As you have been shown, different kinds of Radionic Ships produce completely different kinds of Radionic Clouds. Throw in the different type of cloud covers and you get completely different types of Radionics fields yet again, yet all are according to kind. Given ordinary third dimensional local environment differences such as Sun, wind, local Earth magnetics, and time of day and you get even more differences yet again. Also, given the fact that Bing Search offers well over fifty different categories of clouds and that a Radionic Ship can show up in any one of them, it gets fun.

Remember too it has oft been said that you never get the exact same thing two tics in a row, and you will never see a limit to what kinds of things you might see. In particular you will see Mother and Father Ship field effects in the lower cloud atmospheres more often than Anchor Ship fields.

The following photograph of the side by side Radionic Fields of a Father Mother Ship parallel pair in a Positive pole Radionnic filed was photographed reflected onto a lower middle level cloud layer than the previous. Only a few of higher level Radionic field ionnizations are present. The photograph was taken on May 11, 2016 in Brantford off the same apartment back balcony as Figure 1 in Starrgram 3, looking likewise to the North East. Notice also the partial condensated presence of a Saucer shaped Father Ship like in Figure 6 in Starrgram 7 can be seen near the center bottom of the photograph.

Figure 1 -

A similar photograph taken at Mt. Tremblant in Quebec on January 1, 2014, has the nose of a Mother Ship Cloud sticking in over the partial presence of a Positive pole Anchor Ship Field. Not a lot of the Positive pole field is visible, but enough to show its presence. Next time you go skiing don't forget to check around for Radionic Ships on the loose.

Figure 2 - You say Slalom, I say Shalome, we can never ski together.

The next Figure below from Figure 20 in Starrgram 7 is interesting for a number of reasons. First as mentioned, it is at one end of a miles long union of a Mother Ship and Father Ship sitting tight side by side end to end like an Androgin pair in a full Radionic field provided by an Anchor Ship Pair. The end below, reflecting in an upper middle cloud layer is right at the apex of the Positive pole end of the environment which has been partially dissolved by dry air on the right.

Figure 3 -

The other end of the pair, photographed one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction sits right over the Negative pole end of the environment. Dry air, this time coming in from the left, likewise has dissolved the left side of the field and also part of the Mother Ship part of the partnership until about a third of the way back to the other end. The parallel pair of Ships hung very  low overhead and filled the sky like a mammoth cigar from one end of the environment to the other. Nothing like this had ever been seen before or since.

Figure 4 - Close but no 'No cigar' in this one.

Also you will sometimes see a Radionic effect reflected right down into the lower level cloud cover. The following image of a combined Negative poll presence and a Father Ship field reflecting onto a lower cloud cover came off the Internet. The Father Ship field is right up the middle, splitting the Radionic field by it's magnetic pressure, even showing a couple of those grill like things from Figure 20 of Starrgram 6 near the upper right.

Figure 5 - Nothing like a nice groove for being in.

The above may be down and around right enough, but nothing gets the low down better than the one below. It also shows the portion of the ionnic Negative Radionic field above it which is influencing the cloud layer below, and which hasn't been dried away yet by the higher level  incoming dry air from the left which has evaporated most of the Ionnic field at the left.  You can expect that something like this is at work in all of these low cloud formations. Namely, ionnic formations above induce matching Radionic patterns below.

Figure 6 - You've all heard of the Airie Faerie, well here's the Fairly Airy.

Though no where near as obvious as in the Figure above, another Internet found Santa Clarica photograph likewise shows the influence of higher ionized Radial patterns upon the lower level cloud layers underneath. In this case, both cloud layers are much higher up in the atmosphere and are much farther reaching than the Figure above

Figure 7 - Nothing like a warm golden sunset to bring out the best in everything.

