As previously mentioned, Anchor Scout Ships, Mobile Scout Ships and Father Ships don't travel between the Planets and Starrs, only Mother Ships do. A Mother Ship will drop off the Other Ships Ships within a particular location when needed. Mother Ships and Father Ships will both teleport into Earth as needed. Anchor Scout Ships and Mobile Scout Ships will stay on board until within the planetary environment where they are to work. Once dropped off, they move around freely within the local as needed. Like Anchor Ships and Mother Ships, Father Ships also produce unique Radionic fields whenever they settle in.

Father Ship Radionic fields are far more varied than Mother Ship fields but are still consistent according to kind. As previously stated, Mother Ships tend to drop a load off then move out. Father Ships tend to hang around for awhile and shoot the breeze. Consequently, over time you will generally see more Radionic Father Ships fields around than Mother Ships. On the other hand Mother Ship fields tend to be more dramatic looking than Father Ship fields so are more likely to get easily noticed. Because of the tubes Chemtrail heads love Mother Ship Radionic Fields.

Basically, Positive Father Ships, like Positive monopole Scout Ships Radionics are more decimated and less substantial in the middle. The assorted effects become stronger the lower down the Ship is within the Fourth dimension.. If the radial lines are not peacock feathers like an Anchor Scout Ship, or tubular arrays like Mother Ships, but are still evenly spread across the page like Mother Ships, then it is a Father Ship and not a helicopter. The basic types of Father Ship fields are euphemistically seen as frills, fringes, eyelashes, feathery fronds, decimations, grills, outlines, willowy whisperies, and frizzy spritzes.

About four months after the first Radionic field showed up in Brantford as discussed at the beginning of Starrgram 2, on September 6, 2014 yet another Radionic field showed up back of the Brantford street address, looking to the South West. As the Figure below shows, the ever present pine tree is again ever present at the left. The Father Ship is the row of cloud above the pine tree. The image has frillies instead of tendrils. So yup, you're looking at a Father Ship field. Can't argue with the facts. For every Radionic Principle there are a lot of practices and as the above list of Father Ship field types above abundantly implies, with Father Ships even more so.

The five Anchor Ship views in Starrgram 2 and 3 from the same Brantford Street address, plus the one below now makes six different observed Radionic fields from the same location. And don't forget about the first one on May 14, 2014 not photographed as mentioned at the beginning of Starrgram 2. That makes seven. For a certainty there were more, just not observed. This one was another goofed up browned out video camera mistake, so anything but pristine. 

Figure 1 - If you think I look guffy now, you should have seen me tomorrow.

As the above Figure shows, the Father Ship equivalent of tendrils is frillies. The Father Ship equivalent of Mother Ships in a low cloud cover is a Father Ship in the lower cloud cover. As the following Figure found on the Internet likewise shows, the pressure from the Ship's magnetic field in the mid cloud layer creates the hole. This is a bit similar to Figure 4 in Starrgram 5, but with a longish cigar shaped Father Ship involved instead of a shortish cigar shaped Mother Ship. Frillies instead of tendrils make the big difference.

Such hole occurrences are called Fall Holes, taken from a Scientific interpretation called, 'Fall Streak Holes' or Hole Punch Clouds' based on the idea that a patch of water vapor above the cloud has cooled below the freezing point but not yet turned to ice crystals. A passing plane or other event shocks the vapour into suddenly turning to ice, and the heavier weight causes them to fall though or punch through the cloud layer below. Down it comes like a heavy weight on wet tissue paper, punching out a visible hole.

The shock of an intense magnetic field around a Mother Ship or Father Ship which has popped in can do it just as well. The difference is that you will see Mother and/or Father Ship Radionics at the hole at the same time. Most Fall Streak Holes are Radionic as there is no evidence of a plane or something similar ever being anywhere near it. But when you don't know about Radionic Ships, how else are you going to explain it. Like Chemtrails, remaining confused is the easy way out unless you know what you are looking for. Radionic Fall Holes usually have Radionic effects present. The magnetic eyelash ionnizations around a Father Ship is the giveaway, tendrils or tubes are the giveaway around a Mother Ship.

Figure 2 - The Energies are pretty high today, must be all the ice crystals in the air.

