Radionic Ships of Light are the transportation vehicles of the Cosmos, transporting people and things from one local to another as needed throughout all frequencies of all Dimensions of Creation. In practice these act no different than the assorted cars, ships, trucks, trains, and planes moving people and goods over Earth. Like in Earth vehicles, people walk about fully materialized within a Radionic Ship. Some Ships can carry large numbers of people.

On Earth today a very large body of specially dispensated Radionic Ships are present, called 'The Heavenly Host'. It has been said that the best way to hide something is in plain sight. Radionic Ships have been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years. The Heavenly Host now comprises a vast body of volunteers from all over Creation, who, among other things like Armageddon are assisting Earth in its transition from planet to radiant protostarr in the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years from now as child becoming parent.

The current Creation is over nine hundred light years across and still within it's infancy. That's a lot of places for volunteers to come from. They all arrived here in Radionic Ships. The Ships are able to move freely about Earth in the course of their responsibilities, including making higher dimensional contact with the boots on the ground Christ Army of task force volunteers also now present, known variously as Light workers, Children of the Light, and Unistarrs of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty.

The vast fleet of the Heavenly Host comprises millions upon millions of the Ships which sit in the upper fifth dimension outside the orbit of Pluto. The coming of the fleet is not a two bit affair. The entirety of your positive future is vested in their positive presence here. Those of you who are Bible literate will recall the verses, 'We who are alive will be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air'...(1. Thess, 4:17). Similarly, a Cloud led Moses and his people through the desert by day....(Exodus 13:21-22). Likewise, 'Behold, he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him ...( Revelations, 1:7).

You have been observing the Ship's Clouds for thousands of years, just not understanding what you have been looking at, It is the same today, everyone starts off as a 'Slow'. You look at the clouds overhead and see nothing. Then you hear about Chemtrails. Now suddenly, every linear effect you see in any cloud anywhere in the world is a Chemtrail. The actuality is that most of the linearly patterned Cloud formations around the world are Radionic. As mentioned in the Home Page, Radionic Cloud formations are the magnetic field reflections of the Fifth-Dimensional Radionic Ships sitting in Earth's atmosphere in Earth's fourth dimension. Radionic Cloud formations and Chemtrails look patently different. The following is a photograph of a Radionic Cloud.

Figure 1 - Them's Chemtrails. No they's not.

The photograph below on the other hand contains Chemtrails. As you can easily see, not exactly the same.

Figure 2 - Those are Radionic Clouds. No they're not.

Sometimes the lads have a few pints before going out on a mission and it shows in the quality of their work.

Figure 3 - Walk this yellow line please.

Just to be sure you understand the difference clearly, the below shows Chemtrails in the process of being laid down. Again, as you can clearly appreciate not exactly the same as the Radionic Cloud above.

Figure 4 - If those trails aren't coming straight out of a spray nozzle, this plane's in real trouble.

To give you a better idea of how Chemtrail spraying works, here's a picture of four guys really going at it.

Figure 5 - Hold'er steady boys, we're on Radionics Report.

The difference from Figure 1 and below is again obvious. Chemtrail lines are all uniform and expand uniformly. The lines in Figure 1 are not. Most are all the same width along their length even after expanding considerably. The lines in Figure 1 are not. Chemtrail results are usually a mishmash, anything but systematic. The lines in Figure 1 are not.

Figure 6 - Ok, that should keep em buzzing for while.

Radionic Clouds on the other hand always have a systematic and/or organized look about them like Figure 1 above and the Figure below.

Figure 7 - Hey, one line's thicker than the others, that's not what I'm paying you for.

Jet Contrails and sprayed Chemtrails also bear distinct differences. No matter how many trails are involved, Contrail lines generally tend to remain narrow and eventually always fade out.

Figure 8 - Just doing what we always do, so what's the problem.

Chemtrail lines on the other hand gradually get wider and wider and never fade away, just spread out more and more into an eventual cloud cover. A spraying of thirty six parallel Chemtrails in Ottawa, Canada in June of 2011 started out just like the blue lines below. After about an hour and a half they had started to spread out and blend together like the brown lines in the middle. After about three and a half hours they looked fully blended just like the orange lines at the bottom. After five hours the sky was solidly grey overcast from horizon to horizon and stayed that way for days.

Figure 9 - Just wait til tomorrow.

The official term for the Heavenly Host Ships is 'Radionic'. The official term for the fleet is 'The Radionic Ships of the Heavenly Host'. Their self presented official Revelationnum is this information you are now reading. You have been demanding for years that space visitors from other planets uncloak themselves and reveal their presence. They are at long last doing just that, because the Cosmic forces at play on Earth are at long last in place sufficient to require it. The Revelationnum herein is the Radionic Fleet's official sanctioned un-cloaking. First you need to know that the Ships are here strictly on business for First Cause and not to show off or tick anyone off. Secondly, once you have finished reading this Revelationnum you will know for a certainty that not only is there life on other planets, it exists uniformly everywhere and that all of you on Earth today have always been elsewhere out there, and are not just newcomers out of the Ocean and still wet behind the ears. Which is a myth of Science.

