To be redone, Mother Ships and Fathers Ships are erroneously mixed.

As explained before, Anchor Scout Ship Radionnic Fields are just the start of the story about Radionnic Ships. The fields are merely the environments which the main body of Radionnic Ships move around in. Once a field is set up, Mobile Radionnic Ships large and small ply the fields in great number being about their business. Mother and Father Radionnic Ships are the largest of the mobile Ships, Mobile Scout Ships are the smallest. Within both these categories there are large and small Ships yet again.

As also previously explained, Radionnic Anchor Scout Ship Fields need water vapour moving through in order to become visible as magnetic reflections. Mother Ships, Father Ships and Mobile Scout Ships on the other hand typically precipitate their own water moisture out of thin air, like dew in the morning as self contained condensated reflections. They can also produce Radionnic Ionnic Radials or not depending upon the level of the Fourth Dimension they are projected into. Unlike Anchor Scout Ships, which are always at the top level of the Fourth Dimension because of the need to cast as universal a magnetic field as possible, Mother Ships and Father Ships and Mobile Scout Ships can be in any level in the Fourth Dimension from the very top to the very bottom.

The rule for the Fourth Dimension is Universally the same throughout all of Creation and is very simple. The lower the level the lower the frequency. The lower the frequency the higher the density, and visa versa. All Radionnic Ships on Earth are subject to the rule. How the rule outcomes for Radionnic ships is that the higher the level the greater the amount of Radials and less the condensations, the lower the level the less the Radials and greater the condensations. You saw that working faithfully in Starrgrams 2 to 4, where all of the Anchor Ship projections were at the top of the Fourth Dimension. That came out as very long Radials and no condensations. The Figure below is near the top of the Fourth Dimension as evidenced by longer radials no condensation. At a lower upper level like in Figure 2 below, the Radials will be shorter but still no condensation.

As the previous four Starrgrams show, Anchor Scout Ship Radionnic Clouds are visible as vertical up and down sky visages, converging at an apex about ten to fifteen degrees above the horizon. Mother Ship and Father Ship Radionnic Clouds on the other are usually across the sky and never meet at an apex. Mother Ships and Father Ships come in two type, saucer shaped and elongated. Elongated Ships come as cigar shaped, cylindrical, and thin miles long tube shaped Ships like pipes. All types can be very large or very small. Likewise, like Anchor Ships, Negative pole Mother Ships are well ionnized and Positive Father Ships more decimated. Mother Ships tend to be more noticed by cloud reflections, Father Ships by condensation. Mobile Scout Ships are usually very small, carrying one, two or a few inhabitants. Mother and Father Ships can be on the small side and also very large, carrying whole communities. Anchor Ships have only a small crew of a few parties.

Since cylindrically shaped Ships can be from a few hundred meters to ten mile long tubes in length, they have thinner, longer, larger, more uniform, and usually much more diffuse magnetic fields than Anchor Ships. All the types of Mother And Father Ships reflect ionnically different than the Anchor Ships. Their Radials, do not meet at a focal point above the horizon but rather surround the Ships like a fancy border. The Saucer shaped Mother and Father Ships are usually quit self-evident to see, and likewise have Radial effects around their borders.

Only Mother Ships teleport in from the Radionnic Fleet outside Pluto. Who release the Anchor Ships, Father Ships, and Mobile Scout ships they carry after. Then, when and wherever necessary the issued Anchor Ships will set up the magnetic fields providing the Parent Ships and Mobile Scout Ships with roaming room. Like Negative and Positive Anchor Ship monopole pairs, Mother Ship and Father Ship pairs also always occur together. Unlike Anchor Ship pairs which are always locked in at one hundred and eighty degrees in opposite directions from each other in order to set up their magnetic environment, Mother and Father Ship pairs can face each other, sit parallel right beside each other, meet each other at right angles, be on opposite sides of an Anchor Ship Field, be at different levels of the atmosphere, and can even be on opposite sides of the Planet in two different fields. Mother and Father pairs do not always produce a visible magnetic field between them, but they will always be joined magnetically through the higher dimensions.

When closer together a visible magnetic field effect can sometimes be set up between them when the water condensation conditions are right. Whenever a Mother Ship or Father Ship cloud reflection is shown, it is understood that its Father Ship or Mother Ship Partner is also present somewhere on Earth even if nowhere to be seen.

When a Negative pole Mother Ship has settled in long enough to set up a Radionnic Field, its magnetic Radionnic Field will issue out as tendril like finger of emanations. The field will be much wider and much more uniformly spread out than the peacock tail feather or branch like radials of a Negative pole Anchor Ship. Likewise, unlike like the Negative pole Anchor Ships, the array will be uniformly filled in across the whole field rather than show typically widely separated feathery or branch like radial lines.