For an interesting change of pace,  the following satellite photo from off the coast of Australia shows a many miles long Father Ship sitting in Fall Hole situation like the Figure above, only from above. How many interesting Radionic events are nestled away in the World's satellite archives would be anybody's guess. A passing jet would hardly be even a tiny speck in the photo. Try and imagine a tiny passing speck causing all that. Remember, Mother and Father Ships precipitate their own moisture ionnization as condensates, and their magnetic fields repel away the ordinary non-ionized moistures around them as a hole.  

Figure 3 - Now 'That's' a Father Ship.

Similarly, a frilly field will ionnize around a Father Ship on a clear blue day. The following image of a frilly field around a Father Ship sitting alone in the open sky, looking for all the world like a Dragon fly larva in a frog pond was likewise found on the Internet. This is the Father Ship equivalent of Figure 5 in Starrgram 5.

Figure 4 - Metamorphosis will occur in 10, 9, 8, 7, ...

To confirm the phenomenon, a yet similar Father Ship frilly centipede was also found in yet another Internet search. There must be dozens of these going on world wide at any given time for two to have come up so similar on the web by open chance surfing. The Contrail passing through has nothing to do with the Ship, and the plane's pilot, and/or crew, and/or passengers probably never even noticed it.

Figure 5 -

Father Ships are also famous for putting up very big uniform sprays of eyelashes like the fringes of a carpet. The following spray, looking like a false eyelash was found on the Internet while searching for 'Chemtrails'. A spray is a spray, nothing like telling it like it is. Like with Mother Ships, specific alignments with Earth's magnetic field can produce Radials on one side but not the other.

Figure 6 - My stupid eyelash keeps falling off.

A more pebbly version of the uniform arrays exist, looking er, more pebbly. The following image was photographed in Brantford on the 2nd of December 12, 2015 looking to the North West. Actually it is the Father Ship equivalent of Figure 32 in Starrgram 5. The horizontal V near the bottom middle of the Figure is a characteristic feature of Father Ship fields. In this case one in each direction.

Figure 7 -

Likewise, a somewhat similar version was found on the Internet, featuring wider frillies like decimated fonds. The difference between uniform radial tube rays of Mother Ships as in Figure 11 in Starrgam 5 and the decimated radial rays of Father Ships in the Figure below is obvious. By the decimation, this is the Father Ship equivalent to the Mother Ship fields in Figures 7 to 12 of Starrgram 5.

Figure 8 -

On the other hand, the Father Ship equivalent of dense Mother Ship fronds is thin whispy Father Ship fronds. As the following images found on the Internet shows, the fronds can also be far reaching. By decimation, this is the Father Ship equivalent to Figure 12 of Starrgram 5. This is about as Chemtrailish as Radionics ever gets.

Figure 9 - Nice try, but still not Chemtrails.

Father Ships can also produce uniform mid cloud level Radionic fields like the Mother Ship field of again, Figure 32 in Starrgram 5. However, being Positive in polarity, the uniform Father Ship spray can be even more decimated. The following highly decimated Father Ship reflection was photographed by the friend of the cause near Huntsville on June 18, 206. All Huntsville photographs herein are from the same friend of the cause. Don't know what's going on down there at the bottom of the Figure, but it sure looks like the whole galaxy is in for a meet.

Figure 10 - Hail, hail the gang's all there.

A likewise somewhat similar looking decimated Father Ship field was also found on the Internet. It gives the feeling of fingernails on a blackboard.

Figure 11 - Screeeeck.

Taking blackboard scrapes to its absolute limit, the setting Sun can also sometimes catch things not normally noticed in the daytime Sun. On April 15, 2015 in Paris, Ontario a very fried potato looking decimated Father Ship field appeared sitting straight into the Sun setting to the South West. Check with Figure 12 of Starrgram 2 to see the exact same house at the right in the exact same location. The cell camera evidently went into emergency mode to protect its retinas, because it produced this qualified beauty looking every bit like stalks of wheat. You all remember when Canada thrilled everyone with the world's first rust resistant wheat called Triticale. Now nobody but Monsanto is rejoicing at Monsanto's announcement of a new GMO wheat which is resistant to everything including good health. The plate of spaghetti at the bottom middle is dealt with in Volume II.

Figure 12 - Wheaties, Champion of Breakfasts.

Frizzy spritz fields as mentioned at the beginning of this Starrgram is another type of Father Ship Radionic Cloud. The Figure below was photographed in Paris on March 10, 2015, looking to the South West. This field is completely different than any previous, because presumably a different type of Father Ship was involved.

