Starrgram 18: CROP CIRCLES


Crops Circles are a highly relevant aspect of the Cosmic Plan to redeem Earth's third dimensional Adamic population back to the fifth dimension where they belong. Though not as intimately related to the Heavenly Host as are the Radionnic Clouds, Crop Circles are still vital to Earth's current events since they are in fact made by Radionnic Ships. An extensive new program of crop circles is well underway. Without the crop circles Mankind would still be in a very sorry state

Basically, crop circles are in fact mandalas. Mandalas are related to sacred geometry and are a form of spiritual and ritual art found primarily in East Indian Metaphysical theologies. When looked upon, mandalas impress a particular frequency into the consciousness of the viewer presumably for their spiritual betterment. For example, the following East Indian mandala is used for healing.

Fig. 1 - Healing Mandala

Radionnic Clouds have been around since Biblical times, currently greatly enhanced in number. Crop circles have only been appearing since this current seven hundred year Energy cycle. The earliest mention of a crop circle dates back to the 1500s. A 17th-century English woodcut shows a devilish creature making a crop circle.  An eighteen eighty issue of 'The Journal Nature' mentioned the presence of Crop Circles as sporadic. The occurrence of crop circles remained sporadic until the mid twentieth century, when crop circles suddenly began appearing profusely in the nineteen sixties and seventies in England and the United States.

The crop circles appeared mostly in farmer's fields, mainly in the UK. The crop circles mystified everybody who had no clue what they were for or how they got there. The crops circles always appeared out of nowhere overnight and no one ever saw them being created. As said, they were in fact mandalas. The crop circle mandalas moved the mandala principle up from the one dimensional mineral kingdom level of paper and plate into the two dimensional vegetable kingdom level. The crop circle mandalas were for the exact same reason as the first dimensional mandalas, namely to positively affect people's consciousnesses, only with a difference.

Paper and plate mandalas are stand alone, They are 'it', what you see is what you get. Crop circle mandalas aren't the it', instead they serve to set up Man's consciousness acceptance of incoming inductions in advance, which are the 'it'. People seeing a crop circle are in a sense sensitized to the frequencies it imparts. When an associated incoming radiation hits, the predisposed people are able to accept the frequencies into their consciousnesses better by the attunement, and anchor them safely into Mankind's overall consciousness for everyone's benefit. The process is very much like the action of the one hundred and forty four thousand chosen ones as outlined in detail in Starrgram 19 of the 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega'.

Crop circle mandalas are created by Radionnic Ships of Light sitting directly overhead, all in one shot using sound. The complete mandala would be instantly impressed into the field, whump like a cookie cutter. The edges would be sharp, the circular interiors smooth and shiny, the stalks carefully bent over at their joints, and not a single blade of grass would ever be harmed.

The purposes of mandalas is to imprint into a viewer's consciousness particular frequencies which would be carried by a pending incoming gamma ray burst, x-ray burst, or visual light burst a couple of weeks later. Called higher frequency inductions, in the bible called 'Fires from Heaven'. For the particular frequencies having already being imprinted into the consciousnesses of those who had previously viewed the mandala, the frequencies of the incoming inductions would be securely anchored in those particular consciousnesses for the benefit of all of Humanity.

The arrival of the pending gamma ray and X-ray inductions typically followed shortly after the appearance of the prescience crop circle, because the number of consciousnesses required to hold the frequencies for everybody was not that great. As an example, only fifteen elect of Christ had come into full conscious attunement with their own high Christ Soul Atom self in the early nineteen seventies. But that was enough to hold and anchor the incoming radiations of the Great Harmonic Convergence of nineteen eighty two. The hold in their consciousness staved off a pending split of the whole West Coast of the Us along the San Andreas fault in the mid nineteen nineties, which would have taken out a significant portion of the population had it occurred.

The typical time between crop circle and incoming radiation is about two weeks. Based on the same idea, all forty nine frequency inductions of the twelve houses of the Mayan calendar, which had been prophesized to occur from October nineteen sixty two through to Decembers twenty first of two thousand and twelve, were able to be successfully anchored into Mankind's consciousnesses. Plus numerous other assorted inductions which occurred during the same time period and since. Over ten thousand different crop circles have appeared world wide to date, all followed shortly afterwards by a significant  gamma ray burst, x-ray burst, visual light burst, sun solar flare, and even extra strong astrophysical inductions from the Tree of Life Cosmic Clock. Most of the Mayan inductions were related to the Tree of Life cosmic clock.

