Like Negative and Positive Anchor Ship pairs, Mother and Father pairs are a completely different story when closer together then when far apart. If you think some of these guys put on a pretty good show by themselves, wait 'til you see what they do when close together.

Since Mother and Father Ships are not pinned to sitting opposite each other at a distance apart like Anchor Ships, Mother Ship and Father Ship pairs can sit in relation to each other in pretty well any kind of arrangement they like. Sometimes a Mother Ship will be aligned  to its Father Ship partner at ninety degrees with the Mother Ship Ship field sitting perpendicular to the Father Ship field like a T bone steak. The first pair of photographs below shows such a hook up.

The Mother Ship field, also Figure 19 in Starrgram 5 was taken in Brantford on July 2, 1016. The field effect was a Radionic spray like Figure 26 in Starrgram 5, coming out of the page to the left with the fish tail out to the right at the bottom. The view was looking due North East. The Mother Ship was lying lengthwise straight down the street which ran along in front of the buildings.

Figure 1a - A bit of a mental contortion to be sure, but can't help that.

The Father Ship partner, Figure 20 in Starrgram 6 was captured at the same time looking due South West, lying straight across the view instead of down it like the one above.

Figure 1b - Rmmmmm, rmmm, rmmm.

This was a rare Mother/Father Ship occasion where the two fields joined together. Along the lines of Figure 6 in Starrgram 4, a series of side by side snap shots were taken between the two fields in order to show them tied together. To merge the fields into a single side by side view, PhotoMerge has to see at least a little bit of one snapshot in the next one beside it. If there is not at least one column of pixels common to both then Photomerge has no way of knowing that two different snapshots had been done side by side for the same view, at the same time, at the same place, by the same camera, by the same party, for the same purpose, for the same panorama. It will then have a nervous breakdown and spit the prospective panorama out as a no-can-do. Creative license then has to be taken by the doer involved to put the thing together as a at least 'Show me'.

The following Figure is a perfect example of such creative license taken under such desperate measures in order to come up with at least something plausible for the purpose of this explanation. This word smither had fully intended and fully believed the side by side snapped photographs he had taken were a of wall to wall caliber sufficient to produce a wall to wall panoramic replica of what was being observed.  However, there had been a minor difficulty in the differences in altitude above the horizon between the two locations which had not been taken into account.

You gotta love Murphy's Law. If it's something important, Murphy will find a way to get you every time. As you can sort of see in the hand merged image below, the Mother Ship side was much lower in the sky than the Father Ship. So the two photos did not match up along the bottom. Fortunately, the top part at least turned out fine. Photographing Radionics is definitely a one shot business. You get it or you don't. The expressions, 'You only get one pull at the ring', and 'Hindsight is very depressing', both came straight out these kinds of endeavors.

Actually, two things had been done wrong with this one. First, at least one overlap photo was missed in the side by side sweep of snaps, which left a small gap in the overlap between the two respective side by side photographs. So PhotoMerge did what it always does when it meets its Waterloo, it bailed out. Second, as mentioned was that the fact that the cloud array on the left was low to the ground while the one on the right was quite high up. If the first mistake hadn't happened Photomerge would have pulled it off anyway and done a Salvador Dali along the bottom to make up the difference at the bottom. Instead, it had to be PhotoMerged by hand and this word smither had to do the Salvador Dali thing long the bottom by muse.

Fortunately, as the hand cobbled image below shows, skilful hard wiring produced a reasonable facsimile, which is why you see a distracting splice line down the middle. In particular, the T bone effect came out ok. A close look will show that the Mother Ship is aligned slanting down the page to the right following the street. The Father Ship is straight across the page. The two were at right angles to each other with the field from the Father Ship meeting the field of the Mother Ship in the middle like as said, a T bone steak. You can't tell well in the Figure below because the view has been flattened into 2D, but the Radials on the left are actually coming straight into the front edge of the left page just like a 3D movie.

Similarly, the Radials at the right in Figure 1a are actually coming off the field at a right angle to it rather than off the end as it looks. The good news is though that at least enough of the upper portions of the two fields came through the quasi Photomerge to creatively mock up how the Mother Ship and Father Ship were in fact actually magnetically connected together across the ethers. The fact is that the two locations were in fact at ninety degrees is not exactly clear. It's hard to squeeze it out of the picture below, but a short study shows that the magnetic lines of force issuing out from the right side of the Mother Ship come straight into those at the left side of the Father Ship.