Figure 13 -

A second Frizzy spritz field shown below, was photographed from the same Paris location twenty days later on March 31, 2015. This time looking to the North West. The field was different yet again, presumably again because a Father Ship of yet a different frequency was involved, or maybe it was the Fourth Dimensional levels, or maybe it was because of  the water vapors, or maybe because there was a local election pending.

Figure 14 - Nothing quite like certain uncertainty.

A very similar fizzy spritz field showing a relatively short Father Ship was likewise captured in Huntsville, Ontario on September 28, 2016 almost a year and a half later  The photo is quite a bit better this time for having a complete Father Ship condensation in it's view.

Figure 15 - Smile, I think you're going to like this picture.

More condensed Father Ship frilly Radials are also common. Condensed frilly fields occur when the Ship is lower in the cloud layers and have been around long enough to really spread out evenly as the very frilly filled out Radionic field from the Internet below abundantly shows. Notice that the frills are in front of the Stratus cloud layer higher above. Like Figures 2 and 3 in Starrgram 5, the empty center silhouettes the Ship itself in the upper fourth Dimension. The Ship outline shows a wide saucer shaped Ship rather a wide cigar shape, revealing the presence of the Ship both ways, namely, implied by the fact of the Radials, and outlined in fact by the Radials.

Figure 17- Nothing like two for the price of one.

The following photograph below is from the friend of the cause living in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The photo was taken East of Calgary, Alberta on May 4, 2013, and is the inside out opposite of the Figure above. Namely, that the center area is full indicating that the Ship itself is in a low enough frequency of the Fourth Dimension to precipitate a condensation replica of itself.  Like the Figure above the radials also somewhat help outline a saucer shaped Ship. Revealing the presence of the ship in yet another version of two for the price of one.

Figure -17 - Now you see me and now you sort of see me.

The next Figure is also very interesting for being even more to the Ship and less to the cloud. The frillies are in front of the cumulous clouds showing it to be in very close. As also shown, it involves a Saucer shaped Father Ship. The photograph was taken again in Huntsville, Ontario near Algonquin Park in central Ontario on June 18, 2016. It's far too big to be a Mobile Scout Ship. You can also tell it's a Father Ship by the frillies. Most of the work of the Mobile Scout Ships is in the lower levels of the Fourth Dimension and very seldom have Radials. You can also tell it's a saucer shaped Ship just by looking at it. It's also the Father Ship equivalent of Figure 30 in Starrgram 5. Nothing like making things easy.

Figure 18 - Cum see cum saw, I came I saw.

Similarly, the following Figure below is a very good photograph of a Saucer shaped Father Ship condensate in a lower Fourth Dimensional frequency, having more ship condensation and less Radials. Also shown as Figure 2b in Starrgram 4. Though not as clear, its Mother Ship partner is sitting center right just before the trees. While this is a relatively uncommon type of Mother Ship condensation, it is a fairly common type of Father Ship.

Figure 19 - How's that for front and center, er left and center.

Then on August 16, 2016 in Brantford, a really gang busters Father Ship Radionic field partner of Figure 17 in Starrgram 5 suddenly appeared from behind a heavy stormy cloud cover blowing by, sitting in a South East direction lying South East to North West. As the Figure below shows, it was all but hand shake close right up overhead. The field hadn't been up long enough to settle in and set up full frillie profiles yet.

This one in particular was having a heck of a time trying to figure out just what to do. But without a doubt are the characteristic showings of fully filled in automobile radiator grills all over the place like in the Figure above, looking like the slats of a fence. Anytime any one of these are in the picture, a Father Ship in the picture. These are definitive Father Ship tell tales. In this particular case a Saucer shaped Ship just like the one above is sitting partially cloud covered just to the right of the lamp standard at the center left. 

Note also, the complete similarity to the Father Ship slats all over to the ones above, which hadn't been mentioned yet because it wasn't yet time. There is also a Cigar shaped ship sitting just above the top edge of the large white cover cloud at the upper right, producing the double row of slats above it. Also notice the very distinct clutch of Mobile Ship condensates sitting around the top of the cumulous cloud sitting just to the right of the Saucer ship near the middle. All in all quite the heyday.

Figure 20 - Hey, give me some room, get off'a my foot.