Mother and Father Ships are often seen in their own ionnizations doing their work for temporary periods of time without being in a visible Anchor Ship Field. Anchor Ships tend to ionnize in the higher cloud layers because of the need to cast a broad magnetic envelope. The higher up the bigger. Mother Ships and Father Ships tend to ionnize and condensate in the moister mid and lower cloud levels. Because Mother Ships are Negative in polarity, their magnetic fields are attractive and they tend to be denser and more substantive than Father Ship reflections. Mother Ship Radialscome in four typical types, fingers, tendrils, tubes, and fronds.

The rule is simple, if the radials within a Radionnic Field are irregular, not evenly distributed and meet at an apex point above the horizon it is an Anchor Scout Ship Field. If they are uniform, evenly distributed, and are wide across the page, it is a Mother Ship or Father Ship Field. Similarly, if the Radionnic Field is aligned vertically it is an Anchor Scout Ship. If it is aligned horizontally or similar it is a Mother or Father Ship, though vertical alignments are also possible. But never an apex point. Since the Radials don't meet at an apex, and Mother and Father Ships reflections will often form an outline of the Ship.

None of the radials in Starrgrams 2, 3, and 4 are uniform and evenly distributed. The following image of a Mother Ship, showing uniform fingers evenly distributed across the field of view, was taken in Ottawa, Ontario in the summer of nineteen ninety five. In this case, the Ship itself is in the upper Fourth Dimension and invisible even as the field is not.

Figure 1 - Nice way to start the day.

On rare occasions tendril-like Mother Ship Radials will show on both sides of the Ship, proving the shape, in this case a fat cigar. The following Mother Ship Radionnic Field photographed in Kampala, Uganda on the 23rd of January, 2016 by the friend of the cause shows tubular Radials around the top half and finger like tendril Radials around the bottom.

Figure 2 - Swing a little high, swing a little sideways.

Likewise, at a lower level, as the following somewhat combobulated looking photograph from the Internet of a small Mother Ship sitting inside a hole in the clouds shows, the exact opposite can occur. Namely, the Mother Ship area itself is condensated with the finger like tendrils pushing out. To repeat, unlike ionizations which are concentrations of ionized water vapour which follow along the magnetic lines producing them, condensated means the Ship's magnetics literally electrolyzes the water molecules out of the air which attract together into precipitated water versions of themselves. In effect the Ships don't guise themselves as clouds, they are the clouds.

Figure 3 - Plieadian

Similarly, the following Figure was photographed in Seattle Washington on September 1, 2017. It is a longer version of a Mother Ship Field like the Figure above, but with no surrounding clouds and much shorter tendrils. The mauve colored stands is an interesting story. Apparently the phenomenon gave the authorities some concern because they had no idea on the Planet what it was. So they laid down purple traces to record the drift hoping some light would come of it. Apparently it didn't, because the file was eventually filed away somewhere in Warehouse 13. It seems apparent too that these types of Radionics don't cotton well to being photographed, based on the quality of both the one above and the one below. What nobody seemed to notice in Seattle was the Mobile Scout Ship condensates all over the place, particularly to the left.

Figure 4 - Just great, the tranny's leaking again. (Sylph)

The much clearer version off the Internet below with it's busiest stuff at the bottom, makes the type of Field it is even clearer.

Figure 5 - (Sylph)

Not to be undone, on July 2, 2016, back in Brantford, a distinctly different Mother Ship Field was photographed likewise showing details not present in the previous Figures. The view was to the North East looking nearly straight down its length. The top part is substantially magnified compared to the bottom because the top is much closer to the camera than the bottom which was way down the street. The a typical fish tail effect is off to the right, and a trail off is at the upper left. And no, that's not a space cadet out there on maneuvers in the upper right. It's a sea gull looking for fries.

Figure 6 - Like Dude, it's kinda like slim pickins up here.

Talk about mix and match. The following fried bacon photo came off the internet sporting a similar vertical Mother Ship Cloud. The Mother Ship Cloud in back is fine, but the cumulus clouds in front all look like they were fried in Crisco. You might also notice that that they are  filled with goodies for Volume II.

Figure 7 - You can count on Crisco, flaky every time.

You all know from 3D movies that if something is sitting right up close to a camera it will get magnified. The same thing happens with Radionnic Clouds, only more so because of the distances involved. In the early morning of May 30, 2016, Hamilton, Ontario near Brantford produced an almost perfect up and down its length Mother Ship viewing, very much like the three Figures above only much straighter down its length, and having a much more exaggerated upper 'in close' top end.

This Radionnic Field greeted everybody just after breakfast. The three things you know for sure are cooking when you smell them are bacon, toast, and coffee. That's why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Similarly, the three things you need to know about Radionnic Clouds are that they are big, they reflect the presence of a Radionnic Ship, and sometimes you see them and sometimes you don't. That's why most people never notice.

