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Under revision, some parts are still a little unfinished.

Revelation 3 of the Revelatorium Revelations teaches you exactly how to recognize the presence of Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly host instead of merely arguing for their existence. Once you read it through you'll recognize that you've been seeing Radionnic Ships all your life without actually appreciating what you were looking at. Once you do start understanding what it is, you'll know for a certainty that the Radionnic Ships of Light really do exist, and no one will ever be able to take that away from you. This is how their official Disclosure is being undertaken. One at a time by word of mouth, eventually everyone will come to know about them and Society will not have been thrown into turmoil one iota.

The Apocalypse is now unfolding, understanding that 'apocalypse' in Greek means 'revelation' not disaster. Pursuant to the clean up in the aftermath of the Luciferian Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus now undergoing through all thousand Galaxies of this Local Universe, the Heavenly Host has been duly sanctioned to finally reveal  their presence to all Mankind. Their disclosure in the form of this patent revelation, which is to teach you exactly which type of cloud signatures are relevant and why ends forever the question, 'Do they exist'?. The totality of this website and book comprises the Disclosure. The eye sees what the mind cannot argue. In effect the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host have been hiding 'bare faced in the noon day sun' for many millenniums as unusual  looking cloud formations and blobs.


The fact is that over half a billion higher Fifth-Dimensional Radionnic Ships of Light are now overhead in Earth's atmosphere everywhere all the time. You only need to know what to look for. The fact is that The Radionnic Ships do not project directly into the Third Dimension, only the Fourth. The Radionnic Ships are magnetic but have no poles. They are called 'Radionnic' because their their magnetic field lines radiate outward  like the lines of force of a bar magnet. The magnetic fields cause the water moisture in the area to ionnize and concentrate along their magnetic lines as a reflection of the field. The reflection appears in the form of distinctive visible Radionnic Cloud patterns in the Third Dimension, and are their signature.

To preserve Universal magnetic parity, the Ships will always project together a positive and negative pole pair. Their magnetic lines of force will connect between them setting up a standard magnetic field overhead no different than a standard bar magnet. The magnetic filed causes the moisture vapour in the area to ionnize, allowing it to concentrate along the lines of force of the field into a distinctive radial cloud pattern which cannot be duplicated by nature or any effects of Man.

When the ships project into the higher octaves of the Fourth Dimension their magnetic fields create the signature cloud patterns as seen in the Third Dimension.  When they project into the lower levels of the Fourth Dimension instead, the outwardly radiating magnetic lines are replaced by a dense moisture condensation within the body area of the Ship itself as a visible water condensated version. The condensations may appear solid but a baseball would pass right through them. Revealing the nature of the Radionnic Cloud reflections and condensations is how the Fleet's presence is being revealed. Cloud reflections and condensations are what you need to look for.

To repeat, Radionnic Ship presences occur in two forms. The first are as Radionnic magnetic cloud reflections, where the water molecules in the area become ionized or electrolysed and gather together along the radial lines of the magnetic fields. The second are as condensated moisture replicas, where the ionized or electrolysed water molecules gather tightly together into the actual shape of the Ship. The figure below shows an example of both, displaying first an unmistakable Radionnic cloud pattern on the one hand, and having an unmistakable condensated version pf Ship on the other.

The branches of the cloud in the image above, splayed like the outstretched fingers of a hand are the magnetic cloud reflection in Earth's Third Dimension of a Radionnic Anchor Scout Ship sitting unseen in the upper levels of Earth's Fourth Dimension. The ship itself is sitting at the apex point of the cloud at the bottom of the image. The saucer shaped Ship seen in the middle is a lower level Fourth-Dimensional condensated Mobile Radionnic Scout Ship reflection sitting visibly within the Radionnic Cloud.

There are six main types of Radionnic Ships, Negative and Positive Polarity Anchor Ships, Negative and Positive pole Mother and Father Ships, and Negative and Positive pole Mobile Scout ships. Within those three groups there are many different Radial cloud patterns and condensations associated with each different type of respective Ship. However, all are similar according to their kind, and all are consistent in accordance with their Principle. The first two groups produce the main body of visible Radionnic Clouds seen around Earth every day. The third group of Mobile Scout Ship condensates produce the main body of visible ship replicas.

Mother Ships are Negative in Polarity, Father Ships are Positive. In a bar magnet, the direction of the magnetic lines of force is outward from the positive pole and inward at the negative end. The positive and negative poles of the Radionnic Ships work the same way. Father Ship Radials Clouds are frilly and decimated as the field is flowing outward. Mother Ship Radials are more robust and tendril like as the field is flowing in.

