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Except for their polarity, positive pole Anchor Ships are not any different in Principle than Negative pole Anchor Ships. The Radionnic Clouds they produce however are completely different.  As earlier explained, Negative and Positive Anchor Scout Ships always occur in Pairs. The two always sit at one hundred and eighty degrees opposite each other. An upper Fourth-Dimensional magnetic field always sets up between the two. Mother Ships, Father Ships, and Mobile Scout Ships then move around within the fields. The fields can be quite small or quite extensive, sometimes covering thousands of square miles depending on the different Anchor Ships involved.

Positive monopole arrays are usually but not always empty up the middle. When not empty, the center Radials tend to be decimated. The arrays usually, but not always have an empty blue V near the bottom where the cotton wad in a Negative monopole field would be, and usually but not always a white cloud V above it. The Vs are a Positive Pole Radionnic Cloud trade mark. Like a very big cotton wad at the bottom shows a Negative monopole no matter what, a distinct V in a photograph means a Positive Radionnic Field is present no matter what.

Similarly, by the fact that Positive magnetic poles are projective in nature rather than attractive, the ionnizations of the Positive Radionnic Clouds tend to look wispier and more depleted than the gang buster appearances of most Negative Polarity Fields. The following image is of a Positive monopole Field. In particular look at the patent blue V effect at the bottom center. In fact look at three Vs, a white one in the middle, another below that, plus a blue one between the white Vs and stuff at the bottom.

To explain the funny looking foreground, as also previously mentioned nearly all of the photographs not off the Internet were done by taking a series of side by side photos. PhotoMerge in Adobe PhotoShop and/or PhotoMerge in Photo Director was used to compile them into a single panoramic view. For the most part they did very impressive jobs. Since the focus of the enterprise was the cloud formations a good distance away, sometimes the chips fell where they may about the foreground material. As earlier explained, Photomerge has a feature which looks carefully at what all the other guys are doing in a compiled collection of photos and best guesses what should go into any areas in which no information was present in the overlaps.

Figure 1 - Two Vs for the price of one, the price is right.

The next photograph was taken on June 20, 2014, from the same location out back of the street address in Brantford, Ontario as Figure 6 in Starrgram 2, only in the opposite direction. And in fact was its polar opposite partner which helped started this whole new round of Radionnics off after the move to Brantford. Like Figure 6, it is included below more for its part in the history of the Revelationnum rather than for its Radionnic virtue. This time no cloud V is present, but a sort of blue V exists at the bottom. The solid flume up one side and decimated flume up the other however, is a less common but also distinct, Positive Pole characteristic.

The photo is in interesting for a couple of additional reasons. A very distinct Pleiadian Pod is sitting at the center left  Second, a large Negative Pole snowball type Scout Ship is sitting up close at the bottom of the cloud. Third, thick radial lines reveal the presence of  small Mother Ship cloud sitting just off camera to the center right. A number of Mobile Scout Ships are sitting in the blue area just right of center. The view was to the South West.

Figure 2 - No V, so vot's the vorry.

A number of the images in this Revelationnum as mentioned, are sow's ears turned into silk purses through the art of photo enhancing. Figure 13 in Starrgram 2 is a good example, which was originally nothing but a dark brown haze. After another couple of months, on September 6, 2014 the following very similar dark brown haze sow's ear' but 'not so silk purse conversion' Positive pole reflection was photographed out back of the same street address as Figures 3 and 4 above, looking in the same South West direction. Notice how different this is from the magnetic reflections of the Figures above. It even has one of those scary fire guy things from the nineteen fifty two Sci Fi Movie 'Forbidden Planet' trying to eat a cloud.

