As you see between the assorted Figures of Starrgram 2 and Starrgram 3 respectively, the Negative attractive nature and Positive projective natures of the poles are nearly always completely evident. The two are almost exactly like inside-out opposites. As previously mentioned, one monopole Anchor Scout Ship will always be accompanied by its opposite pole partner one hundred and eighty degrees oppositely located. On somewhat lucky rare occasions, you will see recognizable renderings of both the Negative and Positive monopoles together at the same time in the opposite directions from the same location. A number of pairs are presented below, Negative Polarity first, Positive Polarity second.

Seeing a pair together at the same time tells a completely different picture about Radionic Fields than the single fields alone. For example, pair ambiguities straighten out pretty quick. The first ever Radionic photographs taken in Brantford are shown below. As luck would have it, they were actually a Polar opposite pair. The Negative pole Cloud was presented as Figure 6 in Starrgram 2, and the Positive pole partner as Figure 2 in Starrgram 3. Neither is a particularly good example of the Polarity Fields they represented, and their respective Polarities are pretty ambiguous, but they are the first patent pair even photographed anywhere by this word smither which has to count for something. When seen together however, the two differences stand out much better. Both photos were taken from the same location out back of the street address in Brantford, Ontario on June 20, 2014, at the exact same time, one hundred and eighty degrees in opposite directions from each other. These were also the first two Radionic Clouds photos taken since the mid nineties in Ottawa, marking the official startup of this Revelationnum.

The Negative Polarity view is looking to the North East with the Positive pole looking towards the South West. This has become a regular location for on/off South West to North West partners over Brantford ever since. The Negative Pole was photographed first, making it the actual official start of this official Revelationnum. Having a nice clear Radionic Scout Ship sitting right there at the right edge of the cloud didn't hurt. Which of course wasn't originally seen or even noticed until the software processes used to clear up the photos were finally figured out well enough to bring it forward.

Figure 1a - This could be the start of something big.

Figure 1b - Yep, it's starting to look pretty big alright.

The second photographed partner pairs were Figure 13 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 2b (not previously shown). The pair were taken looking respectively North East and South West from the same foot on the ground location at the same moment on the front driveway of the street address in Paris, Ontario on March 6, 2015.

Most Radionic views are like this, from underneath looking to the left and then to the right, even when one or the other pole is poorly visible or not even visible at all. Not seeing a good pair doesn't necessarily mean none were around. It just means that none happened to be observed at the time. In this case, both Radionic monopoles were visible, though the center portion of the Positive pole Field was largely overtaken by the Ship.

Figure 2a -

Figure 2b - 2b or not 2b, that is the gzsorganphist.

After a fairly long dry spell for good Radionic Fields observed in Brantford, a very definite pair of Negative and Positive Fields were observed as Figures 18 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 2 in Starrgram 3. You can clearly see between the first Figure and second Figure of the set below how Negative and Positive arrays can literally be like inside-out opposites.

Figure 3a -

Figure 3b -

Then starting on April 19, 2016, Brantford began to have a second regular visible alignment, running from the South East to the North West. The newly aligned pair was first photographed in the early afternoon on April 19, 2016, as Figure 19 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 26 in Starrgram 3. The alignment has since become a regular on/off local over Brantford along with the original South West to North East alignment. What is particularly interesting about this new pair as earlier mentioned is that the fields stayed fully formed and simultaneously equally visible until early evening. A very uncommon occurrence for even a single Radionic Cloud for that length of time let alone a pair, as the patches of ionnized cloud vapor reflecting the fields tend to be relatively small and tend to hurry on through.