To be clear, the particular crop circle patterns as are appearing today were not set forth two thousand years ago, just the general plan to fortify Mankind's consciousness ability to harness in the incoming radiation inductions properly using crop circles. Instead, each crop circle today is designed on a spur of the moment basis according to the vibrational state of the current intended local, current state of Mankind's consciousness, and the particular induction frequency the mandala effect is  intended to assist.

For example, the purpose of the crop circle below which appeared during the forty-sixth or forty-seventh house, was to depict the pending migration of Earth into a Protostarr in the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years from now. The migration is to take part in three steps. In the first step Earth's outer projection physical body will be dissolved, leaving only the Intelligence and Energy components. In the second, the four upper octaves of the fourth dimension will be enhanced. In the third and final, once the move has been completed a new outer physical body composed of higher dimensional Starr frequencies will be projected, comprising the completed Protostarr ready to evolve into a full Sun.

Ever since the forty ninth house which ended in December twenty first, two thousand and twelve, most of Mankind is now on an upward path from a simple basic third dimensional level consciousness into the beginnings of fifth dimensional consciousness awareness. More and more discussions of the fifth dimension are starting to appear in the public genre' more and more frequently.

You might akso notice a half dozen or so small Radionnic Scout Ships sitting around in the upper right hand corner.(Fig.134).

Fig. 2 - Expansion to the Womb of Orion Mandala

To be wary, the crass man-made imitations created by usurpers all have rough edges, the interiors are dull, the stalks are trampled willy nilly, no thought whatsoever has been given to the health and welfare of the trampled plants, and they impart nothing into man's consciousness except a moron's smirk. The monkey-see monkey-doers use a stomp board with a pull-up rope in front somewhat like a short toboggan. The board is shoved along, stomped down at the front by foot, pulled back up by the rope, then shoved along again. The result is a very unsightly looking malpractice in the extreme.

Fig. 3 - Crass Man-made example

The next Crop Circle below ties directly to the cubistic frequencies of the Intelligent Design of Creation. The purpose was to start attuning your consciousness unequivocally to the fact of the Intelligent Design of Creation, some of you are starting to come into that active awareness now.

First, the image next below is a cubistic representation of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega from the design of creation.  The Cube and Sphere is the fourteenth dimensional interface between the Holy Trinity and un-manifested frequencies above, and the manifested frequencies in the thirteenth dimension and dimensions below called 'Creation' as fully outlined in and subsequent book on Amazon.

 Fig. 4 - The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

Second, the next figure below is the Cube and Sphere projected one level down into that called a 'Cubit'. Cubits are the genomes of Creation. By the the use of cubits worked up into complex cubistic matrixes, all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Cubits are explained in complete detail in Starrgram 4 of the Intelligent Design of Creation. Of particular notice in the cubit below is the Starr of David which has become exposed. What is clearly obvious are the two interlocking triangles which comprise the Starr of David. Across the Universe the triangle which is flat across the bottom is called the Upper Triangle and ties to the things of Heaven, namely the dimensions above the current dimension. The triangle which is flat across the top is called the Lower Triangle and ties to the current dimension, in Man's particular case, to the things of Earth.

Third, following geometric image below is straight out of Starrgram 8 of the Intelligent design, and cubistically depicts elements of the fifth dimension as explained in the Design of Creation website and book.

 Fig. 6 - Cubistic Matrix Elements of the Fifth Dimension

Finally, the crop circle below is called the Fosbury crop circle. The Fosbury crop circle appeared on the Fosbury farm near Vernham Dean and Wiltshire in the UK on July 17th 2010, and has a decidedly cubistic bent from the Intelligent Design.