Figure 2 - As Italians would say, 'The top went'a well but the bottom got'a pooched'.

The next two Figures below came out much better. No missing gap and no altitude gap. The photographs were taken at the crack of dawn in Hamilton, Ontario on June 27, 2016. The unmistakable presence of Father Ship grill work sits at the left end hanging over the city. The yellow glow lighting up the left end is remnant night glare from the city. The view was to the South East.

Figure 3a - Yawn, what the heck time is it.

The more obvious whiteish shwooshing away fishtail lines of the Mother Ship partner are at the right end shown in the Figure below. The glowing bluish light lighting up the right end is from the first light of dawn. The view is to the North West. Quite the pair.

Figure 3b - Cock-a-doodle-do.

Putting the two together in the same photograph tells a whole lot more. Fortunately, the bridging Radials between the field were properly captured and the resulting Figure below is the whole name of the game. Namely, one end knitted into to the other from one end to the other, very close in and photographed nicely like Figure 6 in Starrgram 4. The whole united field is lying South East to North West and is likely about four or five miles in length based on the locale and lay of the the land. Obviously the field had not started up five minutes earlier. Again, it makes you wonder what must be going on at night when no one is looking. Likewise, hate to stick it to the Chemtrail crowd, but it really is hard to get Chemtrails out of this one.

Figure 4 -

Another Mother/Father pair was luckily photographed in Brantford on August 16, 2016. The wind was blowing gale force strong and the sky was covered with fast moving clumps of grey cumulus clouds skidding by. A sudden break let the Mother Ship side get photographed. As also shown as Figure 17 in Starrgram 5, like Figure 1a above  the Mother Ship was lying somewhat lengthwise down the street looking towards the North West. Again it was a fish tail spray type with tail to the right.

Figure 5a - I can see clearly now that the clouds have gone, gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunny spray.

About ten minutes later, the blustery overcast broke enough that a quick photograph of the Father Ship side was taken. The photographs had been taken almost at one end of the field, almost right under the Father Ship side. As you can see in the photo above the Mother Ship side was way down the road, as you can see in the photo below, the Father Ship side shown as Figure 20 in Starrgram 6 was in very close. All but straight overhead. Because of 3D to 2D collapse in the photo, you can't really tell but you had to look almost straight up to see it.

The first thing to notice are a wider version of the barbeque grills in Figure 32 of Starrgram 6 all over the place. The second of course is the partially cloud covered saucer shaped Father Ship condensation sitting right to the right of the tall lamp standard sitting right to the left of center. Notice the wide grills just above it. This is almost identical to the saucer shaped Father Ship and grillwork in Figure 2b of Starrgram 4. The third feature is another Father Ship condensate sitting right under the the long strip of grill work at the upper right. Whatever else might be said as said before, this is a darn interesting photograph.

There was no connecting Radial bridge to the Mother Ship end this time because the two fields were sitting facing nearly parallel to each other.

Figure 5b - What's that revving, I hear a whole pile of revving.

Note that Figure 2b in Starrgram 4 also has a saucer shaped Mother Ship sitting right in the lower middle right beside the saucer shaped Father Ship. You will find that many of the Figures in Starrgram 2 and 3 have nifty stuff tucked away in the clouds if you take the time to look.

Figure 6 -

As the previous Figures have shown so far, it is quite common to have a Mother Ship and Father Ship hanging around together in the same part of town. What is not so common is to see a mile long pair of Mother and Fathers Ships facing each other along their length like a Positive and Negative pair of Anchor Ships. It happens often enough, but catching them both together at the same time isn't so easy. Usually one or the other will be un-ionnized, poorly ionnized, or covered in low cloud. Figure 5a and 5b above were a mixed bag.

Fortunately a happy pair showed up briefly on a very hazy day during the afternoon of September 11, 2017 in Brantford. While the Father Ship side could definitely have been more on the gung ho side, enough was visible to make the point. Namely, such events do happens. The first Figure below is the Mother Ship side of the equation. The view was over the same Motel as Figure 23 in Starrgram 6. Extensive haze made the Cloud details somewhat weak.

Figure 7a - 'I can see poorly now that the haze has come'....

As the Father Ship Figure below shows, a hazy afternoon sun was sitting right smack in the middle of the photograph, forcing the camera and enhancement apps having to go all out to produce something useable. Which of course resulted in a really screwy foreground. After all, the books have to be balanced.. The point was made however, ergo, a lengthwise pair resulted showing themselves to be face to face lengthwise across a fair chunk of landscape as stated by this word smither. As you should be able to surmise by the sun sitting smack in the middle of the picture, the Father Ship was sitting due South and the Mother Ship due North.