Cigar shaped Father Ship fields with condensated body and short fronds are also common.  Some of you have no doubt been clamoring for a cigar shaped UFO Ship for some time now. The following is a cigar shaped Father Ship which is as cigar shaped as you can get. Even more fun, it's the inside out opposite of Figure 17 above. In Figure 17 you have a Radionic Field but no Ship condensation on a partially cloudy sky. In the one below you have a condensated Ship but very little Radionic field on a nearly cloudless sky. The interesting thing is that between the many different types of Ships from the many different parts of Creation, plus the various types of weather conditions on Earth given the circumstances, the Principles still manage to stay true to kind even as the practices vary constantly according to every different occasion. This is a Father Ship equivalent to Figure 6 in Starrgram 5.

Figure 21 - Hey, here, have a Cuban banana on me.

A flipped over opposite version found on the Internet has the fronds going down. Though not as clear, it is the flipped over Father Ship equivalent of Figure 25 in Starrgram 5.

Figure 22 -

Thinner, shorter more defined frillies are also common. The following photograph, taken in Brantford on July 12, 2014 shows a cigar shaped Father Ship condensate with frills sitting above the Motel. Not to be mistaken, the Ships is a long way back and the Motel up close.

Figure 23 -

On occasion when a middle level cloud front is moving into an area where a Father Ship is sitting, the leading edge of the front will start to pick up on the Radionic radiations and push a condensated array of tendrils out in front of the advancing front. Just for fun, the following sequence of four images were observed on May 17, 2016 in the Paris, Ontario area and are shown to give you an idea of how the fields can also be consistent from one observer to another and one observation post to another even as they change. The first below was taken in Paris. The direction was looking back South East towards Brantford over a location where an unseen Father Ship had been sitting in a clear sky.

Figure 24 - Wait a second sec while I turn my indicators on.

During the same time as the Figure above had been approaching Paris, somebody in Brantford who was much closer to the advancing array had photographed it and put it up on Facebook.

Figure 25 -

Then when the wall front was getting close to overhead, they put it up again. Notice the same tree at the center right only closer up and at the left.

Figure 26 -

Then when it was almost right overhead they put it up yet again, all taken standing from the same location by a creek as the tree now at the right again clearly shows. Whoever took these had to have stood at the same spot for at least twenty minutes or so. Nothing like a little patience to make a point perfectly. The interesting thing is that the party didn't know what they were looking at, only that it was way too woo wooish to ignore. This is what the future holds for everyone until this Disclosure gets handed well around. And, yup, those are Mobile Scout Ship condensates sitting a'top the cumulous cloud at the left.

Figure 27 -

Cigar shaped Father Ship condensations with short magnetic frilly radials at one end like a bulbous nose are also very common. In the following Figure taken in in Paris. Ont. on July 26, 2015 a shy Father Ship is sticking its nose out from the right. The whole picture is filled with Mobiles. UFOlogists have no idea. It's all right there under their very noses.

Figure 28 - I have nose for these kinds of things.

As said in the Figure above, an ersatz like kafuffle at one end or the other of a Father Ships field is a very common type of Father Ship projection. For a nice quiet change of pace, on September 28, 2015 the following partial Father Ship activity was observed over Cambridge, Ontario about thirty kilometers North of Brantford. Likewise sticking itself into the scene from the upper right is a Father Ship kafuffle. Notice how much it looks like the nose and body sticking out in the Figure above.

Figure 29 -

Like in humans, really big noses can really stick out. It's all a matter of distance. In the old days they said, "Look to the East'. Now they say 'Look to the Sky'. Why?. Because things are getting really interesting up there. How interesting, how about the nose of a Father Ship poking out sporting a Rhinoceros horn the size of Mount Olympus. The following kafuffle front end of a Father Ship shown below, sticking in from the left and looking somewhat like the end of Figure 28 above, was photographed near the original street address in Branford on August 6, 2014. Look around, there are goodies galore, which will be dealt with in Volume II. The dangling participle lamp standards are by PhotoMerge and not Radionics.

Figure 30 - Everything's going squirrelly here today, what's going on.

Figures 16 and 17 of Figure 3 were very interesting for their durability. However, on the 21st of April the very next day after the Figures were photographed, things really started popping. The morning in Brantford started off with a clear blue sky with no sign of Radionic activity visible anywhere for lack of ionnized water vapour present.

Around noon a Jet Stream of ionnized air slowly started moving in from the South West. At about three thirty, when the Stream was passing exactly over where the Positive magnetic pole field had sat for most of the day before, the sky suddenly exploded into a frenzy of ionnizations. A Father Ship, looking almost like the rest of Figure 28 above, now facing in the opposite direction was sitting loud and clear right in the front and center. With the tail part now added in, it looks just like a giant dragon fly pupa.