The ratty look wasn't from the magnetics. The dummy at the helm, i.e. this wordsmither had set the cell camera to video by mistake and had tried to take a number of side by side snapshots. And of course got nothing but a bunch of very dark hazy looking browned out video graphic junk. After extracting an appropriate number of screen captures from the videos, through gritted teeth and determined will while tooling around with a big black bag full of photo enhancement tricks, the final result below came out after countless tries and retries. And no, sadly, it won't get any better than this, the tries were made. It is pretty marginal to say the least but at least you get to see the point. I.e. it's a Positive monopole Radionnic Cloud and not a set of spurious Chemtrails. Also look around the photo a bit to give you an idea of what's in store for Volume II. There are some neat things in there, particularly the Silver Surfer surf boarding at the center left.

Figure 3 -

To quickly change the scene again for a minute, not forgetting that these things are everywhere, the following Positive monopole image was taken by the friend of the cause in Uganda on May 11, 2014 on the northwest shore of Lake Victoria just south of Kampala. It even has a PacMan too, trying to be one of those fire guy things from Forbidden Planet like the Figure above.

Figure 4 - Hey, How the heck did PacMan get in there.

The next Figure below is much better Positive pole example. In actuality there are myriads of different kinds of Anchor Scout Ships. Different Anchor Scout Ships produce different Radionnic effects. On June 21, 2014, behind the same house address as Figure 3 above and looking in the same direction, a completely different type of Anchor Scout Ship had come in. Notice the nice white flying V in the upper half. The field has two prongs in the middle, somewhat like a lyre in appearance . Notice again the pine tree at the left.

Figure 5 - I'm Schizophrenic, I'm always beside myself.

Two pronged lyre-type Positive Polarity Fields are not that uncommon. A full Positive Radionnic Field showing the same two sided lyre-like effect, was photographed by the friend of the cause again in Kampala on April 29, 2016, and submitted for this Revelationnum. There is almost a blue V at the bottom. This was a Ship that was in close.

Figure 6 - Maybe this is the lyre Helena used to play to the Gods with on Mount Olympus.

Similarly, a two pronged field from somewhere almost identical to the one above was found on the Internet.

Figure 7 -

Another patent Positive Pole pair of prongs was photographed on May 11, 2016, by the friend of the cause who photographed Figure 42 in Starrgram 2 during the drive through the Six Nations Indian Reserve just South East of Branford. The very decidedly different looking two pronged image shown below is about as two pronged as it can get. Looking for all the world like a pair of M&M eyebrows, the image was photographed out the car side window looking to the North East. Note also the Contrail right across the middle of the picture giving scale to the formation's immensity.

Chemtrailers take note. As Chemtrails start out the same size as Contrails as already mentioned, yet again the absolutely nearly invisible scale of the Contrail to the very large obvious Radial lines puts to rest any residual notion that Radionnic rays could be Chemtrails or Contrails and not Radionnic effects. Don't forget, for both being fresh right out of the engine or nozzle, this line is all but the exact same difference as the Chemtrail lines being sprayed in Figure 4 in Starrgram 1. Look at the difference between the Contrail line and lines of ionnization below once again. Also notice that the Contrail is well in front of the Radionnic Cloud. Contrail lines are at about thirty five thousand feet. So this Radionnic ado was way up there like a sign in the Heavens.

Figure 8 - My Uncle Joleo is poster boy for M&Ms.

To make the point even clearer, over a month later on May 28, 2016, 'a' or 'the' friendly Anchor Scout Ship was still there. Because a month had passed and the magnetic field had had time to settle in and really spread out into a classic Positive form. This was not from out of a back yard hurry as was Figure 1 above. The Radionnic Cloud below was sitting widely spread over the right side of Brantford's large North East End plaza.

The photo as you can see is from much father back from the stores. Those are all big box vendors in there. Only now there are definitely very big white and blue Vs and nothing up the middle. Plus the two tier V effect like Figure 1 above is present again. Also, this time the two tiers of the white Vs have really put some distance between themselves.

Also, PhotoMerge gave it all on this one when merging. Basically, it is one of the better Cinemascopic views in this whole Revelationnum. The view as you see it below in all its glory is almost exactly as it originally was in all its glory, as there was not a whole lot lost in the canopy overhead which typically gets left out in the typical one level only camera sweeps of most of the panoramas presented herein.