The Fosbury crop circle ties the Radionnic Ships directly to the Intelligent Design of Creation through the three cubistic images above, proving both the absolute all inclusive cosmic nature of the mandala principle, and the absolute all inclusive cosmic nature of the Intelligent Design. In particular, notice the Cube and Sphere from fig, 4 in the center of the crop circle. Also notice the Upper Triangle from the Starr of David in fig. 5 sitting in behind the Cube and Sphere. Also notice the third/fourth dimensional center conglomerate from Fig. 6 sitting in behind that. Also notice the clear hexagon area surrounding the conglomerate in Fig. 6 surrounding the clear conglomerate area in the crop circle. And finally, right on cue, notice the hexagon surrounding the clear hexagon area in fig. 6 surrounding the clear hexagon area in the crop circle. It doesn't track much closer than that.

The purpose of the mandala plus subsequent induction was to open up your consciousness to the fact of the Intelligent Design of Creation's cubistic nature behind all of Creation. The book 'The Design of Creation'  is finally getting ready for a push to the general public though a wide ranging marketing and sales campaign slated for the spring of two thousand an twenty three, under preparation now. Also not forgetting that the elements of the Intelligent design as presented above were created for the first time ever in the winter of two thousand and two. Give the people upstairs credit for getting the job done well both before and after the fact. Not surprising though, given that it is the same people at both ends of the equation. 

The specific induction for the mandala came through on August 1, 2010, right on cue exactly fifteen days later. An entire hemisphere of the sun erupted. Filaments of magnetism snapped and exploded, shock waves raced across the stellar surface, billion-ton clouds of hot gas billowed into space, and Mankind's outer three dimensional Consciousness awareness was intuitively fast attuned into the fact of Intelligent Design of Creation holding them within its fundaments. On the physical plane, the Intelligent Design of Creation information at the time of the blast had only existed as scattered inserts into the Revelatoriun of Alpha and Omega website and book, and was quickly up-graded over the next few years into the complete three hundred page book and website ready to go now.

Fig. 7 - Fosbury Cubistic Crop Circle

It had been bandied around since the turn of the century that the year two thousand and twenty one was going to be a big year in Cosmic affaire, and it was. In another major update in the nature of Crop Circles the next crop circle below tells a whole new story. The purpose of the particular the crop circle mandala was to get you started directly into a consciousness awareness of the fifth dimensional frequencies of Creation to help prepare you to be returned back to the fifth dimension where you belong at end of Aquarius two thousand years from now. To be clear, the mandala did not start you in the direction of fifth dimensional awareness. It only served to set up a predisposition within your consciousness to receive and accept the appropriate incoming frequencies from the specific induction later, which would then start you on your way. The image below is fig. 6 above when rotated ninety degrees.

 Fig, 8- Fifth Dimensional Cubistic Matrix Rotated Ninety Degrees

The crop circle below appeared in early February, 2021 in the UK, bearing an unmistakable similarity to the rotated fifth dimensional cubistic cubit of fig, 8 above.

Fig. 9 - Cop Circle Bearing a Fifth Dimensional Characteristic

As per fig.7 above, the usual interim between a mandala event and the cosmic event it prefaces is about two weeks. This allows for enough consciousnesses to see the mandala to hold the pending incoming frequencies properly for everyone  But that all changed with this mandala. This time taken this time between the mandala and associated induction was nearly ten months. The reason was that the particular pending induction was particularly powerful and complex, and a great many more people needed to see it in advance in order to harness the frequencies properly into the Mankind's consciousnesses for all.

No doubt the presence of the Internet, which wasn't foreseen two thousand years ago when the mandala events were first being scheduled as part of the damage control in the wake of Christ's crucifixion, has helped enormously in the viewing side, as a local beta test added boon. If the crucifixion hadn't occurred, Mankind would have been dealing optimally with the inductions as an natural part of their everyday existence.

The associated incoming induction from the fig. 9 mandala was called the KIlonova Gamma ray and visible light burst, and happened at precisely 11:04 a.m. on the seventh of December of 2021. Earth was hit by an extremely unusual, intense blast of light from a nearby galaxy. The blast lasted over fifty seconds instead of the normal micro seconds. The blast was called a gamma-ray burst or GRB, which are the most powerful explosions in the universe. The blast eventually appeared to have come from a 'Kilonova', a very rare event which only happens when a neutron star merges with another very compact object such as either another neutron star or a black hole. The purpose of the mandala and blast as said, was to firmly acclimatize Mankind's consciousness to the fact of the fifth dimension.