Two sets of the pairs were consequently taken. The first set was taken in the early afternoon. The Negative pole side was looking to the South East and the Positive image to the North West. Also note, that Contrails passing through a Radionic Field will sometimes ionnize causing it to undergo gymnastics, and sometimes looking even like a Chemtrail. Notice the transformed Contrail in the middle of the first Figure, turned into a vortex. By the time the jet had passed through the Positive Field side a few minutes later, its Contrail had started transforming into the appearance of a Chemtrail. The jet trail aspect was strictly serendipity mind you, but isn't it kind of neat how awesomely perfectly the jet had targeted the bulls-eye center of the Positive pole second Figure way off in the distance. The day was generally hazy, so like the last two Figures above the images aren't crisp. As previously mentioned, many of Brantford and Paris's photos were taken on hazy or overcast days. Actually, Figure 4a is a volf in sheep's clothing. It has all the earmarks of a flying V. But Figure 4b has a lot more distinct V, plus a lot less stuff at the bottom.

Figure 4a -

Figure 4b -

The second set was taken in the early evening as From Figure 20 of Starrgram 2 and Figure 27 of Starrgram 3. Interestingly enough, the Negative pole side had changed substantially during the interim but the Positive pole side not a lot. As the work of the Heavenly Host in the clean up of the Rebellion went up a big notch in the spring of two thousand and sixteen and a really big notch in the spring of 2018, most cities having Radionic Ship visits can assume now that they are in regular occurrence.

Originally there were thousands of Radionnic Ships around the World at any one time, then thousands upon thousands. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands. At one time you could look at TV, newspapers, and the Internet for weeks without seeing a relevant Radionic occurrence in the background. Now, if you are online a lot, read papers a lot, or watch a lot of TV, expect to see a couple a day especially in ads and commercials which are being shot all the time.

Figure 5a -

Figure 5b -

While pretty good, the assorted photographs of Starrgrams 2, 3 and 4 so far do not do the whole Radionic formations justice. Even though one of the poles might be barely visible if at all, they will always be the opposite partner of a bar magnet like magnetic field overhead. As previously mentioned, all of the radial lines from the one continue overhead like a panoramic roof into the other, comprising a complete bar-magnet field-like signature overhead that could be followed by eye from the pole apex of one to the pole apex of other when conditions permit. Even the bottom most lines near the horizon go into one another. As also previously mentioned, the two monopoles are from the two Anchor Scout Ships upholding a magnetic environment for the Mother Ships, Father Ships, and Mobile Scout Ships sitting around in the field.

The whole picture, which only pairs can tell and single pole photographs can't is in how the lines of the one run into the lines of the other forming the magnetic field canopy overhead. Because of opportunity, the particular event of Figures 4a and 4b above was also photographed in a series of side by side photographs taken from underneath instead of in a single panorama mode camera sweep. The clicks followed along the bottom radial lines going out along the roof tops from the one into the other to prove the point of magnetically joined unified fields once and for all.

Some of those of Mufon (Mutual Ufo Network) persuasion maintain that the photographs in this Revelationnum are not legitimate because they bear evidence of digital processing. That's a go. The resulting composite below used thirteen side by side photographs merged into a single panoramic photograph by Adobe's PhotoMerge. So yes indeed, you might say that some digital processing was involved, the legitimacy wasn't dismissed however, in fact the legitimacy was the whole point of the exercise. Thirteen side by side images knitted together into one single panorama vision no doubt qualifies as a lot of signs of digital processing, but it would hardly qualify as a disqualification. It was to prove a point about the canopy, not to prove that a fly speck might be a UFO.

You can't blame the Mufonites though. Mufon people spend their whole life peeking at fly specks or zzzwits on a six inch photograph hoping to see it twitch to prove that a case for 'They came from Outer Space' can finally be agreed upon. The slightest trace of digitalization obviously would instantly void all credibility, as in 'The lie revealed is self destroyed'. It's not a big step to see that the objects in this Revelationnum are not fly specks, and 'They' belong to a completely different Union.