Figure 9 - Not that bad if you do say so yourself.

The two Negative pole views of Figures 9 and 10 in Starrgram 2, plus the three Positive pole views above makes five altogether from the exact same location. Yet each one is completely different over a seven month period let alone the fact that the polarities kept switching. Which makes clear the point that even though Radionnics is completely format, it isn't exactly format. Making verbatim also the fact that first, these folks really like their favorite hot spots, and second, the jury is out on what to expect next according to kind. What is also relevant, is the point that the polarities of the Ships switched back and forth showing that the polarities aren't pinned to the locations even as the Ship occurrences are.

It is almost a truism that the different Ships in the fleet have to be different from each other even as they remain the same in Principle. The vast Radionnic fleet of the Heavenly Host is from all over Creation, and every Ship from every different place had to be formulated differently for this Earth transitional project because of the different frequencies of where they are from. Two Radionnic Fields which are observed as reasonably the same means that either the same Ship is involved, or that the same type of Ship is involved, or that the two Ships are from more or less the same place in Creation.

For example, on the 12th of May, 2016 Brantford another double white V showed up which was quite similar to Figures 1 above yet again completely different. This time it was almost literally looking right across the street from Figure 1 and looking in the exact same direction as Figure 17 in Starrgram 2, just a block down the street. As mentioned before, even as the directions seem to be fixed, the poles aren't, and tend to swap back and forth periodically. This one is also a V city, with two white Vs and two blue.

Figure 10 - V is for victory, no kidding.

Looking a lot beefier, the following, albeit somewhat moldier looking image from off the Internet sporting a white flying V and white victory V plus two sort of blue Vs, shows a similar Positive pole Radionnic Field plain and simple. Also interesting, look at the Mobile Scout Ships in the lower center right. It's almost a truism that where there's a Radionnic Cloud, there's Mobil Ships.

Figure 11 - We do our best, what can we tell you.

Then from around the world again at Lake Victoria, Uganda, this time off the Internet the image below shows a yet similar image again showing yet the same thing more or less again.

Figure 12 - This Lake Victoria place is pretty interesting. No wonder all the early African explorers tried to go there.

Single white flying Vs are also common. After a somewhat acquiescent spell in Brantford, a month later on April 19, 2016 things suddenly popped open up again with a nice one, previously shown as Figure 2 in Starrgram 2. The Positive pole Radionnic Cloud was observed late in the morning looking to the North East. Even though the blue V at the bottom is partially covered by the terrain, you still can't miss it and of course you can't miss the big white flying V. For the record, the image is also the Positive pole partner of Figure 18 in Starrgram 2. Notice there is a faint additional white V sitting in the upper middle towards the right.

Figure 13 - V have our vays, veh.

Previously show in the Home Page, the following Figure off the Internet is a Positive Pole V formation from the Mount Baker area of Washington State.

Figure 14 -

Like Brantford and Paris, Santa Clarica, California is no stranger to Radionnic Ships as the following Internet Figure, Hilton Head Island, Santa Cara, shows. A Negative pole Radionnic Field was shown in Figure 32 of Starrgram 2, a Positive Pole Field is shown below.

Figure 15 -

As you have seen, victory Vs are a fairly common type of Positive Pole Radionnic Field. Flying Vs such as in Figure 13 above are also very common. The following Figure from the Internet shows a perfect  flying V flying perfectly and nothing but. Also used as the Positive Pole Anchor Ship example in Starrgram 2.

Figure 16 - Well almost nothing, there is also the water.

To show Universality in Radionnic consistency yet again, the following image from somewhere on the planet was found on the Internet showing yet again the same type of victory V. You might notice something nifty going on behind the pipes, to be later explained in Volume II.