Figure 8 - Nothing quite like waking up with Folgers in your gulp.

To prove the point yet again as unto ad nauseum, another Ship reflection lying in there with magnified front end was found on the Internet. This time a left to right mirror. The Ship is lying almost horizontally back to front. There's no mistaking the fingers off the side and the trail off going up. Amazing, who knows how many miles apart and maybe even years apart these are, yet looking a lot the same. The blurred effect is because this was a really small original off the Internet. In photographic circles you can start big and end up small with no problem. Starting small and ending up big is always a problem.

Figure 9 - Everything's going blurry. I've got to start staying away from those non-organic persimmons.

Although Mother and Father Ships Fields tend to be horizontal, but they can also sometimes be very vertical like Figure 4 above.  Unlike the Anchor Ship Clouds however they are not like vortices, but are rather just horizontal clouds standing on end. The following Figure is a perfect example of a Mother Ships sort of, well, just hanging around. The very well photographed image of a Mother Ship caught nose to the ground below, was photographed just approaching dusk over the Don River Valley Parkway near downtown Toronto, Ontario on the 17th of November, 2015. Note the Radial fingers going only to the right.

Figure 10 - You just keep me hanging on. (Sylph)

The Figure above was in very close. A similar Figure much father away was found on the Internet. What is similar between the two is that the tendrils are off to the right and the fact that it is standing vertically instead of lying horizontally..

Figure 11 - Look at that, the Triangle's acting up again.

The second type of patent Mother Ship Cloud effect is longer visible Ships with shorter more visible radials in a lower level of the Fourth. The most common is tubular, as in tubes, as in the top half of Figure 2 above. The following photograph looking to the North West, was taken in Paris, Ontario by a friend of the cause on February 20, 2017. Since it's right across the street, it's in very close so not that large. The Ship is in the middle Fourth Dimension, showing both a visible Ship condensate and the tubular Radials perfectly.

Figure 12 - Now we're talking.

Because of camera lens size, usually what is observed in any particular view involved from the Internet is only a small portion of the field. The following partial view of a very distinct ionnized tube array was discovered on the Internet. Note that in this case, like Figure 2 above the fingers start going around the end at the right proving that the shape is a Ship and not a weather balloon. Maybe it's the series of tubes making up the Internet which a former Governor of Alaska announced one day to a very amused world.

Figure 13 - Tubular Man, or should that be tubulor, or maybe it should be tubuler.

The following is again from the Internet, showing the same type stuff only a bit more extensively spread in the overcast. Actually, if you were to stand underneath in mind's eye it would look like a piece of lattice work with Radials coming off both sides.

Figure 14 - The sky's the limit unless you're on a 'Flat Earth' Earth.

The lattice grid of Mother Ship and Radials was photographed nearing sunset in Brantford on May 20, 2016. Interestingly, it is kind of looks like the Figure above, only as seen more down it's length rather than over from off one side. The cloud opening in the middle shows that there are two more successive cloud layers higher up with no ionnizations, so this is  very bonafide case where the Radionnic Field has precipitated into a very low cloud layer..

Figure 15 - (Pliadian)

To confirm again, confirmations are good, another similar Internet photograph shown below shows the tubular array more clearly and closer together. You even get to see a good condensation of the longer cigar shaped Ship where the tubes are coming from. The reason why some of these fields seem to extend out on one side such as in Figure 12 above but not the other, is its alignment relative to the Planet. The Earth's magnetic field flows from the South Pole to the North. A Ship's particular visible field is dependant on which way the Ship is lying. If parallel to Earth's magnetic field the Radionnic magnetics will oppose the flow in one direction and go with the flow in the other.

The magnetic lines of force against the side facing South will be flowing in from the South Pole so has none or very diminished radials. On the other side flowing to the North, away they go. I.e., on the side facing North the lines will be flowing out to the North Pole, hence the longer radials. The Figure below is a very good example of that. If the Ship lies vertical to Earth's magnetic field, both sides will have equal radials such as Figure 4 above, with all variations in between.

Figure 16 - Boy, talk about bucking the wind.

To make the point yet again, the similar but much more filled in Mother Ship vista below was also found on the Internet. Again telling it like it is.

Figure 17 - Could you fan a bit faster please.

To confirm that the above was not just a 'one of ', the following calm, cool, and collected looking Mother Ship visage off the Internet shows the lower cloud effect even more. The visual symmetry is so compelling you can almost feel it. The Ship across the bottom is also pretty obvious.

Figure 18- Ahh, this is more like it, wherever the heck this is.

A condensation type effect rather than ionnization, can sometimes occur in the Radials, The result is Radials that that are wider and farther apart, that seem to go on  for forever within a lower level cloud layer. The Field below off the Internet must have been up for sometime, and the atmospheric conditions giving rise to the condensation prime in order for the Radials to be as dominant as that.