As earlier stated, if you are lucky you just might happen to see a Negative and Positive pair up together at the same time. If so and you check, as said you will see the lines out of the one flowing directly into the lines into the other no matter how low to the ground, showing the whole magnetic field overhead wall to wall. The wall to wall composite picture of Figures 4a and 4b shown below runs right to left, starting with the Negative monopole of Figure 4a at the right end and ending with the Positive monopole of Figure 4b at the left. Despite the monkey business with the red car in the middle, and despite the fact that the left and right sides are not exactly as stellar an example of Positive and Negative Polarity monopoles as they could be, the Figure does goes to show beyond any doubt whatsoever that the radial lines of the one pole become the radial line of the other to make a canopy field overhead

Interestingly enough, Figures 4a and 4b show better how the Contrail nails the apex points both coming and going let alone turning one of them spinning on its ear. Don't forget also that the two ends of this image are actually sitting face to face opposite to each other, not sitting side by side as it would seem from the Figure.

Figure 6 - Ufo debunkers and Engineers are singularly alike in not accepting things not of the physical plane.

One of a thing is a thing, two of the thing proves it. A similar side by side view, found on the Internet also shows the same pole to pole effect even more dramatically. Again, by coincidence, the Negative pole is on the right and the Positive pole on the left. The inside-out natures of the two poles is shown even better yet again.

Figure 7 - Forget the Radionnic stuff, put more vood on the fire.

If two of s thing proves a thing, three of the thing is a powerhouse. The following image taken on April 11, 2018 in Kenora, Ontario was sent in by the friend of the cause in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Who upon seeing this Starrgram and having gotten the gist, promptly went out and panorama-ed this photograph when it showed up. The difference between the Negative pole and Positive pole shows up perfectly, even sporting a flying V. The Negative pole this time is at the left. The photograph was taken by a single sweep with the camera set on panorama.

Figure 8 - Nice to see no motes in some people's eyes.

Having had his appetite whetted, the same friend of the cause took the following panorama, this time in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 13, 2018.

Figure 9 - The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the longest distance is through a bottle.

The views in Figures 6 to 9 above were all taken from underneath, under the magnetic field running straight overhead from the one pole to the other. To prove the fact of a full magnetic field even further, a pair of Radionic monopoles found on the Internet but seen at a distance from the side rather than from underneath also shows the pole to pole Radionic Field effect perfectly. It's from the side because a one hundred and eighty degree side by side click around like the above Figures would have been somewhat difficult from the window of a plane.

The following image from the Internet is interesting for three reasons. First, it's from Sao Paulo Brazil date unknown, proving as has been oft said that the Radionics Ships are all over the place all of the time. Second, this photo was likely taken as a single panoramic shot from a plane or helicopter as it is looking down over the city. Third, it gives a good idea of how these panoramic things work. Namely, the closer to the camera the more the curve and the farther away the straighter across it gets. The panoramas created from side by side sweeps work the same way. Since the sky is as far from the camera as you can get unless in outer space, the wide sky views in all of the photographs in this Revelationnum are true no matter how much the forefront looks bent like a boomerang. As with the above two examples, the Negative pole is on the right and the Positive on the left. Must be some kind of a left hand rule going on here.

Figure 10 - We're here to catch the Carnival.

Another single shot Internet photo from a plane likewise proves the point. As shown below the Negative pole this time is at the left.

Figure 11 -

When lucky, a very robust Negative and Positive polarity pair of almost matched intensity will be in the sky at the same time. At about four PM in the afternoon of April 21, 2016, the following equal magnitude Negative and Positive monopoles, Figure 36 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 29 in Starrgram 3 were photographed by the Ottawa friend of the cause in Ottawa's East End.

The Negative monopole was taken looking South West towards the afternoon sun. Seconds later, the Positive monopole partner was photographed looking North East in the opposite direction. Though the image has a partial flume up the middle, it has decimated ionnizations up the side and a partial V at the bottom showing it to be definitely the Positive Pole Field of the pair.

Figure 12a

Figure 12b

Similarly, the following pair, Figure 42 of Starrgram 2 and Figure 8 of Starrgram 3 had been taken on May 11, 2016, while driving through the Six Nations Indian Reserve just South East of Branford. The two are a Negative and Positive pair of equal presence taken all but from the same location in the moving vehicle. The Negative pole was taken through a tinted front windshield. A few minutes later the car turned onto a crossroad allowing the Positive opposite pole to be photographed out an open car window.