Figure 17 -

The very first Radionnic photograph which officially started this Disclosure off was taken in Brantford on May 14, 2014, shown as Figure 6 in Starrgram 2. The view was to the North East. The flying V Figure below was taken in all but the same place on the 24th of August, 2018, looking in the same direction. What's really interesting is that on the 16th of July, 2018, just one month earlier, Figure 54 in Starrgram 2 had an equally unmistakable Negative Polarity Field in exactly the same direction. Even though taken from a slightly different spot, you can see a bit of the front of the red house in Figure 54 showing through the tress below. So not only do the alignment directions stay the same, they switch polarities like a strobe light.

Figure 18 -

On September 18, 2016, the exact same wide open flying V type Positive pole Anchor Ship Field as above with an even more arced radial on the right was also photographed in Paris, Ontario, from the same location as Figure 13 in Starrgram 2. Only looking back over the same house to the South East. It's nicely lit up from the bottom up as it was caught late in the day just before the sun started setting far to the West.

Figure 19 - If you want to keep going in circles, drive a bus.

As mentioned ad infinitum, Radionnic Ships are all over the Planet all of the time. What better proof than to have another photo of the same kind of flying V variant taken by a known foot on the ground in a known location, at a known time, having nothing to do with Brantford, Paris, or even Kampala. The following Figure below came from the same visitor to the website living in Scottish Border, Scotland who sent in Figure 39 of Starrgram 2 as in fact its polar opposite. This one was also taken on September 21, 2017, and rally tells it like it is.

Figure 20 - Legend has it that there's gold in them thar clouds.

The next Figure below was taken on September 1, 2018 in Brantford, looking at the same North East view as Figure 7 in Starrgram 2 only a half a block closer up the street the the same little plaza.. You can't help noticing the same convenience store at the bottom, the same traffic light at the left only closer, and the same red Church at the right hand side only from the other side. All the little things that make small plazas so dear.

The photograph proves again a few relevant things. First, Figure 7 in Starrgram 2 was taken over four years earlier, this proves that the Radionnic Ships are here to stay. Second, it is in the same North East to South West alignment as Figure 7. This proves that the Radionnic Ships love their favorite alignments. Third, Figure 7 showed an unmistakable Negative Pole Radionnic Field, while the one below shows an unmistakable Positive Pole Field. This proves two things. First it can't be the same Ship, and two. they really do like swapping around. 

Actually there is an added factor to this photo which is unseen. Taking it served to prove that Radionnic Ships have the ability to precipitate a horizon to horizon blanket cloud cover over themselves in just a matter of minutes. After a perfectly clear sighting has been present, the sky will suddenly be covered by a standard cloud cover from horizon to horizon. In this particular case, the horizon to horizon covering occurred in just over five minutes. Even clouds in a Category 5 Hurricane don't move in that fast. For their own reasons, the Ships will have decided to mask their presence with a cloud cover for the time being. Hours later, the Radionnic clouds could be visible again.

Figure 21 - Like we keep pulling the wool.

Likewise, the Positive Pole partner below to Figure 49 in Starrgram 2, features another flying V and partial victory V type formation, and somewhat the same kind of Radial arcs as the one above. The image was taken at the same time and same place in Brantford as Figure 49, looking to the South East. Also like Figure 49, this one was pulled out of the hat from under a heavy veil of overcast obscurity by the deft application of camera technology and enhancement massaging.

Figure 22 - Here I am, I was always here despite what you couldn't see.

Then back in Paris again at the original address, on July 26, 2015 another excellent Negative pole Radionnic view with a blended pair of Vs like just like Figure 1 above was observed, again looking to the South West. An eagle eye might spot an interesting condensate at the lower right hand edge. Also an interesting barrage of condensates at the upper center.

Figure 23 - Volume II a'comin.

Another victory and flying V image off the Internet shown below, also has an Inter-dimensional gateway portal at the center left, likewise discussed in detail in Volume II. Also, notice the Forever Spin top just below it.