Figure 19 - My Sunday best, how do I look.

An even better Internet image shows a full spray of large condensated tubes spread out like the fingers of a hand. Also, to belabor the point yet again, under no circumstances whatsoever could these radials ever be considered Chemtrails or Contrails. If nothing else, they get thinner the farther out rather than thicker like any self respecting Contrail.

Figure 20- Not even in the Twilight Zone.

Similarly, a wide fingered higher level view of ionnizations somewhat similar to Figure 1 above was taken in the early dawn of May 17, 2017, in the small town of Espanola, Ontario at the top end of Lake Huron.

Figure 21 -

The Following image is a screen capture from a video taken on August 30, 2018, by the same Winnipeg friend of the cause ass Figure 48 in Starrgram 2. The picture quality leaves a lot to desired because screen captures from videos are never as good as a single photograph of the same thing. A fatal flaw in the system. The early images from Brantford and Paris in Starrgrams 2 and 3 are enough evidence of that.

The video was a two hour stationary run taken on a cell phone through the windshield of a car. The shard of glass at the right, funny looking globle thing near the bottom right, dark hexagon at the upper left, and the tiny black dot left of center bottom are all courtesy of the windshield. The little white dot at the center top however, is courtesy of the Heavenly Host. Which in fact upon blow up, proves to be a small cigar shaped Positive Pole Mobile Scout Ship. In the original video, it popped in suddenly about two thirds of the way through, then blinked on and off, sometimes off for second or two and sometimes on for a minute or so until the end of the video. 

Figure 22 - That's an affirmative Houston, we have a bogie.

A yet Another type of Mother Ship ionnizations are again tendrils but having a feathery trail off at one end. On the 15th of April 2015, a trail off type Mother Ship formation was captured on a hazy day in Paris, Ontario, looking to the South West. The three features to notice are the upper line of tendrils across the center, the guppy like tail of ionnizations off to the left, and the trail off of tendrils around the right end. In this case, the Ship part itself is not filled in.

Figure 23 - PhotoMerge got a little carried away with itself across the bottom.

The following more dynamic big sky example from the Internet has the fish tail going off to the left behind the hill, but the trail off around the right end is there in all its glory.


Figure 24 - Little house on the prairie, no kidding.

As it happened, a mirror copy was photographed at late dusk just outside Paris on the 19th of September, 2016, again looking to the South West. The Ship part is very visible. The guppy tail is to the right and the trail off around the end is at the left. This time also, the showy guppy fish tail off to the right is longer and trail off to the left much more stretched out. So even though it's much longer overall, there's no getting around the similarity. And don't forget too that this was nearly a year and a half later. The showy guppy fish tails are a common characteristic of this type of field, another effect from Earth's magnetic field.

Figure 25 - Hey, where's my fish tank, who took my fish tank.

Similarly, a Brantford area Mother Ship suddenly appeared on August 16, 2016, in the same North West direction. The field is hard to identify within the very busy field of ionnics, but it is right above the trees at the bottom middle and up to the left. The guppy tail is off to the right starting right above the street.

Figure 26 -

Hoping to catch an even better view, the same field was photographed fifteen minutes later about ten kilometers West of Brantford approaching Paris. Kinda close but still no cigar. It was easier to see, but had degraded somewhat during the time taken driving. The tendrils are across the middle just to the right of center and the fish tail is still off to the right but the trail off around the left end has faded away. Actually, this is a fairly long Mother Ship. Though not well ionnized along the body it continues on straight up to the left as kind of suggested in the Figure above. Also now more visible, the cumulus clouds are all chewed to pieces because of a mammoth number of Mobile Scout Ships all over the place.

Figure 27 -

On March 21, 2017, looking to the South West a Plan B version of the images above was photographed at the North West end of Paris. The B version is that the Ship area is completely invisible but the fish tail off to the right is pretty similar and the wrap around trail-off to the left end tells the whole story. This is a pretty big Mother Ship. It's not very often you see something of this size revealing as much as this does end to end. On really long Mother Ships you usually see just the middle portion.

Figure 28 - Plan A is to have a Plan B.

Many of you will recall that Lake Tahoe, Nevada took a big hit during 2014 to 2017, and all but dried up. Then in the fall and winter of 2017, it snowed like a son of a gun and the lake filled back up to the brim. The following image below shows the lake topped right up like a New York highball. It also shows, as luck would have it, a nice big Mother Ship Field sitting over top very similar to the one above minus the guppy tail at the right. Neat. No doubt checking in to see if there was enough water to grab a guzzle.

Figure 29 - Thank goodness for snow.

On July 28, 2017, still in Brantford, a much clearer version of the above type fields was photographed, again looking to the South West. Everything including the Ship part is nicely filled in. The guppy tail is again to the right and the trail off to the left. This time a lower cloud cover highlighted the immense power of these fields.