The inside-out like opposite natures is absolutely clear with this pair. Also note the contrail across the middle of the Positive pole image. The perspective scale of the contrail to the ionnizations puts to test any final doubt that the feathery Radionic trails are chemtrails or contrails and not radials.

Figure 13a

Figure 13b

The Lady from The Scottish Border, bless her heart, who sent in Figure 39 of Starrgram 2 and Figure 20 of Starrgram 3 had had enough recognition and understanding to take and send in both photographs at the same time.

Figure 14a - The way to a Woman's heart is through a wallet.

Figure 14b - The way to a Man's heart is through incision.

As mentioned in Starrgrams 2 and 3, the Medicine Hat friend of the cause who kindly provided Figure 31 in Starrgram 2 had also taken a Negative and Positive polarity pair on the 22nd of October 2017 shown below as Figure 52 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 30 in Starrgram 3. As you can see below, the Negative pole side is slightly evaporated in the middle. Ten minutes before it might have been the same as the left side, ten minutes after it might have been worse. The Positive pole partner looks almost the same up the middle only in on the opposite side. It would have been interesting to see these two in a 360 degree wrap around sweep, because all the Radials are almost perfectly consistent from one end to the other on both sides. This was a really good photographic pair of a happy pair.

Figure 15a -

Figure 15b -

Then as mentioned, for awhile even though some good single Anchor Scout Ship photos were taken no new good Anchor Ship pairs were photographed. The dry run for pairs ran for nearly a year when suddenly three happened almost on the heels of each other. The first pair, Figure 47 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 32 in Starrgram 3, was photographed as previously mentioned on February 17, 2017, at the South end of Brantford. Even though both are somewhat similar up the middle, the middle in the Positive pole image is more scattered about and the bottom area much more thinned out.

Figure 16a

Figure 16b

The second pair, Figure 48 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 25 in Starrgram 3 were taken only three weeks later on March 5th, 2017 in Ancaster, Ontario just to the west of Hamilton. Dry air had already started moving in on the Negative pole side by the time they were observed, so the bottom part is already missing. Both fields were in the process of evaporating rather than strengthening, because by about half an hour later both were all but gone.

Figure 17a -

Figure 17b -

The third pair, Figure 49 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 22 in Starrgram 3 was photographed only two weeks later on March 18th, 2017 in Brantford. The sky was covered in a substantial grey overcast, but the heroics of modern day electronics saved the day and a pretty good pair of field views resulted.

Figure 18a -

Figure 18b -

Even though the radials lines between the two were well connected, trees and houses prevented a good seep from being taken. So the operation was moved to Branford's best parking lot open viewing area, mentioned in Figure 47 in Starrgram 2. Fortunately, the two Radionic Fields were still intact. Even better the radial lines down both sides had shored up even more, allowing a first time full three hundred and sixty degree sweep around of the whole field. Meaning from one pole to the other along one set of joining side lines, and back again to the original pole following the other set. Which came out very nicely except for the light standard at the right which wasn't all that happy about it but what can you do. In the Figure, the two end poles correspond to Figure 18a above. The center pole corresponds to Figure 18b, notice the flying V right in the middle.. Proving yet again by second Principle that the two apexes form a fully formed Radionic magnetic field overhead. The first time you encounter one yourself you will understand.

Figure 19 - Man, that's a lot of clicking.

Figure 33in Starrgram 3 was one of those occasions where the Positive Polarity Cloud didn't seem to know exactly what kind of field it was. The ambivalence isn't so ambivalent when paired together with its Negative pole partner Figure 51 in Starrgram 2 as shown below. This can happen in Radionics, sometimes you need both to know exactly which one you have.