The next photograph is five for the price of one. One cloud level is real low, the second is only a little bit sitting low at the bottom middle, a third just above that is also not wide spread, the fourth is a fairly normal cloud layer blanket hanging quite a bit higher in the background, and the fifth is higher atmospheric haze hanging above that. Nice catch. Notice that the Negative Pole Radionic Field is the same type as Figure 5 in Starrgram 2. Notice also that the two big roll clouds along either side start from the apex area. The photograph was taken just outside Medicine Hat on April 20, 2013. In case you haven't done the math yet, Medicine Hat is at the bottom South East end of Alberta at the beginning of the Prairies.

Now here's where the nitty gets nifty. Did you ever wonder how the Medicine Hat friend of the cause managed to get such good photos all the time. It's been said earlier that the secret to getting a good Radionic photograph is a combination of being outside, seeing a good sky to capture up there, and having a camera or cell on hand to do it. There's nothing better for being on the outside part than a Railroad Engineer running a flat prairies route. Our friend of the cause held his hand on the throttle daily between Brooks, Alberta and Medicine Hat for years. This was great. Whenever there was anything up there really great he saw it. He didn't even have to step out further than the cat walk aside the engine to get a great shot as the Figure below clearly shows. He finally got the buzz to start taking pictures in 2012.

Figure 8 - Merrily we roll along roll, my fair Laddie.

Similarly, the following photograph  from Ottawa Ontario on July 10, 2016 was taken at sunset looking to the North West, making it a pretty good Kodak moment.

Figure 9 - I'd like two Big Macs and a Graval please.

Likewise, Mother Ships can force tube like ionnizations into the lower cloud layers such as in the Internet photograph below clearly shows.

Figure 10 - Bigger is better unless it's not.

To confirm, the following is again from the Internet, showing the exact same type stuff both front and back as the above Figure only farther away. The photo also helps to show that unlike Anchor Ship Radials which extend from one apex into the other, Mother Ship radials tend to eventually zone out.

Figure 11 - I can do the whole sky anytime I want. Think I'm kidding look again.

The following photograph from Paris was in a very low grey overcast sky very late at dusks on the 18th of May, 2015. The street lights are even already on. The photo shows a Mother Ship almost as bold as brass. Except for the time of day it is almost like a perfect copy of Figure 6 in Starrgram 5 which was taken almost two years later during mid day from the exact same location. Must be something in the vibes there.

Figure 12 - I believe you already met me later.

Sometimes too, Mother Ship Radials can really force their way in big, like Gang Busters, like in the following Figure below from Youtube likewise taken somewhere near dusk.

Figure 13 -

On the other hand, the following Figure shows Mother Ship tendrils instead of tubes in a lower overcast sky. It was taken at the same time from the same plaza as Figure 32 in Starrgram 5 but from a different angle with a different hand on a different camera.

Figure 14 -

Similarly, the next Figure is of a Father Ship Radionic field equivalent of the Figure above, only in a very very low down cloud cover. The image was found sitting on the Internet awaiting to be discovered for what it was.

Figure 15 - Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Then on a very blustery day on September 20, 2016 back in Brantford, along came a Mother Ship sitting in a very tempestuous lower cloud layer sitting just above the Super Market in the Figure below. The Ship is only about a kilometer wide. The view was to the South East.

The Ship was not the cause of the hlustery weather. The whole South West end of Ontario had been sore set upon by the weatherman for a couple of days. The weather wasn't being kind to anyone including Radionic Fields. Likewise, the field was a Will o' the Wisp. The Mother Ship field was only visible for about ten minutes. The clouds with the right reflective ingredients for showing the magnetics were quickly blown along. It doesn't take a very big hand on a calculator to realize that this one was in pretty close.

Figure 16 - It was a cold and windy way....

The next photograph is a very similar Brantford photograph to the one above, which was taken on May 11, 2018 only about two blocks away from the FRESHCO plaza, The location was the same open viewing ground as Figure 19a in Starrgram 4. Despite the similarity to the above, there is much more of a kinship to Figure 31 in Starrgram 5 because of the number of Ships involved. The Figure below has eight, the one above has only one, Figure 31 has at least five.