Figure 24 -

Similarly, shown below is the Positive Pole partner of Figure 48 of Starrgram 2 shown below. The photo was taken at the same place at the same time in Ancaster, Ontario. The view was to the South East. Even though the Negative Pole side could easily have been taken for a Positive Pole Radionnic view, the water vapour degradation had started in yet in the Positive pole side in the photo below as the air was moving across from the west to the east. This one is a much better example of a Positive Pole. Its somewhat wimpy white flying V nested at the top like Figure 10 above, and very obvious blue V and white flying V below it make the Figure a very definite Positive Pole Radionnic Field regardless. Also notice Cheshire the Cat hanging around at the top left looking in on things. And look at that, the Field knows what it is, namely a Positive Polarity Radionnic Field.

Figure 25 - Whooo am iiiii, a Positive Pole Radionnic Cat says I.

Positive pole Fields usually, but not always, have either a white cloud V, blue V or both. When they don't they tend to be filled somewhat up the center. The two Negative pole Fields in sequence, Figures 17 and 18 in Starrgram 2 were remarkable for their durability and stability. This wasn't the best part. A Positive pole partner also stayed up for the whole time with the same stability in the exact opposite direction. Nothing like this had been observed before. Radionnic Fields are usually visible for scant minutes at a time to a few hours, but never for the better part of a day and never both at the same time.

The first partner was likewise taken around one PM in the afternoon from the same Plaza as Figure 9 above. As the upper white V and first blue V are very close to the bottom, it could easily be taken for a Negative pole Radionnic Field. Again heuristic technology is called in to establish its identity. Its Negative Pole partner was already shown as Figure 19 in Starrgram 2 and there you have it. What looks like a cotton ball at the bottom is simply low level cloud.

You might also have noticed by now that these things seem to be a, heh heh magnet for Contrails. There are three in the Figure below. Not much of a mystery though. Brantford is on the flight path from Cleveland to Toronto and also from Buffalo to Winnipeg. Planes are always sailing through whenever there is a Radionnic Field afoot because they are always sailing through the area whether there is a Field up or not

Figure 26 - Seems to be a lot of people shuffling off to Buffalo these days.

Not satisfied with that, the second Positive pole photograph shown below was likewise taken from the same location as the Negative pole partner Figure 20 in Starrgram 2 in the early evening, only looking in the opposite direction. To mention the fact again, the purpose of showing you this little double sequence is that it was a once in a very long time chance to show you how, even though it is the same Ship in the same place, the Radionnic Cloud aspect changed, even drastically from one hour to the next. Even as the magnetic field itself never changes except to become even more and more settled in place as time passes. A particular outlook at any time can change drastically like the Northern Lights in slow motion. The ionnizable water vapors around have the most to do with it, since presumably the Ships couldn't care less while sitting in place. Similarly, what looks like a bottom cotton ball at the bottom is just ordinary low level cloud.

Figure 27 - I may be a bit shifty, but I'm definitely not iffy.

A Positive Pole Negative Radionnic Field from parts unknown looking somewhat similar to Figure 2 was found on the Internet, this time with the decimated radials on the left. It's not the Rock of Gibraltar in there but sure the heck could pass for it. The seeming white wad at the bottom left is summer cloud which also partially covers the blue V at the bottom.

Figure 28 - I'm the Rock of Gibraltar, you can take my vord for it.

Positive Pole Fields can also be well filled up the center with very little in the way of a blue V at the bottom. The center fill however will tend to be decimated in part. The Figure below is a very good example of that. The good example of a right side decimated Radionnic Radials Positive monopole image somewhat like that in Figure 2 above was taken on April 21, 2016, from the East end of Ottawa, Canada. The view was to the North East. It sort of has a V at the bottom like it should, but it has a really big noisy flume up the middle. The clearly decimated ionnizations up the right hand side however gives it away. And likewise again, a Negative pole partner photographed at the same time as shown as Figure 36 in Starrgram 2, completely out muscles it for the Negative pole side.

Figure 29 - Figure 33 - I'm positive I'm Positive and not Negative.