The Radionnic story overhead starts with Radionnic Anchor Ships. Radionnic Anchor Ships Fields are always vertical in alignment. The Ships always project together in pairs. Each Ship is a magnetic monopole, one has a negative polarity and the other positive. The fields connected through the fourth and fifth dimension to preserve Universal magnetic unity. The projecting Radionnic pair always project facing each other oppositely at one hundred and eighty degrees. The out flowing radial lines of the Positive pole Ships flow out and into the incoming Radial lines of the negative pole, creating the magnetic field overhead like a bar magnet canopy which you can sometime follow and see by eye. Consistent with their polarities, the out flowing Positive pole Fields are generally thinned out up the middle, while the in flowing Negative polarity Fields are generally filled in.

The magnetic field between the two acts as a local magnetic environment, allowing the other types of Radionnics Ships to move around magnetically by attraction and repulsion against the polarities of the field. A Positive pole Radionnic cloud field and Negative pole partner both visible at the same time when the atmospheric water moisture content is sufficient in both directions to allow the the respective visibilities to be produced. Usually, seeing the two visible at the same time is much more by luck than by golly. Whenever you see a Radionnic Cloud visible in one direction, always check to see if the Radionnic Cloud in the other direction is also visible.

Negative Pole Anchor Ship Radionnic Cloud

Positive Pole Anchor Ship Radionnic Cloud

Mother and Father Radionnic Ships occur in two main shapes, elongated and saucer. The respective Radionnic Clouds reflect the shape. Like the Anchor Ships, the Mother and Father Ships always project together in pairs representing the positive and negative polarity ends of a magnetic field. They may be many miles apart and may even be on different sides of the planet in different Anchor Ship Fields. But they will always remain connected magnetically through the upper fourth dimension. The Laws of magnetics are Universal and remain the same throughout all frequencies of all dimensions.

The positive and negative magnetic features of Mother and Father Ships likewise work the same way as Anchor Ship, Father Ship Radionnic Fields are wispy, Mother Ship Fields are robust.

Saucer Shaped Father Ship Radionnic Cloud

Saucer Shaped Mother Ship Radionnic Cloud

The elongated shaped Mother and Father Ships can be very long, up to ten miles in length. Very long Ships produce very characteristic Radial Cloud Patterns. The thing to remember is that no one makes Chemtrails in a Radial pattern. Similar to Saucer Shaped Ships, Father Ship cloud lines are quite wimpery while Mother Ship cloud lines are very robust

Elongated Father Ship Radionnic Cloud

Elongated Mother Ship Radionnic Cloud

Radionnic Ships can't move at will from one Radionnic Field to another because there is not a magnetic field between them to work against unless the Fields overlap. When a Ship has to change Fields that don\t overlap they travel through a local dimensional portal. The portals are like flat rectangular panels which are visible or not depending upon the local moisture conditions. In the Figure below, a portal panel is visible in the middle of the picture with a small clutch of Mobile Ships which have just come through. Nooo, the item in the upper left corner is a sea gull.

Small panels involve Mobile Ships, larger panels involve Mother and Father Ships.

Whether or not a panel is condensated or contains condensation depends entirely on both the local conditions and the circumstances of the projection. In a clear blue sky the panel will be as invisible as a pane of glass, meaning there are lots around, just not seen. With lots of moisture around, interesting variations can occur.

Radionnic Ships hiding bare faced in the noon day sun is not just a figure of speech. If you didn't know what was going on, you wouldn't have a clue that something was going on in the following Figure below. Big saucer shaped clouds are as common Borscht. And most of the time mean nothing. But when Radionnic effects are in play the tune changes. The Radial cloud pattern in behind the large saucer ship below and in the stratosphere behind that is the give away. Not to mention the abundance of Mobile Scout Ships at the center right, upper right, and upper left. It's been going on like this in secret for thousands and thousands of years. From now on, not so secret.

The bulk of the Radionnic Fleet around Earth is made up of Mobile Scout Ships. Ships having two to or so, up to a couple of dozen people on  board. The Mobile Ships number in the hundreds of Millions. Like Anchor Ships and Mother and Father Ships, the Mobile Scout ships also respectively have a Negative or Positive polarity, and also project into the Anchor Ship magnetic fields as lower level condensates such as is visible in the original photograph at the top. The ships are able to move freely around within the magnetic environment under the control of pure thought.