Planets do not birth evolutions. Root races are brought to a Planet to undergo a cycle of evolution. When the cycle is complete the Root race is moved along to its next cycle of evolution on an ever expanding basis and a new root race is brought in to start theirs. Not a single person on Earth has come from Earth. Everyone of you has come from somewhere else just as the Radionnic Ships here on Earth in abundance are from elsewhere. And no, Earth is not being taken over by bad guys or even little green men. The fleet is not called the 'Heavenly Host' without good reason, which you will learn. After reading this information all the way through, you will also know for a certainty how to tell when a Radionic Ship is overhead no matter who you are and where you are on the Planet, or who's the Pope, or what's in your pipe.

Half of you believe in UFOs. The other half of you think the first half is crazy. You are both correct. The Radionic Fleet is from First Cause, which starts from the Creators in the fifteenth dimension and links all the way down to this third. The Liberal thinking half of you have the right to be excited about that part. Earth also has about a thousand or so tin pots stuck here under Galactic Quarantine in the clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus called Armageddon. The conservative thinkers among you have a right to be disdainful about that. The full nature of the Cosmic Overplus and how it plays into the events on Earth today is given in Starrgram 15 of 'The Revelatorium', listed in the Indexes at the right.

The lesser ships are stuck in Earth's lower fifth dimension and are all tied to lesser Cause. Lesser Cause stems from the lesser purposes of Luciferian Rebellion five billion years ago. Which adhere to the Luciferian tenets of opposition to the regular Laws of Creation, which only influenced the lower half of the fifth dimension down to this third, and only exists in this Local Universe of a thousand galaxies. As you can see, not exactly a Mike Tyson match up against all of Creation as many of you try to argue. The tin pots are able to manifest in the Third Dimension and are officially called the 'Alien contamination'. The Alien Contamination are the source of all of your so called Ufo sightings, abductions, and most of your so called channelings over the years. The tin pot interlopers range from gadfly nuisances from Draco, who have tried and are still trying to interfere in earth's affairs at all levels, to well meaning do-gooders from such as the Pleiadians who mean well but are clumsily in the way. All are starting to be taken out of the picture now by being allowed to incarnate into Earth's population on a path to eventual redemption. The conservative part of your population have a right to diss this second part of the UFO equation but not the first part.

As said, the vast fleet of the Heavenly Host is from all over Creation. As also said, Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy. As said, that's a lot of places for space Ships to come from. The tin pots on the other hand are strictly from this Local Universe of only a thousand galaxies. Again, hardly a Las Vegas center ring match up. The Heavenly Host is here because Planet Earth is currently undergoing a number of milestone Cosmic changes absolutely previously unprecedented in the annuls of Creation. The eyes of the entire Creation are currently upon this little but ultimately important planet and not just out of curiosity. So take it again by dictum that what's going on here on Earth at the present time is really, really, no small potatoes.

This is not, as said, because you sic, crawled out of oceans and are now ready to join a so called Galactic community. It is because Earth is front and center in the start up of a whole new Super Universe now underway and Mankind was originally brought here to train as seed Soul Atoms for the new Creation. All to occur within Earth's fifth dimension. Then three and a half million years ago things went South when you fell from Earth's fifth dimension into Earth's third through meddling interference by the Luciferians. This is now the last lap of the long going trek back to normalcy. You are finally being returned back to the fifth. The process is already well underway.

By the end of the Age of Aquarius two thousand years from now everything will be back again on track and you will all be back in the fifth dimension where you belong. To give you a catch up, Earth's the fifth dimension is what you call the Garden of Eden. Connect the dots. When you were kicked out of the Garden, the third dimension is where you ended up. Similarly, full Galactic Law is starting to be installed back into your mass consciousness, at the end of which Earth will be welcomed back into the Galactic Community as a Planet in good standing from where it had been put under Galactic Quarantine two hundred and fifty thousand years ago.

To re-iterate yet again to make sure the point gets through the cobwebs, the Heavenly Host task force are from all over Creation in form of the upper Fifth-Dimensional magnetic Radionic Ships of Light. They are here to help ensure things on Earth move forward on the correct path of its Cosmic Destiny. The Ships are called Radionic because they have singular magnetic poles and radiate their magnetic fields outwardly. They sit unseen in Earth's higher dimensions while their magnetic fields become reflected as the visible ionnizable water vapors you see the atmospheric frequencies in the third dimension below.

The Polarity differences between Mother and Father Ships notwithstanding, as briefly hinted on the Home Page every type of respective Ship produces a different kind of Radionic reflection depending on its type. The image below shows the horizontal lines of yet another type of Radionic Father Ship reflected in Earth's lower Third-Dimensional atmosphere. The longer Cloud with flippers coming in from the center right, is a Mother Ship Radionic Cloud. The Contrail coming down from the left shows the actual difference in perspective between Contrails, Chemtrails and Radionic Fields. X marks the spot because evidently, it thought it had to.

Figure 10 - We sign our checks with Xs but they bounce them just the same.