The rest of the main body of clouds down the left was the Jet Stream itself running back off into the distance as it slowly passed over. The suddenly appearing dramatic sky over Brantford still had people talking about it a few days later.

Figure 31 - What the heck is that all about.

Another characteristically specific Father Ship field effect is Pontiac radiator grills. On July 2, 2016 a fully fledged frilly ionnic Father Ship Pontiac radiator grill field was captured over Brantford looking due South West. The field was lying from the South East to the North West. The field featured a radiator grill type wire frame pattern as its main event instead of long fronds or eyelashes.

As a rule, as mentioned,. anything with anything horizontal in it is a Mother Ship or a Father Ship. In particular notice that the center bottom of the frills do look a lot like the front grill off a Pontiac. Grilly wire frame type formations are actually another fairly standard Father Ship configuration. Anything having anything in it that looks like the front of a beat up old car or iron gate is evidence of a Father Ship.

Figure 32 - Two bubbas in a bar. 'My car can kick the butt off your car'... No way, my car can kick the butt off your car'....'No way ...'.

Father Ship wire frame outlines like the Figure above can also sometimes be without extended frillies looking more like a container. The following Father Ship outline was photographed in Brantford on the 17th of May 2016. The wire frame like Radionic container is at the left, looking like someone peeking out from behind the trees to see who's there. The strip of horizontal lines up the middle is another common Father Ship Cloud reflection like Figure 10 in Starrgram 1.

Figure 33 - I tawt I taw a Tweety Bird.

A blow up of the Figure above shows the container formation even better.

Figure 34 - I did, I did a Tweety Bird taw.

Similarly, the following more complete Father Ship image frilly wire frame container outline was captured over Hamilton, Ontario on June 27, 2016, looking to the North West. Just as a V doesn't appear in the middle of all Positive pole Radionic fields, but the presence of one guarantees a Positive pole designation, the mark of Zorro scissor like horizontal V near the bottom middle of the Figure below like the one in Figure 7 above always assures that a Father Ship is present and not a Mother Ship. This guy Zorro really gets around. Mexico, then Figure 7, now this.

Figure 35 - Who is this Zorro Hombre you speak of.

Remarkably, a very similar Father Ship field was photographed in Paris on April 27, 2018 nearly two years later. Even more remarkably, it was photographed by the same hip to the trip lady who photographed the Figure above. Since these are the only two like it that have ever shown up whether by people outside or off the Internet, makes you kind of wonder what kind of really positive vibes this lady must be packing.

Figure 36 - One of a thing is a thing, two of the thing is well, you know, two.

Then just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it suddenly gets a whole lot better. The following full blown wire frame type photograph was taken in Brantford on July 20, 2017 looking to the South West. As one wag succinctly put it while looking at the photograph, sic, 'Nobody's going to make Chemtrails in a radial pattern'. Unfortunately, heavy cloud cover nuked any possibility of a good usable photograph of its Mother Ship partner which was sitting polar opposite face to face on this particular occasion.

Figure 37 - Nothing like the whole nine yards for really making a point loud and clear.

An almost identical kind of Father Ship field from parts unknown was found on Bing Search. The Ship is sitting in a lower octave of the Fourth Dimension. The condensate portion of the Ship is partially visible. Vitally proving both the consistency of the Radionic Rules and that they are everywhere all the time, as the Figure below could have been from anywhere at anytime..

Figure 38 -

A similar more partial version had shown up earlier in Brantford on September 5, 2014 as one of the earliest Brantford Radionic Cloud  photographs taken. The view was to the North West. Like Figure 37 above, the Ship portion which the Radials outlined was invisible. Notice again the church from Figure 7 in Starrgram 2. Somebody must be doing something right in there.

Figure 39 - Talk about a Holy Halo.

Father Ships can also occur in more condensated sculptured shapes like a tour boat on the Hudson or a Cessna, called Radionic Local runabouts. On June 6, 2016 a more condensated Radionic field container of a local runabout Father Ship was captured near Huntsville, Ontario. Local runabout Father Ships are the Cosmic equivalent of an Uber Taxi , having a pilot in front and a couple of rows of seats in behind.

Local runabouts temporarily move people around from one Earth local to another for inter-dimensional cue ups and/or group meetings. The Figure below is a Cessna type version without wings or propeller and running on magnetics instead of gas. It's probably the most singularly self revealing photograph in this whole Disclosure.

