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Two more Sylph photographs. The first from Brantford again on xxxx, doing their usual head in the clouds thing.


The second from the camera in Kampala again on xxx. beading in on another Chemtrail violator. Either the same one as Figure xxx in Starrgram 14, or a charter member of the group. Notice the same type of red tile roof.


Also, You see a lot more in the sun. In the Radionnic cloud business you see a lot more in the setting sun.


from time to time, fourth dimensional entities known as Sylphs will also show up in ionnizations. Appearing little different than a Radionnic Ship. Sylphs were originally called Midway Spirits, called Midway because they were matrixed halfway between Man and animals. They were considered very enigmatic because they did not exist anywhere else in Creation and nobody had a clue to what they were for.

In actuality they were to be the initiating fauna for the new Super Universe in Andromeda, already in its initial stages of start up. When the Luciferians came to Earth a half billion years ago the Midways were easy prey as they had no Christ rudder. Those that aligned with the Luciferians shrunk in Substance and became Gremlins. Those that did not became known as Sylphs.

Sylphs make their own ionnizations, and their lines of ionnization do not extend around into others. Sylphs will also sometimes ride in the Jet stream for obscurity. In this picture notice there are no ionnizations extending out above, below, or on either side of the image. The photo was taken in Kampala, Uganda in April, 2015. If Sylphs have a tell, it is their long neck.

Figure 1- Hmmm I think I smell a Chemtrail around here.

Any of you with a sharp eye will notice the striking similarity to Dragons of lore. Now you know where history got its ideas about dragons, particularly the Chinese, who in fact have a secret group called, 'The White Dragon Society'.

A similar photo of a Sylph found on Google/Search, is seeming to fly into the camera. Though fuzzy, you can see the horns. Date and location unknown.

Figure 2 - Don't even think about spraying there again.

Similarly facing the camera, the following photograph of a Sylph was taken in Kitchener, Ontario on July 13, 2016. You can actually see a horn, eye and nose. Again notice the long neck, which more than anything differentiates Sylphs from similar appearing Radionnic fields. Sylphs are very helpful in helping clean up Chemtrail impositions.

Figure 3 - I want to see your books

Likewise on June 1, 2016, the following Sylph was photographed in a busy sky over Brantford. The neck and .lack of radial ionnizations along the bottom are again the giveaway. Actually it's flying out of the screen at you. If this was a 3D movies from the fifties you'd all be ducking.

.Figure 5 - Outta the way,  I'm commin through.

Likewise, the following cute little fellow was also found on Bing Search, date and Location unknown. Almost looks like somebody's pet.


Figure 22 -

Don't know why Sylphs like Brantford so much. Maybe it's all the fluoride in the water and they're tying to help out. Brantford was the first city in the world to fluoridate their water starting in nineteen forty six. Seventy years later, and after all the controversy it is still running and has the highest concentration of fluoridated water anywhere in the world. You get into the Guinness Book of Records anyway you can. A Brantford resident has the record for the greatest number of elections entered into and lost, at eighty seven. The fluoride in Brantford's water shows. Brantford has the largest number of motorized wheel chairs and walkers per capita of anywhere in the world. Even affecting middle agers. Nothing like lots of fluoride in the water for keeping you on your toes. In the photo below the Sylph looks like it is looking over its shoulder to see if the Feds are coming.


Figure 22 - Drat! The Feds are on my trail.

And again another one from Yahoo doing a Happy dance, date and location unknown. Again note the long neck similar to Figure 3.

Figure 7 - Oboyoboyoboyoboy

Another somewhat pixelated picture of a Sylph just chilling out was found on 'Google Sky'. Date and location unknown.

Figure 4 Man, was that every a heavy pile of Chemtrails.

There are many many photographs on the Internet purporting to be of Sylphs. Most are not, being merely interesting clouds and/or in some cases even Radionnic fields. The interesting thing is however that the subject of Sylphs is starting to become widely known and the interest becoming high. You should now be able to spot them conclusively and appreciate who and what they are.

Sylphs are also very busy beavers in helping to clean up Chemtrail sprayings as they occure as a help to Mankind. Also to help hurricanes which are man made as a form of warfare or international coercion.

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