Figure 7b - Ouch, ouch, crunch, oye, oye, oooh.

Catching a Mother Ship field and Mother Ship field connected across the ethers like Figure 4 above is more by luck than privilege. On the other hand catching a Mother Ship and a Father Ship in the same single photograph like Figure 6 above is a lot more privilege than luck. A very close side by side criss-crossing pair was photographed out the back door by the Ottawa friend of the cause on June 9, 2016, looking North West into the setting Sun. Mother Ship tendrils can be seen up the center left and Father Ship fronds can be seen sticking out going up the bottom  right. The overlap between the two fields is up the center.

This is likewise quite the photograph. The nearly perfect little blue square just right of the telephone pole relates to portals discussed in Volume II. The short little piece of Contrail way up above the telephone pole near the top also has to be useful  for comparison. Also interesting is the shadowy little helicopter thing sitting in the clouds just right of the power transformer. And also, what looks like Taikotean Root Race writing sits just to the left of the telephone pole at the bottom. Maybe that's not a telephone pole after all, maybe it's a Tardis from the British Si Fi series Dr. Who. Maybe this is the Twilight Zone.

This image also demonstrate the significant changes which have occurred recently on the Radionic front since the spring of 2014. For the thirty odd years that Radionics had been observed in Ottawa, none had been anywhere near this up close as the mid nineteen nineties photos in Starrgrams 2 and 3 imply.

Figure 8 - Who? Dr. Who that''s who. Who's Dr. Who?

Similar to the Figure above, the following image below was photographed over the roof of his house by the friend of the cause in Medicine Hat, Alberta on April 4, 2017. The image is likewise the result of a Mother Ship and Father Ship sitting in very close proximity with their Radionic fields interacting. In this case the Father Ship is slanting upwards at the left and the Mother Ship slants upwards at the right. These two photographs sure look similar despite being nearly a year apart and three thousand kilometers away from each other.

Figure 9 - Who's left, don't know, never met him.

No one ever said that a MotherFather Ship pair had to be on opposite sides of the fence or even far apart. A Mother/Father Ship pair of a completely different kind came from Kampala Uganda on January 1 2016. In the Figure below the two Ships are sitting side by side. Actually it's the same view as Figure 3 in Starrgram 5 only at an earlier or later time. Mother Ship tubes are on the left and Father Ship fronds are on the right. Instead of merging, the two fields crisscross. The crisscrossing between the two can be seen up the middle and to the right. If you were underneath the sky overhead would look like broken glass. The sky in Ottawa used to break out into very broken glass from time to time. Unfortunately, as there was no motive for photographing them at the time no photos were taken.

Figure 10 -

Another side by side pair of a completely different kind was found on the Internet. The Father Ship is in a Fall Hole like Figure 2 in Starrgram 6. Mother Ship tubes rise up from a Mother Ship condensate sitting left of lower center. Nothing is cross connecting in the middle as the Father Ship frills aren't extending beyond the Fall Hole.

Figure 11 -

The following very interesting Internet photograph from Paradise California also has a Mother Ship field and Father Ship field together. Whose joint pressure has opened a large hole in the cloud. The Mother Ship is in the top left side of the cloud hole with it's field lines extending out vertically into the cloud cover above the hole. The Father Ship field is covered by a grey cloud patch in the middle, but it's frillies can be seen spreading out both above and below the hole. This photo proves for a certainly that some Fall Holes are related to Radionic Ships and not just from passing jets, since otherwise there wouldn't be the Radials lines there now would there. As evidenced by Radial lines, another Father Ship sits at the center bottom and another Mother/Father Ship pair sits slanting upwards at the center right.

Figure 12 - Campgrounds are great. You see a lot of interesting things you don't see in the city, like campfires.

Likewise here's a Father Ship and double Mother Ship combination below from the Internet, showing Radionic stuff going in all directions. The image has small Father Ship fringes inside the hole and large Mother Ship tubes outside. The photograph was from Ann Arbor Michigan at an unknown time. The source of the big tendrils is the long center empty Mother Ship field at the bottom right similar to Figure 3 in Starrgram 5. The tendrils have really really been affected by the Father Ship in their midst once past the Fall Hole. The other Mother Ship is behind the buildings at the bottom left. Notice the crisscrossing lines near the center bottom and squigglies along the lower left. The green tint and the road view suggests it was probably photographed through a tinted windshield like Figure 37 of Starrgram 2.