There are many many types of Mobile Scout Ships. The most common are very small, and more often project into an Anchor Ship Magnetic canopy in numbers at a time like a fleet. Most Mobile Scout Ship condensates appear saucer shaped, comprised of a condensated globe or gumball sitting on top of a foot like condensation of moisture giving it the distinctive flying saucer like appearance of the one in the first image above. In actuality, the magnetic Field of the Ship electrolyses the third dimensional water molecules where it is sitting, which attract together into a concentrated water moisture version of itself which is what you see. Once formed, the condensation stays coherently together even as the ship moves around.

The Figure below is a negative pole version of one of the most common types condensated Mobile Scout Ships. The globe bears the Ship's Polarity and also carries its occupants. Dark globes are Negative in Polarity, white globes are Positive. The feet are an effect from their magnetics and can be polarized apart from the globe depending on purpose of the Ship, making for four possibilities, namely Negative globe/Positive foot, Negative globe/Negative foot, Positive Globe/Negative foot and Positive Glob/Positive foot. Like both the Mother and Father Ship pairs plus Anchor Scout Ship pairs, the Mobile Scout Ship pairs also always project together as pairs, though when a number are projected together it's anybody's guess which one is partnered with which.

Negative Pole Mobile Scout Ship Condensate

Positive Pole Mobile Scout Ships Condensates are the same as Negative Pole Ships except the center Sphere is light. The Fig. below is a larger Mobile Scout Ship a Positive Pole Globe with Positive Pole foot, sitting right beside a Negative Pole Globe with Positive Pole foot. They're not as hallelujah as the Figure above but in this business you work with what you can get.

Positive Pole Mobile Scout Ship Condensate

As anyone who has studied Science knows, or flown in an aircraft, the lower the altitude the denser the air and greater the pressure. Consequently the lower down in  the atmosphere a Ship is projected, the denser it appears. When it is projected well below the lower cloud layer, the globe can be surrounded by a seeming donut of condensed water moisture rather than sitting on a foot. In The Positive Pole with Negative donut below, as before the globe carries the Ship's Polarity plus occupants and the donut is from its magnetics. Like also said, they may look solid enough to hold a reflection, but a baseball would sail right through it.

Lower Atmospheric Positive Pole Mobile Scout Ship Condensate

The fact is that these Mobile Scout Ships really get around. The Figure below is an Inter-dimensional Starr Gate, taken in Paris Ontario on Apr1l 15, 2015.

Albeit the above  is a bit off topic, however, the next Figure below brings it right back on track. A blow of a section of the Figure shows it is densely packed with hundreds of the Scout Ship condensates in all four versions. The Ships didn't come through the portal, they're there to help keep the opening stable. There's a lot of Energy going on there, the Durum Wheat stalk looking cloud lines in the Figure above are testimony to that.

The photograph clip above is not a 'one of'' a kind accident. In fact quite the opposite. The Figure below, co-incidentally also photographed in Paris, Ontario along the shore of the picturesque Nith River, shows a small tempest on the way in with also a Radionnic Mother Ship at the upper left.

Until again, the top left is blown up as per the Figure below, and there you go again. Mobile Ships all over the place, just not as many. This time there a number of different varieties present, including even an upside down donut seen on edge. Most are of the Negative/Positive feet variety. A very close look will also reveal a number of lighter Positive/Positive versions which are much harder to spot against the whitish backdrop.

The respective photos show only a small portion of the sky over Paris. Paris is only a small town in the Province of Ontario. The Province of Ontario is one of ten provinces in Canada, etc, etc.  Do the math. it's easy to see that there are hundreds of million of ships around Earth everyday.

When Mobile Ships like the Negative pole example above sit against white cumulous clouds  the white foot portions becomes indistinguishable. The image below is of a Negative Pole Radionnic Cloud with a couple of larger Scout Ships present on the right hand side.

A blow-up of the figure as shown below however, reveals over three dozen Mobile Scout Ship condensates sitting around the cumulous cloud edges at the left. Of importance to note, the small Mobile Radionnic Scout Ships don't guise themselves as ordinary clouds, rather they tuck themselves against the edges of the clouds where the naked eye would have a tough time seeing them. In the figure below, small saucer shaped Mobile Scout Ships can be seen visible all over the place, even in the blue area between the clouds.

As said, like both Mother and Father Ship pairs and Anchor Scout Ship pairs, Mobile Scout Ship pairs also always project together as pairs, though when a number are projected together like in the Figure above it's anybody's guess which one is partnered with which. A close look at the left side cumulus cloud above shows that it is also busy with Mobile Scout Ships, particularly at its left edge. The two larger varieties of Mobile Ships seen in the arm of the Radionnic Field at the right edge are the ones shown in the Positive Pole example further above.