There is also a bit of a story with this one, there's always a story. When leaving the Super Market, an exit to the right of Figure 13 was taken looking right at a few frilly whisps high in the sky ahead. Thinking first to wait a bit and let the formation firm up first, then remembering a few times that the same idea had came up and hadn't worked out so well , a quick turn was made into the open viewing parking lot to take the Figure below as a precaution. The Super Market plaza was no good because the parking lot is ringed by big box vendors partially blocking the view. Well done it turns out, intuition had prevailed. Ten minutes later the sky was nearly smoothed over, Twenty minutes later there was no sign that anything had ever been present.

But actually that's not the story. Like Figure 31 in Starrgram 5 the view turned out to be full of Ships, none of which would have been suspected except for the first few whisps when the photograph was taken. The most obvious field present is the strong looking tubes from a Mother Ship at the center left. The second is from a very long Mother Ship slanting upwards from the lower center to the right. The third are the small white tubes from a short Mother Ship sitting in front of that just above the patch of clear sky at the lower right. The fourth is from a very short Mother Ship sitting behind the trees just to the right of the small light standard at the bottom left.

As earlier stated, Mother and Father Ships always project in pairs, sometimes close together and sometimes far apart. In this amazing photograph all but one pair are close together. The First Father Ship showing is a horizontal Father Ship field coming in from the lower left. The second is revealed by frillies near the top left just right of the weird lamp standard at the forefront of the picture. Remember that no matter how wild and wooly the foreground may look, the sky is not affected because it is so far back. The third is the frillies from a small Father Ship sitting just above the white truck in the center bottom. The fourth Father Ship was is one across the middle right behind the light white cloud patch, whose main frillies show was out the top beyond the scope of the picture.

This frouth was the one started this whole thing off, because it was a whole wide wall of frillies similar to Figure 14 above that went straight up overhead like a huge wall to wall fan that was just barely visible. But they were the Radials originally noticed and not the Mother Ship tubes, which ended up being the most dominant aspect after processing. As has been mentioned before, seeing something in the sky is one thing, seeing it in a photograph later could be a something completely different later.


Figure 17 -

For the record, Figure 16 above was not a storm cell. The weather was nothing like a storm brewing, just the cold winds of November come early. To see what a storm cell looks like passing through a Radionic field, check out the Internet Figure below. It's what the Hippies used to call a happening.

Figure 18 - Lord Tundrin Jesus Bey, me tink's we're in for a blow.

In another example from Bing Search, a long Mother Ship field sits across the view highlighting a summer storm sitting in front.

Figure 19 - Yup, great Tunderin Lord we's in for sure for a blow.

In a calmer bent, the Figure below has lots of bluster but not so much rip snort. This time a Father Ship is sitting horizontally from the lower middle to the lower left, and a much wider Mother Ship sits almost all the way across above it in the middle. Their two are pushing the clouds up all over the place. Taken at the north end of Cambridge, Ontario on the 17th of July, 2016 the view was, you had to guess to the North West. Unlike some of the photos in this disclosure, the curve in the forefront is not a result of the type of photographic drama involved, the highway actually curved just like that. The clouds above the middle show influences of both the Father Ship and Mother Ship fields combined. The large Mother Ship tubes across the top are obvious. Not so obvious are the couple of Father Ship car like grills similar to Figure 19 in Starrgram 6 within the blue upper area in the middle.

Figure 2
- I'm feeling a little under the weather today, maybe something in the weather.

Another low cloud Mother Ship reflection within a Negative Anchor Ship field appeared at dusk in Brantford looking to the North West on May 20, 2016. Previously shown as Figure 35 in Starrgram 5, it has a very obvious Mother Ship reflection at the lower left, and a not so obvious Father Ship reflection slopping upwards at the center right.