Figure 13 -

Many a Pundit, plus quite a few hieroglyphics suggests that Radionic Ships were around at the time of the Pharaohs. Maybe so. The following image of Queen Nefertiti and her Pharaoh Akhenaten seems to suggest that probly they were. The Pharaoh is on the left and the Queen on the right. At least you know now where the Egyptians got the idea for their famous gold ordainments and classical head gear.

Figure 14 - So what are we going to do about this kid Tutankhamen.

An even better version of a Mother and Father Ship pair sitting together is shown in the Internet example below. A perfectly formed kafuffle type Father Ship field sits a'top a perfectly formed Mother Ship Radionic field in the center left. It can't get much better then this for distinct proximity. Notice also along the bottom right, some long Fall Hole events like Figure 3 in Starrgram 6 though nowhere near as long.

Figure 15 -

The same thing in reverse has the Mother Ship on top and the Father Ship on the bottom, plus a half a dozen little siblings tucked around here and there for good measure.

Figure 16 -

As the original Figures at the top showed, Mother and Father Ship pairs also co-exist commonly outside of Fall Holes. The image below from the Internet boasting about someone's vineyard, is an almost perfect example. The Mother Ship takes center stage across the top, the Father Ship takes stage right at the right.

This is a straight up win win for everybody. Somebody gets free publicity for their classy wines, this Disclosure gets a near perfect example of a point being made, and even an element of well framed artistry is in there by whoever took the photo. 

Figure 17 - It's all in the grapes I tell you, the grapes.

In a variation of Figures 28 to 31 in Starrgram 6, a not so kafuffled Father Ship with fishlike fins sits bold and clear at the top of the Figure below. For the record a similar fish finned Father Ship can be seen coming in from the left in Figure 13 of Starrgram 2. In a very big dose of serendipity a somewhat less ostentatious fish finned Mother Ship equivalent sits right underneath.

Figure 18 - 'You can do anything better than I can'. 'No I can't'. 'Yes you can, yes you can, yes you can'.

Turns out that Figure 10 in Starrgram 1 was a big sleeper with Mother Ships and Father Ships all over the place. In case you missed them, as shown below a Father Ship field sits up the middle, a fish finned Father Ship field like the one in the Figure above is coming in from the center right, a small fish finned Mother Ship field also like Figure above sits right over the X, and a pair of Mother Ship fields like Figure 4 in Starrgram 5 are at the upper center right  How the X got in there is anybody's guess.

Figure 19 - No problem, we're just connoitering around. Tomorrow we'll reconnoiter.

The Figure below, likewise taken in Brantford on the 6th of February 2017, shows the somewhat different effect of the horizontal stripping of a side by side parallel Mother /Father Ship pair. The view is to the North West. This was an absolutely enormous Radionic field, filling the sky from end to end and side to side. Both perfectly ionized. An again not common occurrence.

Figure 20 -

The South East end of the above was equally photographable, only by the time this end was reached the horizontal striping had started smoothing out. The Father Ship side, now of the right, is smoother the most. In actuality the striping had held up nice and distinct until about half way down the length.

Figure 21 -

The following image off the Internet, no doubt one end of a similar end to end occurrence like the one above and hand merged not PhotoMerged into a panorama, shows the side by side effect of horizontal striped Mother and Father fields yet again. The Father Ship Field this time is on the left and the Mother Ship Field on the right. Similarly, The view is looking down its length and not directly at it like Figure 20 and 21 above.

Figure 22 -

It wasn't mentioned earlier because it would have been out of context, but Figure 34 in Starrgram 5 now shown below, has actually a Mother Ship and two Fathers Ships lying side by side down their length. Which is why it was kind of hard to make out what it was talked about in the original Figure. Specifically the Mother Ship is the big red lattice down the middle. The first Father Ship is the similar rack with thinner Radials down its left hand side. The second Father Ship sporting very dense frillies in its lattice is on the right hand side.

Figure 23 -

The next image below from Figure 35 in Starrgram 5, has the obvious Mother Ship field on the left and a not so obvious Father Ship field slanting upwards at the center right. The Father Ship is in quite close to the ground. Notice that the frillies are sitting in front of the cloud layer in which the Mother Ship is reflected on the other side. The cloud opening in the middle shows that there are three more successive cloud layers higher up after that. A Radionic fields will look different from one cloud layer to the next. Another reason for so much variation.