- Radionic Clouds -

This Revelationnum starts by making a case for the Radionic Clouds produced by Radionic Ships when in Earth's atmosphere. It continues by making a case for the Ships themselves when they become visible as Fourth-Dimensional condensations. It finally makes the case about why they are here and what is to become because of it. As has been said, the Ships are here to help clean up the remnant lesser conditions in the aftermath of the Luciferian Rebellion. One of the more adverse lesser conditions from the Rebellion was your demeaning fall into Earth's third dimension three and a half million years ago from out of Earth's Edentic fifth dimension where you belong.

The Cosmic Energies helping to raise you back up into the fifth dimension are now already unfolding. The Radionic fleet is intimately involved in ensuring that they become installed in your consciousness properly. Two thousand years from now most of you will be back up in the fifth dimension where you belong. Those of you that don't will be relocated according to your frequency to one or another of the twenty five hundred other planets in this Local Universe which resulted with an outer Third-Dimensional condition like Earth. Where you will continue your clearing. See more about this in ''The Revelatorium' Starrgrams at the index right.

The Luciferian Self-Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus commenced five billion years ago and was officially ended by Christ on the Mount two thousand years ago. Hold fast to that thought as this is the single most important factor in what is happening today. The clean up in the aftermath is already well underway. Plant Earth is hard fast in the middle of Armageddon because some of you are part of the problem and the rest of you are part of the solution but just haven't cottoned up to the fact yet. The information in this Revelationnum is of seminal importance to both of you. For those of you who are part of the problem, it reveals what the problem is and why you are a part of it. For those of you who are part of the solution it reveals what is being done, what still needs to be done and why you need to wake up about it real quick. If you don't you will be considered as part of the problem until you do. Twenty five hundred planets is all that were afflicted with a Third-Dimensional population like Earths. Earth is the first of the twenty five hundred planets to be cleared. Which why all the important parties are here. It is also the beta test planet. What works here will be moved along to the other planets.

This is only the beginning. As mentioned, the Cosmic changes currently occurring on Earth also include the birth of a whole new Super Universe which is already starting to unfold. They also include the transition of Earth itself into a radiant protostarr in the womb of Orion two hundred and fifty thousand years from now as an integral part of the new Creation. This is not Homer Simpson stuff. Some of the Energies coming into Earth right now for these particular reasons were set in motion long before this Galaxy was even begun. The making of Eternity is daily work.

The Radionic fleet is here to help in all these changes. Among their more hands-on actions, they are casting an emerald green Energy field of pure love around the planet so it doesn't explode while the Stygian Deeps of negative Nplus static in the lower astral hell states is cleared out forever, almost concluded. The back of the Beast has been broken and the Universe rejoices.

The Radionic Ships have been around in Earth's atmosphere to some degree or other for many many millennia. As previously mentioned, your Bible and other early writings reflect that. The great Radionic fleet of today has been on site outside Pluto since the early fifties. The more awake ones among you first became aware of the great fleet in the late fifties and erroneously called it variously The Galactic Fleet', 'The fleet of the Galactic Federation', 'The Andromeda Command', 'The Pleiadian task force', 'Captain Cody and the Space Cadets' and a myriad of other such off the cuff interpretations. They are in fact the 'Heavenly Host', from all over Creation. Pause for a moment and let that sink in. In reduced numbers they were the exact same type of Heavenly Host that accompanied Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, Moses before that, and ad infinitum before that. Let that also sink in.

You have also all been too quick to offer up supposed conclusions about why you think they are here based upon the kinds of things you have been doing to each other here in the third dimension for the last three and a half million years ago. Ranging all the way from 'We're toast', to 'We're saved'. The reality is that the Radionic Fleet is here to help you transit safely through the number of extremely intense, high frequency inductions which are confluencing upon Earth today consequent of the cosmic events now unfolding. Most of which won't be mentioned in this Revelationnum, but are explained in detail in 'The Intelligent Design of Creation', and 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega'.

Which is why 'The Revelatorium Revelations' has been given to you from First Cause at the present time as a preface to the 'Waters of Truth' which will be down coming during Aquarius, called 'The Great Book'. Which is to help mitigate your ascension back to the fifth dimension. There is only one way that the higher Realities work. If you ask a hundred and fifty thousand different 'Enlightened Ones' what the higher Dimensions are all about, you will get one hundred and fifty thousand different answers. The RRevelations is to set the record straight. There is only the one true Reality.

As also mentioned, on a daily basis thousands of the Ships will be teleported into Earth's fifth dimension at any given time. Since the spring of 2018, hundreds of thousands. Their presence in Earth's atmosphere creates the distinctive Third-Dimensional magnetic field patterns in Earth's atmosphere called Radionic Clouds. The Radionic Cloud arrays are their signature. When you see a Radionic Cloud you know a Radionic Ship is in behind as the cause. Some of you 'Slows' think there are wing nuts around such as this word smither, who believe that Chemtrails are Radionic UFOs. The Reality is that what most of you believe to be Chemtrails are Radionic UFOs.