Figure 21 - Some pills maker you larger....

And who can forget the double Mother Ship effect in Figure 27 in Starrgram 7. What probably wasn't noticed is that it was in an upper cumulous cloud layer.

Figure 22 -

Visible Radionic effects down into the cumulous clouds levels are not that common. Like a blue moon they only show up once every now and then. An even lower, almost 3D like photograph with a Radionic Cloud was found on the Internet, appearing in very low lying cumulus clouds as shown below. This time it is in an Asian Country but the effect is the same.

Figure 23 - Buddha beckons believers.

To confirm the effect, the similar but decimated very low cumulous cloud view below was photographed on April 16, 2017 from the same location in Paris as Figure 12 above looking to the South West. It is at dusk again only this time earlier in the evening. As the Figure shows, a decimated Father Ship field became plain as day, even as evidences of higher level Radionic effects sat in behind. Note that the setting sun is left of the apex point. The Radionic effect was very short lived. Moments later the Radionic effect was all but gone.

Figure 24 -

Likewise, here's a Mother Ship doing completely weird tendril stuff, out-coming as completely weird looking marshmallow cloud blurbs. Only the upper row of blurbs is present and the Mother Ship body is not as obvious lying unseen along under the marshmallows. Look at the blurb shadows casting down onto the overcast in back, presumably from a Sun which is up behind. Kind of hard to figure out the mechanics of that one.

Figure 25 - I'll have six honey cruller Timbits and one apple fritter please.

Two of a thing proves the thing. The Figure below proves the one above. This time even better, as a short string of little pillows are visible along the bottom of the field as well.

Figure 26 -

And not to forget the Sun. As a few of the photographs in the previous Starrgrams have shown, the Sun can sometimes also have fun with cloud Radionics too. Such as with the cloudy Cumulus bits in the Figure below from Brantford on June 11, 2016. The view was to the South West. The lighted bits almost look like they are being hit by a Tesla ray.

Figure 27 - Will you please stop pointing that thing in my face, whatever it is.

A bottom part of the above was even more interesting. The first is that as shown below the above pop corn bits are actually sitting in Radials from a Mother Ship lying underneath. Second, the Mother Ship and the horizontal cloud lying underneath it look like they are being hit by some kind of molecule dissimulator. One was supposedly used on 9/11. Maybe someone forget to turn it off.

Figure 28 - Turn it off, turn it off can't you see you're turning me into soda pop.

The above is not an isolated case, the Figure below showing the somewhat same kind of razzle with not so much dazzle was found on the Internet. No high tower Trade Centers involved this time.

Figure 29 - Thnk you for putting it away, now please keep it away.

Something interesting regarding the photographs has come about via our friend of the cause in Medicine Hat. Starting about three years ago our friend of the cause in Kampala, Uganda started sending photographs along. His earliest was from 2012. Similarly, starting in the late spring of 2016, our friend of the cause from Huntsville, Ontario also started sending his stuff along. His earliest was also 2012.  Likewise, in late October of 2017 the friend of the cause in Medicine Hat began forwarding his collection, which also started in 2012. There seems to be a pattern here. It looks like 2012 is when the Radionic Fleet decided to initiate their plan for the whole world to know about their existence by starting to cue up those in the vanguard by intuition in 2012. In any case it's now officially on. This Disclosure is patent proof of that.

There are no doubt many such good examples waiting to be discovered going all the way back to the early fifties now that you know what to look for. Check some of your old photos, you might be surprised. If you should spot such a Radionic field, or spot one in a movie or TV or on the web, It would be greatly appreciated if you could send a link or an attachment to the email address below for inclusion in this and later additional versions. Likewise obviously, any Radionic field you might see overhead some day and are able to photograph. Don't forget to do a sweep of clicks for side to side to get as much in as possible. Also fodn't forget to check in the opposite direction to see if an opposite pole partner is also present. The more the better, since every example further goes to exemplify the principle.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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