Figure 30 -

The following Image off the Internet is almost the same. It is quite a bit more raccoon chewed but hard to deny.

Figure 31 -

Showing less Condensate and less aggressive Radials, a shorter but very specific looking Mother Ship Field was photographed in Brantford on September 11, 2017. The view as to the North West. The camera was set on 'one shot' Panoramic. It gets the job done, but produces a lot more of the front edge curvature effect than does a nice set of side by sides stitched together.

Figure 32 -

Another type of broad Mother Ship Field as mentioned at the beginning of this Starrgram, involves narrow uniformly splayed fronds and less Condensate yet again. The Field was photographed in Brantford on May 21, 2016, looking to the North West from the same plaza as Figure 9 in Starrgram 3. The horizontal uniformity across the field and the very wide breadth of the bottom differentiates it specifically from Anchor Ship Fields which are never uniform horizontally across and always meet at an apex. Dry air had already been moving in from the right starting to evaporate it.

The Figure is a pivotal photograph for a couple of reasons. The main one is that it answers a question often asked. Namely, how did all this information come about. The answer some of you might think is woo woo in the extreme, but it's true. Namely by the helping hand, many times. For example, most of you know about lucid dreaming. You need to pay more attention to those. When you are lucid dreaming you are in the Fourth Dimension, and the Fourth Dimension is where most of the Armageddon activity is taking place. In particular, when lucid dreaming you are taught or shown a lot of stuff by the higher factors when your consciousness is high enough to stay above the normal 3D clutter of chatter.

Up to this point, only the fact of the Anchors Ship Fields had been known to this word smither. What Anchor Ships were doing and why had still not been revealed. What their cloud related physical characteristics were and how to spot them were about all that was known, The image below is where the change over into Mother and Father Ships et al knowing was started. This word smither had been in a lucid dream state when suddenly a full blown Radionnic Cloud appeared within the 3rd eye vision which is how you see in the fourth dimension. Suddenly something went click blip and the view hiccupped then returned back to as it was. Something had happened but what. The same thing repeated over and over about twenty times, then this wordsmither woke up. Once back to sleep it picked up just where it had left off and exactly the same kind of hiccup jumps continued over and over and over. Then again. To make the story short, it was the same thing repeated over and over, hiccups, wake up, back to sleep, hiccups, wake up etc. It went on all night, almost to the point of exhaustion.

The point always to remember is that if a particular dream state repeats and repeats, or you fall back to sleep and the next chapter starts right in, you are either being taught something you need to know, or are being cued up about something which is to come. The hard part is figuring out what it means or is telling you. But it is never frivolous. About two hours after waking up, knowing that something important had been coming through the night before but still not having the slightest idea of what it was, this word smither had to go out and was greeted by the field below sitting wall to wall. And the meaning of the click blips of the night before became instantly clear. 'TAKE THE PHOTOGRAPH' namely, click, blip. What this word smither was been shown over and over again all night long was a representative Radionnic Cloud, then a click blip into a photograph, then the cloud again, then the photograph again, then the cloud, etc,. etc,. and etc. The message was loud and clear, 'DO NOT POOCH THIS PHOTOGRAPHIC OPPORTUNITY', which all became instantly clear the second the Radionnic Cloud was observed as it had already been well cued up in consciousness the night before.

The reason for the importance of this event is that it was the first Mother Ship Photograph taken which was clearly not an Anchor Ship, and was the door opener to the whole new subject about Mother and Father Ships and how they work whose understanding came immediately down the pipe. That's another way inter-dimensional communication works. A load of information will be downloaded into someone's higher consciousness. Like a Mexican Piata, it will sit up there like a big wad waiting for somebody to swat it so the contents fall out. In this case, a frequency link is established between the party's higher and lower consciousness, i.e., inner and outer consciousness, along which the info can suddenly dump down into their outer consciousness awareness. In the particular case of this example, the Piata like wad of information about Mother Ships and Father Ships was already in place ready to come down. The light bulb recognition about the photograph was the link between the inner and outer levels of consciousness that let the Piata go.

In other words, once the photo was taken, that it was in fact of a Mother Ship was passed down the pipe without words and a whole new level of understanding about Mother and Father Ships work popped suddenly into place instigating a whole new phase of this Revelationum. That's how higher dimensional downloads of information works. Inter-dimensional communication is not linear like reading a text book or newspaper. It is quantum, as in a whole new level of understanding suddenly falling into place in one big blup. The information is up there in a big wad like as said like Mexican Piņata. Like swatting it with a stick, once a frequency contact is made about it through to the outer 3D state of consciousness down it comes. In this case, the new type field photograph was the stick. The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega deals with these kinds of matters. Numerous such lucid experiences have continued occurring, loud and clear and very varied.