Not to misunderstand, Chemtrails are here for a fact too, but only here and there. They occur wherever an over stuffed authority figure decides that the natural order of things needs to be disturbed. Radionic Ships of Light on the other hand, are all over the place all of the time disturbing nothing. You just need to know what to look for. The term 'Radionic', meaning the Radiating-like nature of the Clouds are their green light. You only need to grasp this essential difference once and thus you have it once and for all. The difference can't be missed. As in the Figures above, the Radial lines in Radionic Clouds are usually massive, the trail lines in Chemtrails are usually wimpers. And nobody but nobody makes Chemtrails in a radial pattern.

Check the Radionic ionnizations in Figure 1 above again and check them again against the Jet Contrail running in from the left in Figure 10. Since Chemtrails start out identical to Contrails at the point of emission, the point is made. Contrail and Chemtrails can never turn into Radionic Radial rays and visa versa. If you continue to confuse them from this point on, you either need new glasses or a couple of bowls of brain enhancers. Or better still, give your head a good shake to clear out the cobwebs, because there a lot of you out there with very big cobwebs at the present time.

The study of Radionic Clouds is called 'Radionics'. The four great Mother Ships of the fleet are called 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'. The word 'Apocalypse' in Greek means 'Revelation' and not disaster. Also, as already mentioned the fleet is from all over Creation. Also remembering they are here as part and parcel of the Great Cosmic changes which are occurring on Earth at the present and not here to pillage, disrupt, or take over.

Ufo aficionados look eagerly for flashing lights and other such Man like effects to prove the existence of UFOs. Supposed UFOs with flashing lights are not a sign of Extraterrestrials. No matter the size, shape, motion or complexity of any sighted object, regularly occurring flashing lights are Man made. After having traveled millions of light years though Inter-Stellar and Inter-dimensional space, the Ships do not need running lights to tell them where they are going. Any of you thinking they do clearly have not thought the matter through carefully. Colored astral flashes can come off the Ships, but the flashes are not regular and are not affixed on the Ships.

Mobile Radionic Scout Ships are the most commonly observed Radionic Ship. A considerable up tick in the number of daily appearances started in the spring of two thousand and sixteen in the escalation of unfolding frequencies now incoming to Earth. Both Mother and Father Ships have also suddenly started becoming observed in increasing numbers as the energies coming into the planet have started going sky high and the next phase of the Armageddon project is starting to unfold.

As mentioned in the home page, Negative and Positive pole Scout Ships, plus Mother and Father Ships always occur as connected partners. Even though they can be very widely spread apart the Negative Positive pole aspects remain connected across the ethers like a magnet overhead. Likewise, Scout Ships do not teleport in from Pluto. Mother Ships teleport into Earth's atmosphere and release the Father Ships and sometimes other Mother Ships plus Scout Ships where and when needed. Inter-dimensional and inter octave gateway portals allow the Ships to enter the different frequencies of the fourth dimension where they are needed to do their particular days work.

Regardless of type, Radionic Scout Ships always emit from the parent Ships into Earth's environment as a Negative and Positive Fifth-Dimensional polarity pair. In Earth's Third-Dimensional physicality, the negative and positive poles of a magnet can never be separated. Breaking a bar magnet in two gives you two bar magnets. In the fifth dimension and higher a pair of magnetic poles can still be connected even if at great distances apart. To your Third-Dimensional eyes, each Radionic Ship will seem to act individually as though a magnetic monopole whose individual presence reflects as the individual Radionic Fields and condensations seen in the Third-Dimensional cloud cover underneath. The magnetic fields of Mother and Father Ship partners will also always be connected, whether near each other or even if hundreds of miles apart and even if on opposite sides of the planet. Anchor Scout Ships will always face opposing each other at one hundred and eighty degrees, even if nearby and even if hundreds of miles apart. Mobile Scout ship pairs can sit directly side by side, or in opposite side of a Radionnic Field, and many pairs will often sit collectively within a same cumulous cloud location.

The visible Radionic magnetic field arrays are produced whenever an area of cloud moisture passes through the Radionic Ship's magnetic field. The magnetic field ionizes the water vapour, which then concentrates it ionnically along the magnetic lines creating the reflection of the Ship's magnetic radiations within the water vapour. This is their tell-tale, since such stand alone magnetic monopoles in and of themselves are completely impossible in the ordinary Third-Dimensional world of physics.

Radionic Anchor Scout Ship Radial f arrays are always distinguished from chemtrails, contrails, and jet stream activity by converging to a focal point about ten to fifteen degrees above the horizon instead of at the horizon by parallax. Their recognition is aided by the fact that the Radionic fields can stick around for awhile in the same place, sometimes even for days, even weeks, even as the passing areas of ionized water vapour revealing them have long since passed through. The Ship hasn't moved, the Radionic Fleld hasn't moved, the original water vapors moving through could now be passing over England. Whereas Contrails are long gone in a short while and Chemtrails become quickly spread out into overcast, even as both drift along with the drifting vapors.