The photographic pair from Medicine Hat, Figure 52 in Starrgram 2 and the Figure below are even more ambiguous. There is no bottom cotton wad in the first, and no distinct Vs in the second below. There is however, a lot more Cloud present around the bottom in the first, so go with that.

Figure 30 - We try and make it easy we really do, but some days, you know......

On the other hand, the following image below also from Brantford, was actually a bit of luck fun and there's absolutely no doubt about its polarity. First off it is an optimum Positive Radionnic Field featuring a generalized white V and nothing up the muddle. The blue V at the bottom is half covered by trees. The photo was found by stupid blind luck while surfing the Internet for a known East end Brantford fixture Flea Market. The image was found sitting on the Home page of the Flea Market. By happenstance, the Radionnic Field had in fact been photographed by an unknown someone from the Flea Market in the unknown past. The Flea Market had just recently changed hands, and when the new owners were asked about it they didn't have a clue. Then, again by the smirkiest of quirks, the stupid thing was gone from the website the very next day. But LTJ (Lord Tundrin Jesus), talk about a lucky catch.

By recognition of the area, the photo had been taken at the far East end of Brantford in the Cainsville area looking due West to downtown Brantford. The white chip wagon at the right edge is a world famous Brantford landmark. Not for how great their stuff is but for the length of time they've been there.

Figure 31 - Would you like some fries with your Skies.

It has been said a couple of times that both the Negative and Positive Radionnic Clouds up at the same time is very uncommon, requiring a deft combination of vapor circumstances and camera timing. The run of two as cited above and in Starrgram 2 notwithstanding, managing to get good photographs of both sides of a pair is always a wee bit on the lucky side. That having that being said, two really good pairs suddenly popped up in the Brantford area in the early winter of 2017.

The first is the Positive polarity partner of Figure 47 of Starrgram 2, taken on February 17, 2017, from the same South Brantford location at the same time but looking to the South East. This is another case where things can really get confusing. Despite being very decimated throughout, there is no empty V near the bottom, and the middle blue V is likewise definitely not empty. If it wasn't for being less feathery and for its much more definite looking Negative pole partner in the opposite direction as Figure 47, this could easily have passed for a lame duck Negative Polarity Field. This example is included to show you that even though the Radionnic matters discussed so far are pretty much cut and dried in Principle, they are not always so cut and dried in practice.

Figure 32 - I'm a little confused, which Polarity did you say I was again.

Just as the Negative Polarity Field in Figure 53 of Starrgram 2 came out of haze as faint grey cloud lines then went back into haze again, the Positive pole partner below did exactly the same thing. It's unusual to see both sides come and go at the same rate at the same time. Like mentioned earlier, usually you see one and then the other as the ionnizable water vapors move slowly through from one side to the other.

Figure 33 - Ah-men to that.

While putting this Revelationnum together it has been interesting watching the PhotoMerge programs do their thing. Cases occurred in Adobe PhotoMerge where five or six two and a half meg original photograph files went into the maw and absolutely gigamungous end products came out as the finished product. One merged photograph came out at one and a half gigabyte in size.

A support team member from PhotoShop commented that they had one that was over two gig in size. A two gigabyte size photograph could wallpaper a whole gym. Likewise, PhotoMerge sure does like that hard drive caching capability on most PCs. The PC computer being used for this project has a five hundred gigabyte hard drive with about three hundred gigabytes of free space available for caching during processing. Thirty years ago that much hard drive space would have cost a couple of million dollars. In nineteen sixty three, a sixty four kilobyte IBM main frame hard drive cost three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. In nineteen eighty three, a ten meg Apple hard drive cost thirty five hundred dollars. Nowadays, a common trillion byte hard drive costs about the same as dinner for four at a Red Lobster.

But would you believe that PhotoMerge used all three hundred gigabyte bytes of cache making some of these composites. All for a simple little photograph you can print out at 4 x 6 inches. PhotoMerge gets the job done but talk about using an eighteen wheeler. Makes you appreciate why a hundred million trillion terabyte computer is barely enough to handle tomorrow's weather report and chess.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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