For example, a lot of help has been given about enhancing these photographs into their present form. Like before, a before and after sequence of images would start up at night and continue on and on, particularly after waking up and going back to sleep. Once awake, no idea about what it meant would remain because the memory was in the Fourth-Dimensional consciousness state, and when back in the awake 3D state would be all gone except the memory that something was there. But, experience teaches you to be on the lookout. And sure enough, a day or two later suddenly a particular enhancement tool or step through operation would suddenly become twigged onto that had never been noticed or tried before. And sure enough, it would match the before and after states of the earlier dream sequences exactly and solve the problem. How to get the clarity you see in some of these photographs was shown that way in numerous stages. As well as how to get the skies blue in the earlier stages of the project, which was a big problem as both PhotoMerge and the Internet tend to darken them substantially or turn them into myrtle.

Similarly, the term 'Helping hand' is not always just a metaphor. After struggling with a particular slider position on a particular enhancement operation within a given photo enhancement software with no success on occasion, this work smither has seen the slider suddenly shoot to a new setting never tried before which solved the problem perfectly. More than once. Kind of neat. How the higher powers manage to pull that off comes under the category of  'God works in mysterious ways'. No kidding, but fun. The assorted 'Helping hand' processes are still ongoing which is why there is already a Volume II in the works and no doubt eventually Volumes III and IV. Don't forget, this is a Universal Revelationnum underway here, and not somebody's Phd thesis or a plot for a movie.

The third relevant fact about the photo below is that with it and the enlightenment that came with it, this official Revelationnum was finally able to get going in full earnest. Just about everything you have read to date has been written since. The next big quantum download was about Mobile Scout Ship condensates and how they work. The one following that was about Radionnic Starrgate portals and inter-dimensional gateways. The next one will probably be what they eat for dinner and how they dress on Sundays.

Figure 34 - Now you know the rest of the story, or at least a part of it.

Another variation of the above Figures has much shorter and thicker fronds. The Figure below, looking almost like Figure 12 above but with flobs instead of tubes, was photographed by the Huntsville friend of the cause on November 5, 2016, in Huntsville, Ontario. This one is also wall to wall as clean as a whistle. The diminished fish tail is off to the left.

Figure 35 -

A flipped over opposite version was found on the Internet which has the fronds going down.  Please also bear in mind that the different type of Radionnic Clouds you will see in this Revelationnum are not the only types you will ever see. This Revelationnum will help in broadly categorizing something you might see when trucking around outside. But expect to see many fields over time that are also not exampled in this Revelationnum. At least you should no longer be tempted to mistake one for a blanket of Chemtrails or a wimpy Contrail no matter how it looks.

Figure 36 -

How about a Mother Ship Radionnic Cloud which is unlike anything you've seen before. The following Mother Ship Figure from off the Internet sports Radials that are about as thick as it gets. It's also a very neat optical illusion. At first glace they look like holes in the cloud. A second look shows that they are actually very thick radials bent backwards at the tops. Talk about surreal, it's almost like looking into another dimension.

Figure 37 - Salvador Dali helped things out with this one.

The following Figure off the Internet pushes shorter and thicker even farther. The Radials of Figure 35 above are replaced by fat separated Radionnic chunks looking like powder puffs or marshmallows. The Mother Ship lies along just under the puffs. In here is another interesting illusion of optics. The Figure tells you that the Sun is way in behind but the shadows tell you it must be out in front. Hmmm.

Figure 38 - One potato, two potato, three potato, more.

When a Radionnic Ship is low enough in the Fourth Dimension, it will also electrolyze the water molecules in the areas, which will attract together into the shape of the Ship. Called a condensation or condensate. Depending again on the level of the Fourth Dimension is in, the condensation can be cloudish looking or seemingly solid. Figure 9  in Starrgram 2 has a Negative and Positive Pole pair of cloudish looking condensates in it's right side. Plus a number of much more solid looking condensates all through the cumulous clouds at the left. Back in Brantford on December 25, 2015, like a gift from the Gods the following saucer shaped cloudish condensate Mother Ship version with nice distinct tendrils was observed. Not much to say here, except that as you can plainly see it is most certainly saucer shaped version rather than a cigar.

Figure 39 -

Some types of Mother Ships cause pod like condensations looking like an Italian pasta. As said, the Mother Ships Field you see depends on the level of the Fourth Dimension the Ship is projected into. The pod like Figure below is in a level producing a partial condensation and almost no extending Radials. More interesting, the Ship's particular type of magnetic field has caused Radials to wrap around it like a hollow 3D container.

The Mother Ship pod was photographed in Kitchener Ontario on the 17th of July, 2016 by a friend of the cause. Kinda looks like a piece of Conchiglie pasta, which is kinda made to look like a sea shell. Check out the name, Conchiglie means shell. No wonder there are so many rumours floating around about secret UfO bases under the ocean.

