The current creation is over 900 trillion light years across.

There are only twenty-four Families in all of Creation.

Earth has had some one hundred trillion Soul Atoms pass through in its root race activities so far.

The term sixth sense is a misnomer. There are actually one hundred and five additional senses.

The Eastern mystics who believe in seven chakras have it wrong. There are twelve.

A cubit isn't a 'howlongisit', it is a 'whatisit'.

The term Astrology is also a misnomer. The correct term is 'Astrophysics'. Astrophysics is part and parcel of the 'Tree of Life'.

Horoscopes are a popular miscreant. Horoscopes record Man's reactions to the frequencies of Astrophysics, not inevitabilities of life.

The Sun participates in astrophysical resonance chambers for other solar systems. No one has nothing to do.

There are only seven Saints in all of Creation.

Melchizedek consciousness is the voice of Christ.

Fate does not pre-ordain your life, responsibility does. And therein lies the variable, to do or not to do.

The Revelatorium talks to you in the past, present, and future sense as all the same you. Since most of you don't believe in re-incarnation, most Earth writings are only able to talk to you in the past and present sense. Your past is without rule and your future is left blank. In the Revelatorium, everything is by rule and your future is revealed.

Intelligence and Substance are the only two absolute opposites in existence.

Creation is not of itself made and nothing in it has nothing to do.

The last generation' is the parents of the baby boomers.

An angel spoke with the voice of a trumpet, meaning LOUD, LOUD, LOUD, so the message could get through loud and clear past the cobwebs.

It is only religious precept which views spiritual leadership as sombre robes speaking in sombre epithets. Jesus was very positive in his expression which is why so many people had so much trouble accepting his Divinity at the time. Everyone instead expected someone with piety dripping from their pores.

Earth has but one race having many expressions. All Souls are the same which is why racial prejudice is so non sequitur. Likewise the Universe at large has but one race having many expressions. The consciousness is Christ. There is One and Only One Begotten Son and Daughter. We are all in the likeness and image of God.

The two witnesses of Christ are the Catholic and the Protestant methodologies. Both are undergoing re-enlightenments and will eventually emerge with a greater understanding of what they teach.

The seven churches (candlesticks) are, Seven Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, 'I am' Society of Saint Germaine, Evangelists, Rosicrucians, Theosophical Society, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

You will never see a hundred and forty four thousand 'chosen ones' walking around patting themselves on the back as there are no such privileged persons.

Mary is not the Mother of the Universe. Mary is the Mother of Jesus. Mary exemplified the expression of the Universal Mother Principle, from which arose the confusion.

You can not fool Reality with an acrylic smile.

The path to enlightenment is not in what you know but in what you do.

Christ took away the sins of the world, not by magical intervention but by teaching the 'One Law' of love and service one to another. In the living of which, sin is unknown.

Creation is set up in only one way, the Creators, and an expression of Consciousness which serves the Creators known as Christ.

The Intelligent Design of Creation is the ultimate in simplicity, yet the ultimate in power without end.

Nothing of itself moves, and nothing moves for nothing.

What Christ is and what your responsibilities are within that expression, is what The Revelatorium is all about.

The difference between an action which is freely given in the service of Christ in the spirit of Christ, versus one with strings attached and benefiting only self is that all Christ pure actions expand forever for the benefit of Creation, whereas all selfish acts eventually crunch down on themselves into nothing.

False hearts stick out like sore thumbs to Reality.

Peter's acceptance in consciousness that Jesus was indeed the Christ of prophecy was the rock upon which the kingdom was founded. Peter the guy was not the rock. Peter was the first of all to so truly accept Christ's Divinity. No small feat given the fears, pre-conceptions, and congested state of consciousness at the time.

Consciousness is the key. Jesus manifested and exemplified Christ Consciousness to the masses two thousand years ago. Once you get the picture that consciousness is what it's all about, you get most of the picture about what's going on.