In the early spring of two thousand and twenty one, another very significant upgrade to the Mandala effect occurred straight into the third dimensional animal kingdom with very startling effects. The following photograph from Rottingdean, East Sussex England, published in the UK Daily Mail on April 9, 2021 shows it unambiguously. Sheep on their own never gather in a circle let alone in a perfect spiral. They had help from a Radionnic Ship overhead, which projected a spiral vortex overhead to herd the sheep into a spiral as a mandala like impression of a pending frequency to come.

Fig. 10 - Spiral herded Sheep

Because of the extraordinary power of the associated induction to come, the mandala was allowed to sit being viewed for a very long time before the induction hit. Twenty months later, in the early-morning hours of October 9, 2022, astronomers using the Gemini South telescope in Chile operated by NSF's NOIRLab observed the unprecedented aftermath of one of the most powerful explosions ever recorded, called Gamma-Ray Burst GRB221009A. This record-shattering event, which was first detected by orbiting X-ray and gamma-ray telescopes, occurred 2.4 billion light-years from Earth and was likely triggered by a supernova explosion giving birth to a black hole. The exceptionally long burst is the brightest GRB ever recorded and its afterglow is smashing all records at all wavelengths. Scientists have been referring to this burst as the 'BOAT', or Brightest Of All Time, because when you look at the thousands of bursts gamma-ray telescopes have been detecting since the 1990s, this one stands apart.

It is also having an unprecedented effect upon the animal kingdom large and small, causing them to spiral constantly in a circle. A new Super Universe is starting up by lubrication off this Local Universe as fully detailed in Starrgrams twelve and thirteen of 'The Design of Creation'. In the original make up of Creation, Male and Female frequencies are in absolute balance. As a result of Man's demeaning fall into the third dimension three and a half million years ago, the Male side of their consciousnesses have dominated and the female side has been under thumb.

Because the current Local Universe was created though the Male/Intelligence frequencies of the Only Begotten Son, whereas the New Super Universe will be though the Female/Substance frequencies of the Only Begotten Daughter, a very fast upgrade of the Female/Substance frequencies is currently being applied to Earth to brings things back into balance.

The super powerful radiations of the October 9 burst returned the Male and female halves of all living things on Earth back to equal balance. The net effect is that the female half of the brain in everybody and thing experienced the equivalent of a turbo charge, and the animal kingdom started leaning to one side as they walked so to speak. Fig. 10 below was taken in Inner Mongolia, where a herd of cows was observed walking endlessly in a circle for over ten days.

Fig. 11 - Cows circling endlessly for nearly two weeks.

The circling effect was not universal. Occurring when the atmospheric, sun and moon locations, and internal pressures on the pineal gland lined up favourably. Occurring sporadically world wide.

The five photos below are all from additional videos of herbivores walking in a circle. Clockwise is above the equator, counter clockwise is below. The language remnants in some of the photos show it was a world wide event and not local.

Fig. 12 - Sheep walking in a circle

Fig. 13 - Cows walking in a circle

Fig. 14 - Cows walking in a tight circle

Fig. 15 - Cows, Horses, and Sheep walking in a circle

Fig. 16 - Cows and Sheep walking in circles

A video of three chickens hopping endlessly around a tree also turned up.

Fig. 17 - Chickens hopping in a circle

As have videos of fish.

Fig. 18 - Fish swimming in a circle

 Fig. 19 - Salmon Swimming in Circles

And ants.

Fig. 20 - Army ants walking in a circle

Fig. 21 - Ants walking in a circle

And meal worms.

Fig. 22 - Meal worms walking in a circle

Similarly, a Crop Circle with a completely different operational agenda has recently occurred. The following Crop Circle appeared on February eleventh, two thousand and twenty. The crop circle depicts a powerful radiation from a black hole which is drawing matter in from a nearby star and exploding it. Which is now affecting all seven of Earth's dimensions in both Ascending and Descending mode, plus the Sun.