Figure 40 - Quiet, I want to hear the sea oysters. (Pleiadian Pod)

The opposite to wide spread Radionnic Mother Ship Fields, are much more solid looking local Mother Ship condensations. More solid looking Mother Ship condensates start at a much lower frequency of the Fourth dimension. Like said before, Santa Clarica, California is a hot bed for Radionnic activity. First, was the Negative Pole Field of Figure 32 in Starrgram 2, then a Positive Pole Field in Figure 15 of Starrgram 3. And now the following screen capture of a self proving nearly fully condensated cigar shaped Mother Ship taken from the introduction portion of a YouTube video filmed on March 9, 2010. According to the Video, the videographers assumed they were filming a lenticular cloud, as lenticular clouds are prevalent in the area on a yearly basis. The footage was done by time lapse, the relevant portion starting at 30 minutes and ending at 44 minutes representing about eight hours in real time.

The significance the filmers were not aware of was the fact of Radials flowing off the top left of the Ship, plus the fact that the nose of the Ship didn't move more than an inch on screen after hours and hours of time lapse even though the Radials are blowing off the Ship at jet speed and cumulus clouds are blowing by at the same speed. It takes a very secure magnetic anchoring not to get shoved around by the wind when there are no wires attached. The video is at:

Figure 41 - I like it where I am and I mean to stay put.

For those of you not yet familiar with Lenticular Clouds, the term refers to specific saucer shape looking clouds which are produced by a temperature inversion between thermal layers in the atmosphere. The clouds usually appear over a mountain peak when the air on the leeward side stalls and forms standing waves in the area. Which often can have a saucer like appearance much to the excitement of Ufo watchers everywhere.

Mount Shasta in California is a well known local of Lenticular Clouds. So not surprisingly, it is often touted as the sic, secret home of many flying saucer fleets. Not without good reason tough as it turns out. Look at the bright and shiny Mobile Scout Ship condensate plus buddies sitting right above the cloud line right below the left edge of the Lenticular Cloud in the Figure below. Cosmic irony here all the way.

Figure 42 - Me and my Buds like to hang together.

Also caught in the late day Sun, the following very large nearly fully patented dome shaped Saucer Mother Ship Condensate was photographed by a friend of a friend of the cause over Lake Osoyoos on August 28,2018. Lake Osoyoos is at the very bottom of The Okanogan Valley in the center of British Columbia. The ionnic effects are obvious. The Lake straddles the Canadian/US border. Half of it is in Canada and the other half in the US, so the Ship doesn't know if it's Canuck or Yank.

Figure 43 - No problem, we carry an Interstellar Passport.

As mentioned, Radionnic Fields work to a simple rule tied to the level of the Fourth Dimension the Ship is projected into. At the highest level you see only long Radials and no ship condensations such as with most of the Anchor Ship Fields in Starrgrams 2 to 4. At a slightly lower level you see no ships and shortened Radials such as Figures 2 and 3 above. At an even lower level you see some Ship condensation plus some Radials, such as in Figures 12 and 30 above.

When even lower, denser condensates and skimpier Radials like Figure 39 above appear.  When even lower yet again, full condensates and stubby Radials like Figure 41above appear. And at the lower end, you see semi-complete Ship condensations and almost no radials at all as in the Figure below from the Internet. It's not hard to tell that this is a sunlit disk shaped Saucer Mother Ship. The rainbow shadow on the clouds behind is a nice touch courtesy of Mother Nature. Also note, that the green spotches in the right end of the Ship cannot occur be by cause of a prism color spectrum.

Figure 44 - Now we're Talking 2.

At the lowest level of the Fourth-Dimension you see a seemingly solid looking condensation and no radials like the Figure below. This is a cigar shaped Mother Ship for sure. It's being held by the Pillsbury Dough Boy is even holding it and smoke's coming off the other end. It may look solid but it is still in the Fourth Dimension and a baseball would go right through it. The photo was released by the US Navy, which some contend were doing prototype experiments with out everybody getting dissolved in half.

 Figure 45 - Some people say that it's easier to pass a Camel through the eye of an needle than it is to find a better cigarette.

To reiterate, Radionnic Ships are from all over Creation, not just the Milky Way Galaxy and can be in all types and sizes. Anchor Scout Ships are usually small, normally holding just a handful of people. Mobile Scout Ships can be very small, two or three people vehicles, and can also be fairly large, up to a couple of hundred feet in diameter with a crew. Mother and Father Ships are much larger, anywhere from a quarter mile cigar or cylinder in length to ten miles long if very thin pipe shaped. And hundreds and hundreds of feet in diameter if a saucer with full crew.