The following image tells the story. The image is a screen copy from a sped up video which shows the Radionic Cloud staying put while everything else scoots on by. The cumulus clouds in front go by quickly to the left and the secondary cloud layer above moves more slowly to the left. Cars go up the highway at like hundreds of miles per hour. The white diffuse cloud in the middle, diffuse white cloud slanting upwards to the right, and white diffuse cloud slanting upwards to the left are all part of the Radionic Field. Which stays put throughout. Proving once and forevermore that Radionic Radials are not Chemtrails and Chemtrails are not Radionic Radials. Chemtrails get caught in the wind like everything else and move right along like everything else. Radionic Radials don't. The video is at: Non-Moving Radionic Field. To re-run, use the Backspace key at YouTube upper left. Use the Backspace key a couple of times to get back to this page here.

Figure 11 - The proof is in the pudding, try and gainsay that.

To make the point clear yet again, when you see a Radionic Cloud formation you are not looking at a Radionic Ship. You are looking at the Ship's magnetic field reflected in the cloud layer below. The Ship itself will be sitting in the higher dimension, figuratively speaking above the formation. As said, Scout Ships and Mother and Father Ships exist in Earths atmosphere all over the place all of the time, sitting bare faced in the noon-day sun as magnetic monopoles. From the Third-Dimensional physical point of view the formations can also appear as a pair of monopoles, not always so obvious or anywhere near as common.

The pair of monopoles are, as previously stated, from a Negative and Positive pair of Radionic Ships acting as the respective Negative and Positive poles of a magnetic field set up between them. The field is no different in principle than a bar magnet. In particular, the radial cloud lines of an Anchor Scout Ship pair as discussed in detail in Starrgrams 2 to 4 are in fact the field lines running from one end to the other just like iron filings around a bar magnet, only high overhead spanning up to hundreds of miles.

The polarized magnetic field provides a local magnetic environment in which a saucer shaped, cigar shaped or long cylindrical shaped Mother Ship or Father Ship can hang around and get whatever needs doing done. Plus any number of small Mobile Scout Ships. Nobody is here on a holiday. Whenever you see an Anchor Scout Ship Fleld or pair, a Mother or Father Ship or both will usually be somewhere in the vicinity. As said, the Anchor Scout Ship Flelds can be very small or very large depending on the Anchor Scout Ships involved and different type of Mother Ship or Father Ship in the field. The Mother Ships and Father Ships can be tucked in close to the Anchor Ships, or far afield like a family pooch off the leash. But always still inside a magnetic umbrella somewhere even if not seen. Mobile Scout Ships in considerable variety also ply within the fields. Sometimes a saucer shaped Mother and Father Ship or Mobile Ship will be ultra condensed and appear almost like a solid object. Similarly, cigar shaped Mother and Father Ships can be ultra condensed and appear like a cylinder which can be very short or very long.

Off-world, Mother and Father Ships move about by teleportation. In Earths on-world higher dimensions they move by magnetic polarity oppositions and attractions. The magnetic field of the assorted Mobile Ships play against the north/south pole alignment of the Anchor Scout Ship Flelds by thought, allowing them to travel quickly to anyplace they want not unlike your modern high speed Maglev trains.

Please note that while the term 'Magnetic monopole' is used freely in these discussions, it is to be understood that stand alone magnetic monopoles in and of themselves are completely impossible, even in the higher dimensions. Magnetism is from the interaction between the Negative and Positive polarities of the interlocking triangles of what you call the 'Starr of David', initiated as one of the founding tenets of the 'Intelligent Design of Creation by which all of Creation has been and is being blueprinted and expressed.

No matter where in Creation, when one magnetic pole is present, its opposite pole is also always present. Whether it be a Scout Ship, Mother Ship, or Father Ship or even a sub atomic part of an atom, its partner or opposite pole is always present somewhere, the principle behind Quantum entanglement. Consequently, whenever the term monopole is used herein for conversational purposes, it will always be taken for granted that the partner pole is also present somewhere, seen or not wherever it may be. To help get you up to speed, more about this is discussed in Starrgram 3 of the 'Intelligent Design of Creation' in the Index at the right. After you have read all of the Starrgrams of the Design, you will completely understand.

You will also find that you don't have to be in the country or up a mountain top somewhere to see Radionic Ship presences. This is not like the Milky Way. Many of the live photographs in this Revelationnum were taken by 'Knows', and were taken from the equivalent of up or down 'Your street' USA. The ones from the Internet are from anywhere in the World. Mother Ships are involved in moving Ships around where needed. Father Ships are more involved in passing information down to whichever consciousnesses are in the loop on the planet below. All Radionic Ships are involved in absorbing information up from the surface of the planet through the higher consciousnesses of the 'Knows' who are pure enough in consciousness not to send up static.

- Revelationnum Protocols -

The Radionic 'Lay of the land' is extremely extensive and this Revelationnum takes you all the way through it step by step. For a considerable time now you have been trumpeting two thousand and sixteen as the year for big things to occur on the UFO front, such as an official Government Revelationnum which has still not yet happened.. Well, yep, big things did suddenly start to happen, only on the Radionic front not the tin pots. In early spring of two thousand and sixteen, an official request was made from above to bring the presence of the Radionic Ships to light down into the consciousnesses of Humanity. At that time the occurrences of the Ships in Earth's atmosphere accelerated enormously. The presence of the Radionic fleet is now officially herewith Disclosed. You are now being told unconditionally how to recognize them and why they are here.