As many of the stationary Scout Ships as there may be, their numbers pale in comparison to the number of Mobile Scout ships on the move. Countless videos exist of little dots moving slowly from one cloud to another, and little blips fitting by so fast the can't be seen unless the video is slowed down. A case in  point is from a one hour video taken by a friend of the cause in Winnipeg, Manitoba in September of 2two thousand and eighteen. He had been planning to capture a Radionnic Field sitting stationary while cumulous clouds zipped by similar to the video example presented half way down in Starrgram 1. He parked his car looking out at a partial Radionnic Field in the outskirts of Winnipeg, strapped his cell phone to the steering wheel, and ran it for an hour. He did not get the good Radionnic Field representation he had been hoping for, but what he did was a big surprise however. It was five Mobile Ships zipping by in about two frames each over that hour long period. Again do the math, that implies hundred and hundreds of of million of Scout Ship clusters zipping around unseen all over the Earth all time.

These folks were really moving. Until the video was slowed down, nothing whatever was apparent. The quad Figure below presents screen captures of one of the events slowed down five times. Going clockwise from the upper left, the first screen capture is of the sky view as is out the windshield of the car. I.e., nothing going on. The second screen capture now shows one of the Ships sitting barely visible right at the upper edge of the view just right of center. To give you an idea of the speed, in the frame just previous the ship was at the seven o'clock position at the bottom left. Meaning it had traveled the whole span of the screen view in just one frame. That's really moving. The third screen capture is a blow up of the object, proving definitely that it's just not a fly speck.. And the fourth is a full blow up, showing that it is actually a small cluster of three Ships moving tightly together as one.

Just, so you are not left with the notion that the above is nothing but hooey, the totally unrelated Radionnic photograph below was taken in Brantford, Ontario on September of twenty ninth of two thousand and fourteen. A close look just above the water tower shows a similar kind of Mobile Ship clutch, serendipitously captured in the photograph the split second it had been whizzing through. Like said, they are everywhere, buzzing all over the place like bees in a bonnet. Do the math again. There are many many such many.

To recap, Radionnic Ships are not corporal. They sit in the Fourth Dimension. The visibilities you see in the Third dimension are either Radionnic Cloud reflections of their magnetic Fields composed of ionnized water vapour, or condensates in the shape of the Ships themselves both composed of assorted electrolyzed molecules of water. The Radial lines of the Radionnic Clouds can be extensive or diminutive, and the condensates can range from ephemeris to dense enough to cast a shadow, but are all still just formulations of water.

The takeaway is that Radionnic Anchor Ships always appear as Radionnic clouds which are always vertical to the horizon, and are always in pairs opposed to each other at one hundred and eighty degrees. Father and Mother Ships almost always appear as Radionnic clouds which are horizontal to the horizon, and can also appear as condensates and condensations. Mobile Radionnic Scout Ships almost always appear as condensates and condensations with no Radionnic cloud, although small Radionnic Fields can develop if the Ships have sat stationary for awhile. And Mother Ship, Father Ships, and Mobile Scout Ships can sometimes appear as semi-corporal  condensations or precipitations.

'Ezekiel saw a wheel a'rolling way in the middles of the air'. Ezekiel had been given the unique ability to see a Radionnic Ship anytime one was present. Very few, like Ezekiel are able to see the Ships directly. Fortunately as is now revealed, the presence of the Ships can now be conclusively concluded to be present by anyone at any time by the unique atmospheric cloud signatures they produce. The cat is out of the bag. Such Radionnic Ships of Light have been hiding in plain sight in Earth's atmosphere as Radionnic Clouds throughout history. Clouds are referenced numerous times in the Bible. Any Search Engine query for 'Clouds in the Bible' will turn up dozens of results.

Because of the untoward Cosmic changes now taking place on Earth, the Radionnic Ships are now here in the millions upon millions. The Ships are at long last finally revealing their presence, not by landing on the White House lawn stating "Take me to your leader", but by sanctioning this Universal public Revelation about their presence whose contents they are directing. The divulgence is by way of teaching you how to recognize them when present by the cloud signatures they produce. More importantly, by knowing in full understanding specifically what it is you are looking at and why. The information given within this Revelationnum gives you that complete understanding. By this method, society at large will gradually learn of the Radionnic presence one person at a time rather than explosively. Which would otherwise severely disrupt life on Earth as it is currently known.

Those of you with higher consciousness awareness are the most likely to be guided to this information first. From you, it will quietly spread downward to the lesser aware among you, gradually raising everyone up into an understanding about their presence. Eventually, everyone will know about the Heavenly Host without one person panicking.