Also as previously mentioned, Mother Ships tend to carry the other Ships and people Ships around to where they are needed. Father Ships tend to be more in the area of communication and carry un-incarnated Soul Atoms after crew. Mother Ships do the teleporting into the Planet, carrying the other Ships and their people. Mother and Father Ships jump around to where they are needed, and the Anchor and Mobile Scout Ships hitch a ride. Anchor Ships stay put for awhile once set up, and the others move around within the assorted actives and levels of the Fourth Dimension as needed.

The two lowest octaves of Fourth Dimension are called the 'Lower Astral Hell States'. The Astral Hell States contain the accumulated Negative Plus (Nplus) static generated by Mankind's negative consciousness conditions for over the past three and a half million years since Mankind fell into the Third Dimension out of the Fifth b mis-adventure. The Astral Hell States are called by your Theologians 'The Stygian Deep'. One of the main works the Radionnic Ships are currently involved with is dissolving the static out the Hell States, almost done.

During this time, the great fleet outside Pluto has been projecting an emerald green love field around Earth so it doesn't explode while the Hell States are being purified. Like when wool and fur are rubbed together to produce static bits in the Third Dimension, NPlus static is produced in the Fourth Dimension when your consciousness is not working in harmony with Cosmic Law. Negative NPlus static is heavy stuff. It's the source of all your negative destructive thoughts towards others, and comprises the complete totality of that which you call evil. People whose consciousness are loaded with NPlus static act with evil intent.

The risk of a NPlus static blow up is not just unbridled paranoia. As they say, 'Even paranoids have enemies', and in this case it's particularly true. A planet named 'Maldek', originally a confinement planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter had an absolutely severe negative NPlus static condition in its whole first four astral octaves. Triggered by a furious laser cannon battle between two disputing factions two and a half billion years ago, the NPlus static exploded and took all of Maldek with it. The Third-Dimensional remnants of Maldek are now called the asteroid belt. A loosened Maldek satellite struck Earth around two and a half billion years ago, dropping its frequency from twelve strand 'Crystalline' DNA to two strand 'dross'. Starting a billion years ago, a Third-Dimensional outer surface organic evolution was precipitated on Earth's surface. The cubistic matrixes for the evolution had been formulated in the Melchizedek Worlds of the Magellanic Clouds, specifically to slowly work Earth's frequency back up into twelve strand crystalline DNA, almost completed.

Two hundred and fifty million years ago a root race program was initiated in Earth's fifth dimension. Three and a half million years ago, through Luciferian interference, Earth's current root race population, the Adamics, fell into the third dimension where everyone still remains. At the end of the Age of Aquarius you will all be raised back up into the fifth dimension where you belong. The Radionnic Ships are also assisting in the final stages of that.

Twelve thousand years ago Maldek's population was brought to Earth during Atlantis, including the warring factions. Souls Atoms when not in an incarnation can remain in stasis for long periods of time and resume their statuses once starting to re-incarnate again. Similar intense NPlus static conditions arose during Atlantis twelve thousand years ago though the debased thoughts and and practices brought through with them from Maldek. Similar laser cannon warfare erupted between the same two disputing factions, causing the atmospheres over the two main North American Atlantian centers, Sodom and Gomorrah to explode. These matters are dealt with in detail in the Revelatorium Starrgram titled 'Atlantis' listed at the right.

Earth's mass consciousness is still somewhat infused with the presence of NPlus static, and a lot of the Radionnic Ship presences on Earth deals particularly with this issue. Much of it by the Ships working in the third and fourth octaves of the Fourth Dimension. As mentioned, Radionnic Ships are also doing consolidated work in the lower Astral Hell states to help clean them out. The condition of the seven Astral octaves of the Fourth Dimension influence the seven dimensions of your consciousnesses through frequency attunement. As the Astral realms are been cleaned out, so are some of the wayward conditions which have for so long been belaboring your consciousnesses and holding back your evolutionary progress. Some of the Tin Pot Alien Contamination work with NPlus static to attain their self serving ends. You have suffered somewhat through these impositions in the form of Abductions and similar negative activities.

The increasing clarity in your consciousnesses now starting to occur through the help of the Heavenly Host in harmony with scheduled ever increasing, ever enhancing higher Energy frequency inductions coming in from other parts of the Universes. Both are helping you more and more to relate to Reality better and better. Also helping you more and more to come to grips with the responsibilities you all share equally for cleaning up the remaining conditions in your consciousnesses once and for all. Also for accepting rather than rejecting the ever increasing Cosmic Christ conscious frequencies that are coming in now, pursuant to your rise in consciousnesses back to the fifth dimension you belong in. The Revelatorium deals with these responsibilities in detail. Remember that the Hell States are not a bad place. Just a particular range of frequencies where a lot of negative NPlus static has accumulated over the ages. Without the static, the two lowest Astral octaves would be as pristine as the others and soon enough will be.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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