This Revelationnum starts with Radionic Clouds in Starrgrams 2 to 15, and finishes of in Starrgram 16 with a quick introduction to the matters of Volume II. The remaining Starrgrams deal with supplementary matters. The Revelationnum contains enough different examples, with enough covering explanations of each to fully apprise you about what you should be looking for under nearly all circumstances. Plus to have at least a little understanding of what it is you are actually looking at and why. To avoid having to repeat the phrase 'Found on an Internet search, date and location unknown' five hundred an eighty eight times, if no date and location of a particular photograph are given, it came from an Internet Search or equivalent where the date and location is anybody's guess..

Likewise, to help appreciate these photographs more, on most computers you can enlarge the screen view by holding down the 'Ctrl' key and scrolling your mouse wheel or pad to the size you want. Don't go overboard, but who knows what you'll find in a given picture. The word smither composing this Revelationnum found some amazing things by blowing up seemingly plain looking Radionic Flelds. You never see these extra things when looking at the sky. You usually never see them even when looking at the photograph either. But blow it up, and woah!'. Some of the stuff in Starrgrams 16 was discovered by way of aggressive blow ups.

Also, keep in mind that the most of the cloud photos herein are not the stunning breath takers you see from guys and gals with four thousand dollar cameras and twenty five years under their belt. Most are from simple cell phones and no years under the belt. The really good quality locally taken photographs are more by good luck than by good know how. Also, most of the photos herein have been squashed, squished, squeezed, and squirted through the Internet and it shows. Some of the salient Radionic features in some of the photos were not even visible in the original downloads. Most of those that weren't off the Internet were squashed, squished, squeezed, and squirted through panoramic PhotoMerge programs. These programs make nice panoramic photographs but the fidelity of the originals take a big hit. Only a few of the photos herein went directly from camera to computer and thus saved from getting seriously beaten up. The net result is that some of the photos herein look pretty grim. The good news is that after a lot of friendly persuasions through an assortment of different photo enhancement programs and operations, even the worst at least shows what the text says they do.

Likewise, many of the original Radionic Fields photographed filled the whole sky. You will discover that soon enough, as soon as you start seeing Radionic Clouds for yourself. These majestic views would have required two or more very accurate successive camera sweeps going back and forth higher and higher overhead to get it all. Because of the very small aperture sizes of cell phone cameras however, even trace changes in the angle of a cell phone can produce marked mis-alignments in the final product. The PhotoMerge programs used to compose the multiple shots taken into a single panoramic view don't like mis-alignments very much. So very few second and third level row sweeps ever proved useable, even with video which counter intuitively failed miserably. Consequently, what you see in most of the images herein is only a very small portion of what was actually present in the sky at the time. As said, some of these things filled the whole sky. In the old days it was called, "Glory in the Sky'.

Also, be ready to see the same photograph in two or more Starrgrams for completely different reasons and completely different effects. By convention, if a particular photograph is repeated in a later Starrgram the location of the previous presentation is always given. That way you will never be thrown into a constant state of Deja Vu. The technique is used extensively in this Revelationnum. Similarly, a lot of cross referencing is used between the images to help point out the similarities, differences, continuities and other relevancies between the various Radionic effects discussed.

The cross referencing also helps to show that among other things, nothing ever shows up exactly the same when looking in a given direction twice in a row despite the same direction being referenced numerous times. It's the juxta-positioning of one complete photograph against another that gradually builds the case. If one of a thing is a thing, two of the thing proves it. Please note too that you don't have to back check the references to continue reading if you don't want to. They are done to help you build up a greater understanding of how Radionic works in general and how some of the aspects work in detail, not to keep you constantly reading backwards and forwards for the sake of reading.

Also, note that some of the points are repeated periodically throughout this Revelationnum for additional emphasis. When someone is hard of hearing you have to either repeat yourself ten times or shout real loud. Since this Revelationnum is being presented within a medium which does not work all that well with shouting, repeating it is. Likewise, not every factor pointed out in a photograph is easy to spot. Think of it as finding the five cats in a cartoon drawing on a child's comic strip fun page. Likewise, like an encyclopedia, you can also think of the book version of this Revelationnum as a lifetime investment. Nothing in it is likely to ever change. Also like an encyclopedia, if you are looking at a Radionic event in your area or manage to photograph one, use the book or website as a reference source to identify what specific type of Radionic event you are looking at. That could be fun. The details in this Revelationnum will hold true until it doesn't matter anymore two thousand years from now when there won't be anybody remaining in the third dimension.

Similarly, considerable effort has been given to specify the compass direction of a particular view whenever possible in order to impress the fact that these Ships are very loyal to their preferred locations. Similarly, the events are being chronicled as much as possible as they are unfolding to help you stay in focus. This Radionic stuff is is not old news, it is new news, being recorded even as it unfolds like a diary. This is a very momentous moment in the History, when Third-Dimensionally interred Mankind finally learns the truth about the fourth dimension and higher. And you are a part of it and also in the middle of it. The Heavenly Host haven't come around for nothing.