Figure 24 - I am the eye in the sky, ooh ooh ooh.

Another common variant is a pair of the same type of Ship in the same view. A double Father pair action appears in the Following Brantford photograph as Figure 31 in Starrgram 6. As mentioned before, the main Father Ship is smack dab in the middle coming in from the left. The other is slanting upwards from the center at the right. There is also a Mother Ship field at the very bottom center. Don't start looking around for Mobile Scout Ship condensates unless you have nothing to do for awhile.

Figure 25 - Like Man, you had to be there. Like Man, yowser yowser!

Internet technicians speak of backbones. This refers to the major data trunks where large amounts of Internet usage for a particular carrier are hooked up to the Internet at large. The double Father Ship Figure below has enough backbone for anyone. Harvey the Chiropractor, directing a documentary about bones has a photo of this on his office wall. Also note the volcano blowing out a Contrail in the background.

Figure 26 - OK, now where the heck did I put that stupid skeleton.

Likewise below, is the Mother Ship equivalent of a side by side appearance of fields in the form of a pair of open mode presences like Figure 3 in Starrgram 5. The photograph was taken in Kampala on August 13, 2016, and there is no doubt about where the two fields are.

Figure 27 -

Two completely different type of Mother Ship or Father Ships fields in the same area are also possible. As the following double whammy Mother Ship view from the Internet and previously shown as Figure 27 in Starrgram 5 abundantly shows, one Mother Ship field is straight out of the Figure above, while the other is akin to Figure 26 in Starrgram 5. The open mode one is just sitting there, the vertical one is looking lengthwise down its length.

Figure 28 -

Since Mother and Father Ships are not required by any law known in the Universe to sit face to face a long distance apart, nothing stops two Mother Ships or two Father Ships from sitting closer together face to face along their lengths  What is particularly interesting is when their Radionic fields hook up like the Radials between a pair of Anchor Ships. The result though as in the photograph below from the Internet will be completely different than when joined end to end like Figure 3 above or at right angles like Figure 2 above.  

The Radial lines in the Figure below coming up in the ally way between them, are from two Mother Ships sitting parallel to each other off camera on either side. Notice that there are also a number of intriguing goodies in this one. All grist for the mill for Volume II.

Figure 29 - There really does seems to be a lot of really funny stuff going on up there, particularly in the clouds.

If harmonized field occasions between two Mother Ships is possible, why not also between two Father Ships.  How about the Father Ship equivalent of the above, implying  two Father Ships sitting together side by side with their Radionic fields likewise harmonized across the center in a once in a blue moon opportunity. Unlike the Figure above where the actual Ship's fields themselves are not shown, the Figure below shows strong Byzantine looking Radials set up between the two fields with one Ship's field showing partly down the very left and the other down the very right.

The two Ships are likewise lying face to face, likewise looking down the page towards the back. Almost like looking down a glass covered center Mall of a large Shopping Center. The tip off is that the foreground is normal, proving no camera tricks. What looks like it could be camera tricks is merely the fact that this was another very small image off the Internet blown up way more than it would like. Whoever says Radionics is boring doesn't get out very much.

Figure 30 - It takes two to tango, you can take that to the Mall.

In a second similar Byzantine type effect from the Internet shown below, somebody took the trouble to do a double set of side by side clicks connecting the one field with the other and then back again the other way for a nearly full three hundred and sixty degree sweep around the same way as was done for Figures 18, 20, 22, and 23 in Starrgram 4. This likewise produced the two arches below instead of just one. The Internet original was much larger this time and it shows.

Figure 31 - Woah!

The next Figure below is very interesting for a number of reasons. First is the fact that it is only two blocks down the street from the first big round of Brantford photos shown at the beginning of Starrgram 2 and 3. That it involves Mother Ships instead of Anchor Ship is moot. Look at the Church from Figure 7 of Starrgram 2 sitting front and center in the photograph. It is from the side instead of the front, nonetheless clearly the same church.

Second, the view has two Mother Ships sitting very uncharacteristically parallel one on top of the other, let alone being in two different frequencies of the fourth dimension. The upper Mother Ship is in the clear patch in the middle at the frequencies of the upper fourth dimension where the Radionic effect is all cloud and no Ship. The lower Mother Ship is in a lower octave where visible Ship condensations and localized Radionic fields both occur. Count the Radials both above and below. The above field has eleven, the lower has twenty four, not even close. Ergo two Ships.