Figure 20a

Figure 20b

Fortunately, the two were another occasion where a full three hundred and sixty degree sweep around was possible. As the Figure below shows, seeing the two side by side in a panoramic sweep around clears up the ambivalence even more. Though not quite as complete a sweep around as Figure 19 above, the full sweep around has part of the building sitting at the left showing at the right proving the full wrap around. As with Figure 19 above the Positive Pole Field is the center apex, and the Negative Pole Field is at the right, also trying hard to show itself at the left.

Figure 21 - Togetherness, that's what it's all about.

On the other hand, no confusing the pair below. As earlier mentioned, the following pair, Figure 53 in Starrgram 2 and Figure 34 in Starrgram 3 were taken after a fairly long drought for good viewing in Brantford. Even better as you can see, they were almost perfectly matched in vibrancy.

Figure 22a

Figure 22b

Because the two above fields were so evenly matched, the respective Radials also stayed uniform from the one pole to the other. Since the photos were taken from the middle of a bridge with nothing but scenic river on either side, a nearly perfect three hundred and sixty degree full sweep around also came out almost perfect. As before the Negative Pole Field is at both ends and the Positive Pole Field in the middle. This is not a new Cosmic Law in the making, this word smither tends to start the sweep around from the Negative Polarity Field, so it appears twice and the center Positive pole only once. Occam's razor.

Occam's razor, 'The simplest solution to a problem is usually the right one'. Said another way, use the razor to keep cutting away all the complex possibilities. What you have left is usually the simplest solution.

Figure 23 - Forget Gillette, Occam wins it every time.

The next pair below, with all ambiguities removed is tied to Figure 21 in Starrgram 3. Figure 24a below is the Positive Pole partner not previously shown. The School bus isn't an aftermath of a Philadelphia Experiment, it was a bus passing by at the moment one of the side by side photos were taken. It was half caught in the one shot and gone completely by in the next. When the PhotoMerge merge came out, only the original half was present. The mushy pop corn like effect up the middle of Figure 24a is because of Mobile Radionic Scout Ship condensates galore.

Figure 24a -
Nothing like being half gassed.

Figure 24b

The two together show a pretty tight Radionic connection. The same church steeple at each end show the whole thing running end to end. Actually, the other side coming back the other way had also been photographed but didn't come out well enough to use.

Figure 25 -

Another panorama mode sweeper was found on Google Earth. Notice the two arcs and bits of the same log appearing at both edges. Interestingly enough, the location is in fact the old friend Vancouver's Wreck Beach from Figure 33 in Starrgram 2. Notice the same right end of the outcrop plus horizontal clouds off the end of the outcrop as in Figure 33. Though not a clear as the above, the Negative Pole Radionic Field is the one in the middle near the right top of the outcrop, and the Positive pole appears at both edges.

Figure 26 -

In general, when an Anchor Ship pair have aligned in a particular Negative to Positive orientation in a given local, they will return to the same orientation on their return. Local Earth magnetics play a big part in the field alignments. Both Paris and Brantford now have two such alignments, both regular. Not that good Radionic views are visible every day, but visible evidences of ionizing, good or not will be around on and off most of the time in at least one of the alignments.

The friend of the cause in Kampala reports the same thing. Namely, that stuff is visible in the sky quite often now. This is the exact reverse of earlier when the ionnizations were only around now and then and most of the times the skies were completely empty. Brantford's two alignments permanent alignments are the original starting on May 14, 2014, running from South West to North East, and then the second starting on April 19, 2016, running from South East to North West. Individual Radionic Fields have not shown up in any other directions than the four so far denoted. The Paris fields have run in the same alignments for the same time now.

Also, you need to know that the Ships are never where you want them to be. You are at the times and places where they want you to be, guided by your intuition. And it is going on all the time, all over the planet completely unsuspected by your lower Third-Dimensional outer consciousness conditions. Even by many of you who constantly being guided in their direction. It is also a point to note that the photos so far shown are by no means all the good stuff out there. Most of the time when something's up there you're not out there. Getting a good photograph means being out where you can see something, having a camera or cell handy, and having something up there worthwhile bothering with.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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