You form an arc in consciousness with someone every time you make an agreement with them.

Dwelling on your past squelches your future.

Personas are the universal faces of consciousness, the means by which one consciousness interfaces with another.

Noah and his wife held an arc in consciousness between them, allowing them to maintain a safe haven against the world wide cataclysms following the collapse of Atlantis.

The Arc of the Covenant was an arc in consciousness between God and the Israelites, not a scroll in a box.

Out of the sea (of consciousness) will arise a beast (lesser condition in consciousness) having the mouth of a Lion (England), feet of a bear (Russia), spots as unto a leopard (Europe), and seat of the Dragon (China). I.e., the Old World and its ways.

The two wounds by the sword and miraculous recoveries, are the first and second world wars.

An antichrist figure with flames issuing from its fingertips will never walk the planet. Read, 'beware of the antichrist', as plural, as in, ' those who are anti to Christ'. Which includes the two hundred planet antichrist coalition. They have shot their bolt and it was only a firecracker which went pop in the night.

There is no person the Devil. The Devil is the archetype epitome of the conglomerate lesser condition of Man.

There is definitely God.

There are also negative intelligences roaming around in the lower astral hell states. Jesus officially cut their water off two thousand years ago by decree on the mount. They can not hold you in any way except to try and instill fear. And their days are definitely definitely numbered.

Similarly, the higher astral planes are home to higher negative intelligences. These also include those stuck in quasi fifth dimensional projections as they float around in the thousand or so tin pots quarantined here in the aftermath of the Luciferian Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus.

Other than for honey bees, butterflies, pharaoh ants and a few other such pristine examples, the insect world is almost entirely a by product of static.

All earth religions are part and parcel of the Mentallized Illusion and the faithful pay the price.

Fate does not pre-ordain your life, responsibility does.

Some of these beings have established telepathic links with members of the Earth population, passing themselves off variously as ascended masters, spiritual guides, discarnate family members, UFO contacts, and historic figures. They tell wonderful and enlightening things, some even useful to a point. Just remember though, these are bozos who are outside the loop and their days are also definitely definitely numbered.

Some meditators hypnotically doing mantras on the mental plane might be surprised to find that the five words of their mantra are actually names of five of the higher negative astral beings to whom energy is being directed by the attention on their frequency. The meditators might also be surprised to find that many such personal mantras are actually the same five names.

The Mentallized Illusion has a fateful ingredient, it condemns its adherents to mortal death.

Safe redundancy has never been a problem in the higher Realities because no one ever competes.

Those claiming to be the exclusive spokesman, or representative, or continuator of Christ's work, implying that Christ's work was not finished or that Christ somehow dropped the ball are deluding themselves. No such authority has ever been given, nor any such work ever not finished, nor any such ball ever dropped.

You continually die only because you continually choose to.

Intelligence, Energy, and Substance is all there is.

Male vs. female superiority is not office. Absolute Female/Male equality is an Absolute of Creation.

Believing in Jesus means believing in the things he taught and adopting them as your patent practices, not that he is going to do all your heavy lifting for you as most Christianities imply.

Abominable Snowmen are not abominable. The seven foot tall Yetis, also called Sasquatch, Big foot, and Ice Giants, are the gentlest and shyest people on the planet.

The mineral kingdom sustains the vegetable kingdom. The vegetable kingdom sustains the animal kingdom. Humankind sustains from inductions into the Holy Grail. All else are aberrations.

Melchizedek is the super high frequency motivation to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed.

Out of the sea (of consciousness) will arise a second beast (New World), in the likeness and image of the first beast (same lesser conditions brought across the waters), and having two horns (North and South America).

Armageddon will not occur half way up a mountainside somewhere in the Middle East. It is already occurring in the astral planes of the fourth dimension, specifically at the fourth level of the fourth octave, and it is already well underway.

You have a seven foot tall fifth dimensional body, and a nine foot tall seventh dimensional body.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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