Similarly, the image in fact is right angle adjacent to Figure 33 of Starrgram 5. It was in fact taken at exactly the same time at exactly the same feet on the ground location only looking due East, making three Mother Ships at the same time altogether. The Radionics slanting up from the bottom center to the right in Figure 33, is the continuation of the left end off the fields in the Figure below. In fact a friend of the cause who had a much better view at a large shopping center at the time, but arrggg didn't have time to photograph them, arrgg, reported there were actually four fully visible Mother Ships all up at the same time. In fact a part of the fourth Ship field is visible sitting crosswise at the top center right in the image below, but the trees and houses had punted a possible photograph and it hadn't been noticed.

Figure 32 - Three's ok, you get what you can get.

The next Figure below is somewhat the same, but this time featuring two condensated Mother Ship fields on top of each other The first is the beautiful fish tail cloud right across the bottom. The second is a little short version just above peaking out from under the cloud cover in the lower center. To give you an idea of the power of these fields, look at how the ordinary cloud cover has been bashed and bandied about.

Figure 33 - Take that and that, and take it again.

Which brings it around to the Figure below, which is using up just about every drop of water vapour which ever existed. A Father Ship runs across the middle right, a Mother Ship across the middle left. The same thing across the bottom just above the hills. Where the fields meet above the sparks start to fly. Based on the prevailing landscape both Ships are pretty big. No wonder the cows are standing around wondering what heck's up. And if you want a field day for Mobile condensates, start looking around. 

Figure 34 - We're here to give you some sagely advice, 'Never camp downwind from the herd'.

Now it get a little intriguing. The image below, Figure 23 in Starrgram 6 features a Father Ship field above the Motel. No problem there. But there is also a Father Ship Pontiac grill sitting at the upper left which is where the fun begins.

Figure 35 -

This had been a very large Radionic field that had to be photographed in two parts. The second part was to the left of the first, featuring a Radionic Father Ship seed pod similar to the iridescent one shown in Figure 41 of Starrgram 6. This is where the fun starts. The Pontiac grill pod in the Figure above is the same Pontiac grill pod visible in the Figure below. Check out the horizontal V at the right hand end of both. Note take a conscious look at the difference in sizes. Ergo, this makes the Father Ship seed pod humungous in comparison to the original Father Ship field above. 

The Pontiac grill pod itself  is a quirky manifestation of the magnetic forces between the cigar shaped Father Ship field in the Figure above, and the seed pod shaped Father Ship field in the Figure below bumping together. When mighty forces meet, funny things can happen.

Figure 36 - Bump, oye.

The following is a high altitude photograph similar to Figure 3 in Starrgram 6, taken sometime over someplace. This time featuring a long Father Ship settled in a Fall Hole at the center left, a second very long Father Ship lying over the clouds at the far center right, and a long Mother Ship with fish fins sitting in out  in the open right in the middle. Like said before, the high altitude and satellite archives could tell a lot of stories.

Figure 37 -

As is obvious nothing in the order that Man's ways can impose or disturb would make the slightest different in the ways these Radionic Ship come and go and move about. They are about their Mother and Father's business and nothing Man can do or ever will do will ever get in the way.

A lot of the lower octaves cleaning up undergoing now concerns the static residues left in the wake of explosions over Sodom and Gommorah twelve thousand thousand years . The two Atlantian centers of Sodom (vice) and Gomorrah (crime) were in North America. Sodom was near what is now the BC border North of Spokane Washington. Gomorrah was offshore of what is now Miami Florida. Through severe moral corruption the atmospheres over the two cities had become packed with a dense conglomeration of Fourth dimensional Nplus static. The Atlantians knew about the power of crystals and were adept in their use.

Negative disputing factions developed large laser cannons using crystals, and eventually fired them on each other. The concentrated laser energies caused the two dense aggregations of static over Sodom and Gomorrah to explode, causing World wide cataclysms and bringing down Atlantis. The Sodom explosion fumed South leaving an enigmatic scar just south of Spokane called 'The Palouse'. The Gomorrah remnants are now offshore the city of Miami. North America was allowed to lie fallow for ten thousand years afterwards in order to let the static residues dissipate. Helping to clearing away the last of the residues is among the many chores being done today by the Heavenly Host during Armageddon.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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