Also, bear in mind that this Revelationnum is fairly long. Some of the parts will leave you looking in studied wonderment, others may have you heading out door for a beer. Some parts are a bit of a word salad, striving to point out something relevant. Remember though, that every part, large or small, teaches something new. Leave nothing out while reading through.


Please note than this Revelationnum is been presented to inform you about the presences of the Heavenly Host, and not cajole you into a particular viewpoint about the matter. Also, please be advised that this Revelationnum is not intended to impress the academic community. Nor is it being put out by somebody seeking to pad their resume'. Nor is it being presented to gain acclaim. It is written in a somewhat informal and colloquial manner at a street level of conversation to both entertain and hold the interest of even those of you who are of the 'Slow', 'Great grey they' persuasion. Or, as you are also called in some circles, the 'Pajama people' and in others 'Mr. and Mrs. Walmart'. Who might not yet be even be aware of the difference between a Cumulous cloud and thunder storms let alone the difference between a Radionic Clouds and high flying Cirrus Cloud formations. Basically, this Revelationnum talks to you rather than at you in a language you are used to.

Likewise, the nomenclatures of this Revelationnum are not ridged. The terms, Ionnic Clouds, Radionic Clouds, Ionnic Fields, and Radionic Fields all refer to the same thing. Namely, the visible reflections in the Third-Dimensional of a Ship's magnetic field in the fourth. Similarly, you may notice that some of the paragraphs may seem unduly short or unduly long, or likewise may seem to begin at the wrong place according to proper English protocols. This is because proper grammar etiquette wasn't the ruling authority in how things went. The page layouts pandered to the largest possible Figure impressions as possible. Also, to have all the drawings on the same page the same width. If an overly large white gap resulted at the bottom of a page, a paragraph or two were split up to fill the space. If a space was not quite large enough on a page to accommodate an intended image comfortably, a paragraph or two were scrunched together to free up space. Once and a while a white section did result at the bottom anyway, no choice about it sob.

Likewise, the little captions beside some of the images are like pop corn to a movie. Read them for amusement if you want, or don't, not to worry. You'll wind up with the same understanding about Radionics anyway. Likewise, considerable lore has been provided on the side about taking photographs, merging them into panoramics, how some of the photos came about, plus some of the events surrounding some of the sightings, etc., as color to lighten the load a bit so the whole thing doesn't come across like dry corn flakes.

Similarly, this Revelationnum functions like a classroom, helping you understand the Radionic Fleet in detail rather than just pointing it out to you or commenting about it. It should be read as a text book rather than a novel. You don't start at the last chapter of a calculus book to learn how to do calculus. The text informations given in this Revelationnum is action packed. By the very statements themselves, nearly every little sentence teaches you something new about the Radionics phenomenon. Very little space is wasted wafting on and on about something. The Revelationnum simultaneously teaches you how to recognize the Radionic Ship's presences, how to understand their inner workings, and how they are working together to unfold the Cosmic plan now occurring on Earth, and why. The Revelationnum similarly teaches you about many peripheral things, not the least of which is the nature of the higher dimensions and the fact that Universal life exists everywhere throughout Creation. For those of you who are new to the subject, this is far easier than trying to make sense of the thousands upon thousands of Internet websites and books on the shelf dealing with the subject, usually erroneously, and usually written a language structure that would mystify even a Linguisticist. Also, importantly, if you don't read the texts sequentially you won't know what some of the later unfamiliar expressions mean.

For these reasons this Revelationnum takes the position that most of this information is completely new to Humanity and no one will have a clue up front about what's being discussed. Consequently whenever possible, everything has been rendered down almost to the point of pabulum for the benefit of you newbies to the subject. For the points that haven't been predigested enough, just re-read them once or twice to get it. Likewise, the verity of the Revelationnum itself is beyond doubt of anyone who takes the trouble to read it all the way though, as it continually confirms itself over and over as it goes. Those of you who are at least partially aware of the subjects discussed will learn of facts not found in any of the thousands and thousands of typical UFO sites and/or publications out there, and not likely to until they start coming around to the Reality of Radionics too.

In particular, the photographic proofs in this Revelationnum are a judicious mixture of images off the Internet and from the media, plus a generous helping from real live cameras in real live hands by real live people at real live locations at real live times. Whenever possible, a real live known example is always chosen over one from the Internet, which could have been from anywhere at any time. Similarly, this Revelationnum leaves no stone unturned. Enough photographs and explanations have been given to not only make the points clear, but also to prove the points beyond all speculation.

Likewise, the Revelationnum will not stale date on the day it is issued like a novel. The types and kinds of Radionic Ships and the types and kinds of Radionic Fields they produce will not change, nor will the Revelationnum except to gradually expand through successive volumes. Likewise, use the Revelationnum as a reference guide. If you see something, whip out the Revelationnum to to identify what you are seeing. 

By the time you have finished reading this Revelationnum you will be a confirmed believer in Radionic Ships. For sure, you will also no longer see every interesting cloud as a Chemtrail or cute lamb. You will also likely not be so much absorbed with the tin pot Alien contamination quarantined around Earth and their abductions, for they will be seen as much lesser matters. And if not, you will at least be far more enlightened about the lesser Ships than before. The tin pot Ships are of the days of future past, and are starting to become translated out of Creation forever. Remember also, that the Radionic Ships are the good guys not the bad guys, and not the other way around.