The unharmonious Luciferian Rebellion Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus has ended and this Local Universe of a thousand Galaxies is now in the clean up in the aftermath, called 'Armageddon'. The Rebellion began five billion years ago and was based on 'Service to Self' vibrations instead of the Universal 'Service to Creation' vibration known as 'The One Law'. The Rebellion only affected the thousand Galaxies of this Local Universe. It could not pass beyond because of frequency differences with the rest of Creation. Christ officially ended the Rebellion two thousand years ago by decree on the Mount.

The bottom line of Creation is the fifth dimension. Third-Dimensional populations such as on Earth are aberrations resulting from the Rebellion. Only twenty five hundred planets in all of Creation have a Third-Dimensional population like Earth's as a consequence of the Rebellion. All of them within this Local Universe. Earth is the first of the twenty five hundred Planets affected to be officially cleared of its condition. Two thousand years from now Earth's entire population will be raised back up into the fifth dimension where it belongs. The greatly enhanced fleet of the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host currently present are here to help in the clean up and transition.

Thousands upon thousands of the Radionnic ships are in your atmosphere at any given time. They teleport in on a routine basis from a vast fleet of millions upon millions of the Ships sitting in the Oort Cloud beyond the orbit of Pluto. The ships are from all over Creation assembled here as volunteers to assist in Earth's undertakings. Some of you popularly refer to them as, 'The Galactics' without being aware that they can be seen. The ships are from Higher Cause and are very much higher in frequency than a thousand or so lesser ships also present on Earth comprising an Alien contamination.

The ships of the Alien contamination are from the lesser causes of Rebellion, are from the lower fifth dimension of this Local Universe and comprise the totality of the so called UFOs you are all currently appealing to your Governments to disclose. The Alien ships are under Galactic quarantine and cannot leave Earth except by sanction. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the four great Mother Ships of the fleet.

For full details about the Radionnic Clouds and their different types, see the following Radionnic Starrgrams. Read them sequentially for greater understanding. A review of the book version of the website from Google Books says it all, see: Google Book Review. Please note that the cited 'Author' did not create the information, merely word smithed it into readable English form. The Heavenly Host is writing the tune, the word smith is playing the piano. Likewise, avoid the temptation to flip around looking at pictures.

The story is in the texts. The story tells you specifically what Cloud and Ship differences are which and why. The texts are the teachings, the pictures are simply helpful examples. The texts also present a hurry up to the great cosmic events now starting to unfold on Earth at large, by sliding in timely little tidbits of higher Cosmic understanding whenever appropriate. Read the Starrgrams through sequentially and not haphazardly for much greater understanding.

Also, please note that 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' is actually Book Three out of a three book set called 'The Revelatorium Revelations', which comprises a full revelatory Revelationnum of the past, present, and future Cosmic activities of Creation at large and on Earth in particular. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation' is Book One, which deals step by step with how Creation was begun and why. 'The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega' is Book Two, dealing with the assorted Spiritual matters of Creation and yourself. Book three, this 'The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host' Revelationnum officially reveals the presence of the Ships to all Humanity for once and for all. For your convenience, the Starrgram Chapters of all three Books are presented at the right hand side indexes of every page in all three website versions of the Revelatorium Revelations.

Also, in particular the 'Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega', explains in full detail why the Radionnic fleet is here. Plus it reveals in detail the nineteen different major Cosmic events starting to occur on Earth at the present time and your purpose in them. An absolutely unique occurrence within all the annuls of Creation. The current situation on Earth is not ho hum, and you are not here as a matter of chance. You all have a vital role to play in the events now unfolding and this Revelationnum is not just for your idle muse.

Likewise read the Revelatorium sequentially from the first page to the last for better understanding. 'The Intelligent Design of Creation', also listed in the indexes down the sides reveals the complete Intelligent Design of Creation as it has currently unfolded, including how and why the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter were begotten, how and why the Creators brought the Holy Trinity into existence, and how and why the dimensions of Creation needed to be formulated into their current form.

Also, please note that 'The Revelatorium Revelations' are a pure Christ teaching in higher Melchizedek selfless frequencies, and are on the Christ Table as is to help you in your ascension to the fifth dimension two thousand years from now. It serves no other purpose. The Revelatorium Revelations is likewise not a scholarly work. Nor it is intended to cobble up fortune and fame, nor is it intended to stir up a dialogue controversy or forum, nor does it comprise a doctrine or personal belief, nor is it to represent a new philosophy, religion, or group, nor is it to be used as fodder for a church.


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The Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host - Order Here!.

The Intelligent Design of Creation - Order Here!.

The Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega - Order Here!.

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