever taken on the planet, in Ottawa in the early summer of nineteen ninety three. It's a lot more whoopy-do than the one about but the layout is similar. This is another photograph that could have been spectacular if taken properly. The visage actually filled the sky, soaring way overhead. What is shown here is like the tip of the iveburg in reverse. Unfortunately, the camera became twisted and turned in trying to snap all parts of it, and this was long before PhotoMerge became a thing, which is able to automatically adjust for considerable levels of mismatch. Consequently only two of the ten odd shots comprising the whole thing were able to be matched and tapped together.

Figure 26 - 'Close but no cigar'. Isn't it always the way..

Radionic images large and small can be found all over the Internet. The following very distinct Mother Ship Field overtop a Negative pole Radionic Field was found on an Internet website which was going on and on about the creative endeavor the guy in the boat was undertaking. Talk about a heh heh, breakwater. This is poetic license all the way. While the 'Art me' poet was endeavoring to create an interesting take on reality on his computer, the sky in the background was contributing famously to the real Reality of the endeavor. It also looks like some bad luck may be on the way, though it's not certain what exactly got broken or who's going to get hooked with it.

Figure 27 - Maybe the fish are going to get hooked.

A similar version to the above; also show as Figure 41 in Starrgram 8 was found on the Internet featuring a Father Ship instead of Mother. The photograph was taken looking at the Rampart Mountains in Jasper, Alberta by someone who was no doubt struck by the majesty of the landscape and caught the unsuspected Radionic Field as a bonus. As previously mentioned, the chewed up cumulus clouds at the upper right are loaded with Volume II type condensates and gumballs. As also previously mentioned, anytime you see rat chewed cumulus clouds suspect Radionics and not Mother Nature.

Figure 28 -

On the other hand, a partial photograph from Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario on May 24, 2016, which was previously shown in Figure 6 of Starrgram 12.shows frazalling by a Father Ship overtop a Negative Polarity Radionic Field somewhere on the loose behind the trees, You might notice it even has a corkscrew going right up the middle as was pointed out in Starrgram 12.

Figure 29 - I wish you could see the rest of me, I love showing off.

The same type of partial photograph as the Figure above from Algonquin Park on July 10, 2016, shows the same type of mellow frazalling. Quite likely the same Ship is causing it as the dates are close and the Ships tend to stick around awhile. The blue grey cotton ball at the bottom right and Mobile Ship gumballs all over the middle clouds are covered off in Volume II.

Figure 30 - A full image of me would have shown me a lot better. Well duhh.

Two different types of Mother Ship Fields overtopping an Anchor Ship Radionic Clouds can also fry it in a completely different more frazery way as the image below shows. The original photo off the Internet was very poor but nonetheless showed that a first Mother Ship is at the bottom right and the second is up the middle, plus a plethora Mobile Scout Ship condensates are all over the place. 

Figure 31 - Fraze me all you want, it doesn't faze me in the slightest.

Just to dispel the idea some of you may have that Contrails aren't real, the following photo shows Contrails spewing all over a partially evaporated higher octave Mother Ship Field at the lower right, in front of a partially visible flying V type Positive Polarity Anchor Scout Ship Field in the middle. Particularly interesting to note is the Contrail shadow cast onto the Radionic Field the center. Contrails are at 35,000+ ft. The space between the Contrail and shadow line is wide, showing that the ionnics are really up there.

Figure 32 - Trust me, only the straight one is a shady character.

On the other hand, the following image of a Father Ship Field moving in similar to Figures 26 to 29 of Starrgram 6 was taken off a website, taken during what is obviously an outdoor Pot Luck festival somewhere. It shows a frilly Father Ship array in its early stages as the advancing frillie type cloud similar to the Starrgram 6 Figures. Maybe it was hoping to score. Also, if you look closely at the left side of the cloud you will see that the gal isn't holding the only doobie in town.

Figure 33 - Hey Man, like what's happening Man.

And for an even quieter change of pace rather than to make a specific point, the following very pretty pastoral scene of a rain cloud passing quietly in front of Father Ship Field was also found on the Internet. Nobody's lording it over anyone else in this one. Just a couple of cumulous clouds getting ready to turn on a downpour. Though you might want to notice the jet black clouds mixed with the pure white ones, plus the odd curdling of the clouds at the left.

Figure 34 - Hmmm, I think somebody's in there.

Likewise, the following image was from a video featuring animals of note. Among many of those presentations was the World's largest elephant at twelve and a half feet tall. Notice the Negative Anchor Scout Ship Field behind the elephant's head lighting it up. Makes you kind of wonder what the Woolly Mammoths of old must have looked like and what kind of Radionic Fields they might have been seeing. There's no getting around it, that's a pretty big elephant.

Figure 35 - When I was young they called me Dumbo, now they call me all kinds of things.