To summarize once again, the work of this 'Radionic Ships of this Heavenly Host' Revelationnum is to reveal to you the fact of the Host and how to see them. By the time you have finished reading the last Starrgram, unless you are a frozen department store mannequin or a stulted synchopath you will know more about Radionic Ships than scientists know about the parts of an atom. This Revelationnum also teaches you a fair bit about higher dimensional Cosmic Law as part and parcel of the explanations. The work of the 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' is the full Cosmic Reality classroom, teaching you the complete facts about the Creators and their Creation of which you are an integral part. If you also read 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' and 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' Starrgrams all the way through, you will know more about what's going on in the Cosmos at large than at any time since Man has been in the third Dimension, including Atlantis and Lemuria.

It is also important for you to remember that one of the main purposes of this Revelationnum is to help direct you to the overall Revelatorium Revelations information. The Revelatorium Revelations is by far the greater story. It involves the whole of Reality and not just one or another particular aspect such as the Radionic Ships. A small introduction about the Radionic Ships was originally included as a final Starrgram in 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega', until the request officially went out from up stairs to break it off and go main stream about it as an independent part of 'The Revelatorium Revelations' in its own right.

It is also important to point out that this is not a, sic, 'Look at what this word smith has discovered and put together'. This is instead what this wordsmith has been told about and shown, and has been asked to put together by the Heavenly Host into presentable form under their guidance and direction for the benefit of all Mankind. The more you can help to make it well known the better.

Also, as has been previously mentioned, this Revelationnum is the third part of a three book series titled 'The Revelatorium Revelations'. 'The Revelatorium Revelations' is about Reality, where 'Reality' is everything in Creation which does not come from the mind of Man. Which includes all eighteen dimensions of the Creators, their Holy Trinity Self in the fifteenth dimension, and their greater made outer bodily projection from their thirteenth dimension on down which you know and are a part of as 'Creation'. 'The 'Revelatorium Revelations' also comprises a full revelatory Revelationnum of the past, present, and future Cosmic activities of Creation at large and on Earth in particular. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' is Book 1, dealing with how Creation was begun and why. 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' is Book 2, and deals with assorted Cosmic Spiritual matters of Creation. The Radionic Ships of the Heavenly Host' is Book 3 and deals with the Radionic Fleet which is here on Earth during Armageddon to help make sure everything unfolds properly as it should. The greater Cosmic laws of Reality are simple to understand and need to be known by everyone before they can successfully be allowed back up into the fifth dimension where they belong. You know what you have to do. View the Revelatorium Revelations as a handbook for ascension.

The Chapters of all three books, called 'Starrgrams' are down the Index at the right hand side of every page in every part. You need to read 'The Revelatorium Revelations' all the way through from page one to page end to get a complete understanding of who and what the Creators are all about, what Creation is all about, and who and what you are all about. Plus what great cosmic events are starting to unfold on Earth at the present time such as the Age of Aquarius. And why it is happening now and not yesterday or tomorrow. Plus everything about the all new Anti-Matter Creation starting to unfold in Andromeda, which is the money shot. When you are finished with the Starrgrams of this Revelationnum, start again with Starrgram 1 of 'The Intelligent Design of Creation'. When finished, read 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' all the way through. Then read the Radionics Ships of the Heavenly Host all the way through again. Your understanding of each topic will be many times greater. Then read the whole of the Revelatorium Revelations all the way through again. Your consciousness never stops expanding. It's part and parcel of the Cosmic Clock. The Cosmic Clock is how Creation ever expands.

A special thanks to friends of the cause: ND of Uganda, LF of Paris Ontario, JM of Brantford Ontario, RL of Ottawa Ontario, MS of Huntsville Ontario, and KB of Scotland who generously provided numerous Radionic examples for this Revelationnum. Also thanks to PW, of Northern California, JT of Brantford Ontario, and KL of Burnaby British Columbia who helped with timely happy lettuce assistances from time to time. Names are not given only initials, because this is Battle of Armageddon stuff. Any time light is being pitted against dark you have to be careful. The negatives can use the vibration of someone's name to ferret them out astrally, then use Forbidden Wisdom type malpractice to psychically bother them with difficulties.

Also note that the following Photo enhancing software programs have all been used in critically enhancing the visual quality of every one of the photographs in this Revelationnum.

1. Adobe 'PhotoShop';

2. Corel 'Paint Shop Pro';

3. NCH Software 'PhotoPad';

4. Movavi 'Photo Editor'.

5. Cyberlink 'Photo Director'

Most of the photos herein were literally converted from a sow's ear into a silk purse. A few are not so silk but most are not too bad. For fun, see Starrgram 17 for some before and after comparisons. Also, the 'PhotoMerge' features in PhotoShop and Photo Director were used to re-create the original panoramic effects of all of the real live photographs taken by this wordsmither plus a few from the friends of the cause. The 'panorammic' camera feature was used in many of the photos off the Internet.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website as source.


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