Figure 40 - UberUber at your service.

A Father Ship pod version of the Mother Ship pod shown in Figure 39 of Starrgram 5 also exist. The Technicolor item below is pod all the way. Two features to notice are that it is very low down in the fourth dimension, having no radials whatsoever, and it is low enough down in Earth's atmosphere to have caught the sunlight full bore. Figure 33 above has a similar pod just under the bird.

Figure 41 - Just because I'm not a pile of Radial lines doesn't mean I'm not pretty.

The Father Ship equivalent to Figure 36 in Starrgram 5 is as you might expect, white. An interesting story exists here. In the late summer of nineteen seventy three, about twenty people had convened in Denver Colorado for a series of lectures about higher dimensional matters including the Radionic fleet outside Pluto. Some of the people were from Vancouver Canada including this word smither and some were from Spokane Washington. At the conclusion of the lectures a backyard barbeque was held one morning as a sort of send off for those going north. For the entire morning a Ship looking identical to the Figure below minus the cumulous clouds around it, sat straight overhead at about the same height. Not even one other cloud of any kind existed, the rest of the sky was beautiful crystal clear blue.

About eleven thirty in the morning the party broke up and the north bound travelers headed out. By way of an informal send off, the lecturer and his wife decided to follow them up the highway. The cloud remained directly over top their car. About forty miles out, they honked, waved goodbye, crossed over the meridian and headed straight back in towards Denver. The cloud went straight back with them. Ergo, they were in the loop. There is a lot going on all the time and no one has ever been the wiser until now.

Figure 42 - Y'all have a nice trip, hear.

Likewise the Figure below off the Internet is the Father Ship equivalent of Figure 40 in Starrgram 5, sporting a complete semi-solid looking condensation and no Radials whatever. Some may argue that it is a Lenticular cloud. But it needs to be pointed out that because Lenticular clouds involve different cloud layers with different temperatures, they are by default horizontal like Figures 37 and 38 in Starrgram 5. In the Figure below, the view is out a back yard somewhere showing clearly that the Ship is not lying horizontally. Likewise, Lenticular clouds are typically over or around mountain tops above the cumulous cloud layers Like Figure 37 in Starrgram 5.

The projection below is in cumulous clouds if there is a mountain around it has to be either really really small or a long long way off. Also, because of how t is framed it is not horizontal. Talk about a close encounter of the second kind. 'Of the third kind' means having a rap with them. Wonder what the fourth kind might be, maybe getting hired on as member of the kitchen staff.

Figure 43 - Close encounter, close encounter !

Likewise, the following Internet photo is a slightly higher level Cigar shaped Father Ship equivalent to Figure 41 in Starrgram 5. The big difference is this one is that no one is smoking it, and of course the fact  it is sitting in a Positive Polarity Anchor Scout Ship field

Figure 44 -

As earlier mentioned, sometimes for assorted temporary reasons the frequency of vibration of a Radionic Ship will be lowered to Earth's third dimensional band of visibility. While not a silver disk the following silver Ship from off the Internet is from Rogers Arkansas. Featuring a similar visible third dimensional frequency projection, this one is a Cigar shaped or Cylindrical Father Ship equivalent to Figure 42 in Starrgram 5. Notice also the nice big Mobile Scout Ship condensate sitting just above the sculpted opening in the top left of the big white cloud. Notice that even though the condensate is merely a moisture replication in the third dimension, it is still dense enough to cast a shadow on its surf board underneath. The small pale rectangular patches are pixelations resulting from blowing up the small original to the size below.

 Figure 45 -

A semi corporally configured Silver Saucer projection had been sitting near a Nevada Atom bomb test tower when a blast occurred. The Ship with two on board had been investigating the original Atomic bomb tests the US Government were conducting in the Nevada desert in the later forties. The Ship was investigating because the tests were giving Reality cause for concerns. Such had never before occurred within the annuls of Creation, where the molecules of the third dimension are ever gradually built up over eons and eons by Nuclear fission, and never ever reduced back down to a lower molecular state by Nuclear fusion in a split second.

The Ship was in too close and the two parties on board were in eminent danger of having their Akasic record stripped off by the blast. In an emergency their frequencies were quickly dropped to that of full third dimensional corporality so that their Soul Atoms would be able to incarnate into Earth's Human population stream to rejuvenate. Both incarnated in the winter of nineteen forty eight. One incarnated as an Aquarian in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada, the other incarnated as an Aquarian in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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