Santa Clarica California, like Brantford and Paris is a very busy place. With Figure 32 in Starrgram 2 showing a Negative pole Field, a Positive pole Field in Figure 15 of Starrgram 3, a Mother Ship Field in Figure 41 of Starrgram 5, and two Father Ship Fields now shown below, all four main types of Radionic Ships have been represented. In fact five more reasonably good photographs from Santa Clarica are still on hand unused but why belabor the point. The big point to belabor is that unlike the Brantford and Paris photographs which were all taken because of the Radionic Fields they contained, the photos from Santa Clarica are all just ordinary scenic ones which happen to have Radionnic patterns in the background. For sure some of them may have been because of the unusual patterns. Not to misunderstand too, every photo in Santa Clarica doesn't have a Radionic Field. Over six hundred were checked out on Google to come up with few now on hand. Try and imagine how many more photos like these must be actually out there in the World. In the Figure below a small Father Ship sit horizontally just left of center and a big white one slopes slowly upwards from the center right.

Figure 36 - We may be occasional, but we're definitely not hard to notice.

Another even better Father Ship equivalent to Figure 37 in Starrgram 5, shown below was found on the internet sitting at a slightly lower octave. No Radials but it does have a very rare Mobile Scout Ship sporting a Radionic Field at the center right. This is a tough combination, high enough up in the Fourth Dimension to still have radials, but precipitated dense enough to look solid. For comparison look at the same kind of blob with no Radials just above the trees in the center left in Figure 39 of Starrgram 2.

Figure 37 - Y'all have a nice trip now, hear.

An interesting story exists here. In the late summer of nineteen seventy three, about twenty people had convened in Denver Colorado for a series of lectures about higher dimensional matters, including about the Radionic fleet outside Pluto. Some of the people were from Vancouver, Canada including this word smither and some were from Spokane Washington. At the conclusion of the lectures a backyard barbeque was held one morning as a sort of send off for those going back up north. For the entire morning a Ship looking utterly identical to the Figure above minus the cumulus clouds sat straight overhead at about the same height. Not even one other cloud of any kind existed, the rest of the sky was absolutely crystal clear blue.

About eleven thirty in the morning the party broke up and the north bound travelers headed out. By way of an informal send off, the lecturer and his wife followed them up the highway in their station wagon. The cloud remained directly over top their car. About forty miles out, they honked, waved goodbye, crossed over the meridian and headed straight back in towards Denver. The cloud went straight back with them. Ergo, they were part of the loop. There is a lot going on all the time, and until now only a handful have ever been the wiser.

Now, for those of you who aren't from the deep South and likely don't know what a Fare Tornado is as mentioned in the comment tag of Figure 20 of Starrgram 2, the following Internet image from Chilcott, Missouri shows one getting it on pretty good. Unfortunately like any big fire, while they may look exciting as long as it isn't your property, the after effect is usually not so exciting even when it isn't your property. Maybe it's a redneck's way of mowing the lawn. You all know what a redneck is, when they sit down to eat the dog backs slowly away. The Radionics in the background are by coincidence.

Figure 38 - Nuts, all I wanted to do was burn off a little crab grass.

Speaking of the Chinese, what a lot of people don't know is that the Chinese is that they like to bet and like to bet big. They'll even bet on how long it will take for a spider to cross a room. In early October of 1963, the Mother of a University of British Columbia student in Vancouver moved into a home near the University with six kids in tow. In those days you had to hire an electrician to hook up the stove or go to the hospital if you tried doing it yourself. The electrician couldn't come till the next day so she sent the student over a nearby Chinese/Western restaurant named 'Bing Cafe' which was in the token commercial strip just before the entrance to the campus.

The day was an absolutely lousy cold, wet, blustery, worse than normally dismal typical fall Vancouver day. The student arrived at the restaurant about ten to seven, The sign on the door said it closed at seven. Nobody was in the place except for a Chinese guy sitting at the counter reading a newspaper. After affirming that it was indeed the waiter, he ordered seven fish and chips. The guy shot off the stool like he had been shot and ran screaming into the kitchen yelling 'Seven fish and chip, seven fish and chip'. The kitchen doors were still flapping when a head poked out wearing a chef's hat, then went back in. A couple of minutes later the waiter came back out with a coffee courtesy of the cooks.

By now divining that something was going on, the student asked the waiter what was up. The waiter sat down and quietly explained that in the morning when getting ready to open, the cooks had made up a huge bowl of fish and chip batter in preparation. Figuring that the day was so lousy it would be a big bust for just about everything, the waiters had came down hard on the cooks for wasting all that batter. Figuring that the waiters were only waiters so what the heck did they know about the subtle mastery of culinary art, the cooks weren't all that happy about being called idiots. So the bet was on, and evidentially it was for no small change. The bet was over how many orders of fish and chips would they sell by closing at seven that evening. You've probably guessed it by now. At exactly ten minutes to closing, on possibly the worst day in the history of the planet for fish and chips, the cooks needed exactly seven fish and chips to win the bet. No wonder everybody says seven is such a lucky number.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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