According to a new study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, there is a new stellar champion out there first observed in later two thousand and twenty which comprises a vast cosmic explosion known as AT2021lwx. The explosion, located eight billion light years from Earth, has been erupting non-stop  for three years emitting two trillion times the light of Earth's sun and ten times the energy of the brightest supernova ever observed. It is still radiating unabated. Not forgetting that your scientists mistakenly see these events as fully radiating spheres and not focused laser-beam-like lines of pure Energy.

Fig. 23 - Distant Radiating Source.

Also, completely unsuspected by everyone is the fact that Radionnic Ships send text messages. Unlike crop circles which are for all, the test messages are usually intended for a specific individual. The messages are sometimes delivered to the ultimate recipient  consciousness by a process of skip along. The first party sees it without necessarily twigging onto its relevance. In due course, they may be standing beside someone getting coffee, and the info is transferred unsuspected consciousness to consciousness. Eventually it reaches the intended consciousness who could well be on the other side of the country who has a specific  frequency in their consciousness useful to Cause. They will suddenly feel an intuitive impulse to do something specific, typically to do with the Comic plan in some small way. As said earlier, the Heavenly Host isn't just hanging around looking for something to do.

The photograph below was taken by a party photographing a fisherman at the Wilkes Dam in Brantford, Ontario. The foam in the water suddenly transformed into distinct characters. The party was familiar with Taikotean writing and recognized the relevance immediately. The text characters in the photo below are very different than the foam and froth in the river. The characters begin at the upper left in the water looking from the bottom of the photograph, and trail down to the lower right. They originally began at the lower right, and left the trail slopping slowly up to the upper right you now see as they slowly drifted by. The newest figures at the lower right are very distinct. The water in the text trail is free of foam and froth which in their normal state both below and above the message trail.

Fig. 24 - Taikotian Text Message

Below is a blow up of the lower right part of the message for clarification. You'll notice that the froth around has been used to make the characters. Also notice, this is where the message ends.

Fig. 25 - Blown up Text Message

A second distinct text message was found on the Internet. Just as the relevance of the Taikotian characters above would be lost on anybody not familiar with Taikotian, the relevance of the tinker-toy like module below is lost on all but the target consciousness(s).

  Fig. 26 - Unknown Text Message

The above examples of crop circles and text messages are by no means the only ones likely occurring, just the ones which happened to be captured on video and/or photographed, and/or happened to be put up on the Internet, and/or also happened to be discovered by this word smith. Fortunately the mandala program has been working like a charm. Likewise the program of text messages. The original expectations had been the Mankind would have reached a significant point in the intended Christ consciousness direction by about three to four hundred years from now.  Because the mandala plan etc., has been so successful Mankind is at that point now.

Similarly, the occurrence of crop circle mandalas is by no means over yet. Given the original projections, the mandala program should effectively be just getting going. The Age of Aquarius has two thousand years still to go and at the end of it Mankind will have to have been influenced enough to move up into the fifth dimension en-mass. Not also forgetting that the incoming radiations aren't just put up one hour ago on the spur of the moment. Some of the incoming frequencies already in and slated to come, had their set up long before this galaxy was even begun. 'Today' on Earth is furthermore a very big event in the annuls of Creation. An new great and eight Super Universe is starting its commence and Earth is right in the middle of the start up. New Super Universes don't come along very often, and eons and eons in preparation are just a matter of course. Seven great Super Universes in over nine hundred trillion light years of current Creation is hardly crowded.

Therefore current case of cycles is even more relevant, as this one starting up now with Earth in the middle of the activity is the the first of Seven new Super Universes which will all be created on the Female Only Begotten Daughter and Mother side of things. The crucifixion of Christ was not just a minor misstep. Most of the things he had been set up to do over his thousand year walk dealt specifically with the things of Earth going on now. There are over twenty three major cosmic event confluencing on earth at the present time as listed in the opening pages of and book and the incoming radiations will continue to play a vital role for many years to come.

You are free to post this information anyway you like as long as you provide a link back to source. You are also free to forward this link to anyone you like, but please use such discretion as these times call for.

The further and faster this information spreads, the safer and more secure it becomes.



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